Re-Birth of a Genius. Creator/Destroyer

Chapter 2133 Calling for Backup

Chapter 2133  Calling for Backup

The rewards were distributed.

Most of the rewards were just formation designs, inscription arrays, blueprints, formation discs, and even. There was not a single cultivation technique in there. There are some battle techniques, but those are for the top twenty-five ranks only.

Apart from that, the results were announced for everyone to hear in that grey space.

After the rewards were distributed, everyone was sent out of the pocket dimension gate.

Sam appeared along with the rest.


He cursed out loud as his aura raged. But the next moment, he calmed himself down. His eyes swept through the participants and momentarily met the gazes of the nine other people who 'kicked' him out.

He wanted to get out of that place, but for some reason, several gazes are locked on him. Some powerful students of Zeus Academy are managing the crowd. This prompted Sam to find a few people from the Gambler Academy.

While trying to communicate with the Hub to get some information on this situation.

Raios gulped hard. The excitement of getting the awesome puppet disappeared for a short span. It came back when the Deputy Dean of the Zeus Academy came and grabbed him away.

Within a short moment, he is inside the Deputy Dean's office. Looking at the old man as well as a few other elders who were far too eager to know the details of the pocket dimension. Of course, Raios wasn't the only from the Zeus Academy who entered the pocket dimension.

But Raios won the pocket dimension.

If it was just another top kid, they wouldn't have cared much. But Raios, a mediocre student managed to snatch the first place. They are beyond curious. They need to know exactly what's so different about this pocket dimension.

By what metrics did they exactly gauge the performance that made this mediocrity to gain the first place.

And the also noticed the uniqueness of the rewards of the other students. They are desperate to know what the first place got.

This made them feral.

"What did you get?"

Deputy Dean asked.


"What is the final test?" Even before Raios could answer, the first question another elder asked.

"How did you get a first place? You are not even that good at combat." A different elder straight up insulted him.

Raios was dumbfounded. He knew he wasn't good a combat compared to the cream of the crop, but he believed he is decent and that insult was uncalled for.

However, the elders and the Deputy Dean are in no mood to care about his fragile heart. The only problem being that the Dean barged into the room even before Raios could mentally die of the exhaustion and annoyance.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

The Dean asked and everyone froze in their place. Except for Raios who heaved sigh of relief. He jumped out of the chair and ran towards the Dean. As if he was hiding behind his mother to escape from the angry father.'

"Sir, Please save me."

Dean didn't answer him, instead he looked at the rest of the elders in the room.

"Cause a scene. I am blocked here. I think I have something that could help you do this.

Raios, the man who is supposed to be here too, the first place candidate of this pocket dimension is taken away by the Deputy dean of the zeus Academy.

They are showing some sort of discrimination.

While they are subjecting the rest of the students of other Academies and the general citizens are being subjected to soul damaging arts of the elders of the Zeus Academy. The nefarious nature of their actions…"

He cut the call off at that exact moment.

He started thinking…

What else can he do?

What else can he do?

What else can he do?

He asked himself again and again. But there is not much that he could think of. At this exact moment.


Explosive sounds, blazing flames, chaotic lightning. All hit the area at the same time. Even the Elders and students of the Zeus Academy that are preparing the crowd are shook by it.

"You fucking imbeciles. How many times do you need to taste bitter defeat before you stop pissing us of."

There she is.

Dove is here. Not alone if one might add. There are more than a dozen seniors along with exactly one elder of the Gambler Academy. And that too a familiar face.


The one and the only elder who doesn't give two shits about the students and always claims to be too lazy to do anything.

Dove directly ran into the crowd and held one of the seniors by his collar as she made her way towards Sam. "What do you think you are doing?"

One of the Elders frowned and growled at Dove. She ignored him directly and looked at Sam.

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, you came before they could do anything else. I am alright for now."

"Good to know."

Dove turned to the Elder and spoke.

"The last time I checked the Dean of the Gambler Academy, Dean Wharton has told the Dean of the Zeus Academy to fuck off when he asked to interrogate our students. Does he not know what Fuck off meant or did he have trouble teaching his underlings what those words mean?"

The Elder started shaking in anger. His huge body is trembling and it is apparent on his long beard. "YOU…"

He screamed and aimed an energy induced palm at Dove trying to kill him with a single blow.

"Fucking hell."

Two words reverberated throughout the air and destroyed the energy injected into his hand.

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