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I Married the Second Male Lead After Reincarnating

I Married the Second Male Lead After Reincarnating



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I Married the Second Male Lead After Reincarnating

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Shen Qingyue once believed that she was the luckiest person alive.

During her school days, she had a childhood sweetheart to protect her. Later, it was love at first sight with her boyfriend, and they entered the sacred realm of marriage.

She was blissfully happy for the three years of their marriage.

She thought this was how life would always be.

But then, an accident landed her in the emergency room, where she barely clung to life.

It was then that she discovered that everything had been a conspiracy.

Her marriage was nothing more than a bet!

On her deathbed, she learned that her husband had a secret lover. While Shen Qingyue fought for her life in the operating room, he was dining by candlelight with another woman.

The last person she saw before her death was Chi Ming, the man who had been protecting her from the shadows all these years.

After she was reborn, she pretended to discover her husband's bet with his friends by accident.

Her heart was dead anyway, so divorce was inevitable.

With Chi Ming, it was a natural fit.

However, she did not expect her ex-husband to regret his actions. He had already lost his heart in this bet, even though he was unwilling to admit it or let go of his past lover.

It was the same in her previous life.

When her ex-husband realized his mistake and scoured the world for her, he found her already married to someone else and carrying another man's child.

In their previous life, he only had her grave for company, and he was filled with guilt for the rest of his life.

In this life, he watched her get involved and be in love with someone else, and he could do nothing but regret for eternity.