I Married the Second Male Lead After Reincarnating

Chapter 174 - Chapter 174: You Can’t Escape

Chapter 174: You Can’t Escape

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Shen Qingyue also noticed Han Xu staring at Tong Jia and immediately blocked her way firmly. After spending so much time together, she had developed some pity for this unfortunate woman and now considered her a friend. She could not stand by and watch Han Xu harm Tong Jia.

“Han General, you should have received the court summons by now, right? Are you trying to hurt Tong Jia again? Do you think we’re joking?”

Han Xu kept his eyes fixed on Tong Jia. His men, wanting to attack Shen

Qingyue and Tong Jia, were restrained by him. At that moment, he seemed deaf to everyone else. Trembling, he asked, “Wanzhe?”

Tong Jia put her mask back on, refusing to look at Han Xu, and pulled Shen


Qingyue’s hand. “Let’s go back quickly.”

Shen Qingyue nodded. Just as they took a step, Han Xu strode forward, reaching out to grab Tong Wanzhe.

However, before he could touch her, Shen Qingyue kicked him away. “Stay away from us! President Han, show some restraint in public! This is not acceptable!”

Han Xu finally regained his senses, his face darkening. “Shen Qingyue, if you don’t want to die, step aside! I’ve spared you for far too long!”

Shen Qingyue showed no fear. “Then, please don’t bother sparing me anymore. After all, you don’t have any dignity left to preserve, do you? Keep what little face you have for yourself.”

This enraged Han Xu, and he lashed out at Shen Qingyue. But before he could make contact, Zhang Jianci and his men arrived and grabbed him.

Zhang Jianci still wore a nonchalant smile, but there was a dangerous glint in his eyes. “President Han, hitting my sister-in-law in front of me? That’s a problem, isn’t it?”

He pushed Han Xu away forcefully.

Han Xu stumbled, almost falling to the ground.

Zhang Jianci was not alone. He was accompanied by a group of capable bodyguards who shielded Shen Qingyue and the others. Han Xu’s side, on the other hand, was outnumbered and at a disadvantage.

Han Xu was not foolish. He held back, refraining from attacking. “She struck me first; I was forced to retaliate!”

Zhang Jianci smirked. “My sister-in-law hit you? Then you must have deserved it! My sister-in-law is gentle and never initiates violence. You should reflect on yourself and see where you went wrong.”

In his early years, Zhang Jianci was a street ruffian, skilled in being unreasonable and rogue. If it weren’t for meeting Chi Ming, who kept him in check, he would probably have ended up in jail long ago. Because of this, he owed Chi Ming.

When it came to infuriating people, Zhang Jianci was experienced. Especially when dealing with people Chi Ming cared about, he would not hesitate to retaliate fiercely.

Han Xu, after being kicked by Shen Qingyue, now faced Zhang Jianci’s provocation and felt utterly humiliated. He had been domineering for over 20 years. Who dared to treat him this way? He had endured it before, merely giving Chi Ming some face, but did they think he was just idling around? And that woman behind Shen Qingyue… she must be Tong Wanzhe!

No matter what, today he would take them back!

Shen Qingyue was the one Chi Ming cherished deeply. He could not touch her for now, but the others were fair game. Chi Ming would not confront him head-on just because of a few underlings. Besides, even if he did, Han Xu’s intentions today were unstoppable.

Understanding the dangerous dynamics at play, Han Xu hesitated no more. “Don’t harm Shen Qingyue for now. Bring Tong Jia to me!”

His bodyguard received the order and immediately acted. Both sides clashed instantly.

Zhou Sui, desperate on the sidelines, could not intervene and ended up calling Qin Zhen for help.

Seeing the aggressive approach of the opposite side, Shen Qingyue prepared to assist.

Zhang Jianci blocked her path. “Sister-in-law, you stay out of this, otherwise,

Brother Ming will teach me a lesson. Just watch from the side.”

Shen Qingyue hesitated for a moment, but soon, she felt reassured. Why? She trusted Chi Ming. He was calm and composed. He would not surround himself with incompetence. In reality, as she had expected, Han Xu’s people were utterly overwhelmed here.

Soon enough, Han Xu was half-kneeling on the ground, blood trickling from his mouth. His pupils were bloodshot, staring fixedly at Tong Jia. “Wanzhe, do you think you can hide safely behind these people? Don’t forget, you still have a stepmother with cancer. If you keep hiding from me, I guarantee her fate will be the same as your father’s! Think it through.. Shen Qingyue may be able to protect you temporarily, but can you and your entire family hide forever?”

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