Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2790 - Chapter 2790: Self-Destructing Dao Fruit

Chapter 2790: Self-Destructing Dao Fruit

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In the dense forest.

Everyone from the Sword World sped for a while. When they saw that no Rakshasas were chasing after them, they heaved a sigh of relief and consumed some spirit pills and immortal herbs to rest on the spot.


Gong Sunyu chuckled. “The Rakshasas are wary of the dense forest since their movement techniques would be restricted. That’s why they don’t dare to continue chasing and can only give up.”

“If they had entered the dense forest, quite a few of those Rakshasas would have definitely died!” Li Xue said coldly.

When Wang Dong saw that Su Zimo and Beiming Xue were fine, he patted his chest and said with lingering fear, “I was scared to death earlier on. Thankfully, Peak Master Su and Junior Sister Beiming are fine. Otherwise, we would have committed unforgivable crimes.”

Sword Immortal Tai Lai added, “Fortunately, Senior Sister Lin attacked in time and severely injured the female Rakshasa Ghost. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

Su Zimo did not explain further and turned to look at Lin Xunzhen, cupping his fists slightly. “Thank you for saving me, Fellow Daoist Lin.”

Although he was the Peak Master of the ninth Sword Peak, he had never put on any airs when facing cultivators of the same cultivation realm like Lin Xunzhen and Wang Dong. He addressed most of them as Fellow Daoists.

Lin Xunzhen nodded and did not say anything.

However, she still felt a little strange and looked at Su Zimo deeply.

Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others chatted as they rested, exchanging their insights from the battle.

Lin Xunzhen rolled her eyes at Su Zimo and asked in a seemingly casual manner, “Peak Master Su, your senses are very sharp. You discovered that group of Rakshasas a long time ago.”

In reality, Lin Xunzhen had noticed Su Zimo a long time ago.

When she first heard that Su Zimo had become the Peak Master of the ninth Sword Peak, she was indignant as well.

However, when she headed to the ninth Sword Peak and comprehended the Sword Burial Dao once, she realized how terrifying this Sword Dao was!

The person who could create such a Sword Dao was definitely extraordinary.

However, Su Zimo was in seclusion all year round and rarely came out. The two of them did not have much chance to interact either.

Among cultivators of the same cultivation realm, the only person Lin Xunzhen could not see through was Su Zimo.

The sentence she just said was also meant to test him.

She was puzzled. Su Zimo was only at the Celestial Being realm. How could he discover the movements of the Rakshasa Ghosts before her?

At the mention of that, Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others reacted one after another.

Gong Sunyu was a little embarrassed and chuckled awkwardly. “Peak Master, I thought that you were too nervous earlier on. To think that you were right.”

Su Zimo smiled without saying anything.

Of course, among the eight of them, Shen Yue, Li Xue and the others were still disapproving and merely treated it as a casual remark by Su Zimo who happened to get it right.

After the battle, everyone relaxed and chatted while resting in high spirits.

Su Zimo sat on the spot quietly, deep in thought.

In reality, given his methods, he could definitely have killed the Rakshasa commander earlier on.

In fact, it was not difficult for him to kill off the entire group of Rakshasas.

However, the appearance of the Rakshasa race in the Evil Fiend Battlefield made him think of something else. That was the reason why he was in a daze.

The moment the female commander of the Rakshasa race attacked him, he wanted to kill her on the spot.

However, the moment they exchanged blows, he looked into the other party’s eyes and face and suddenly recalled an old friend from Tianhuang Mainland.

Rakshasa Yu.

Although Rakshasa Yu did not have a deep relationship with him, there was some inseparable karma between them.

Rakshasa Yu had once submitted to the Martial Dao Prime Body. Later on, when she regained her freedom, she had never betrayed him either.

Furthermore, after she led the Rakshasa race, there had never been any conflicts with the human race.

That alone was a monumental merit.

Recalling Rakshasa Yu, Su Zimo did not kill her. He did not stop the Rakshasa female commander from escaping after being severely injured by Lin Xunzhen as well.

“Master, are you thinking about Rakshasa Yu?”

Right then, Beiming Xue’s voice suddenly sounded in Su Zimo’s mind.

Only Beiming Xue could roughly guess Su Zimo’s thoughts.

Su Zimo nodded. “To think that the Rakshasa race would be reduced to be a part of the Evil Fiends and Sin Spirits in the upper world.”

“After Rakshasa Yu ascended to the upper world, it must have been extremely difficult for her to survive. In fact, she might have even landed in this Evil Fiend Battlefield!”

At that thought, Su Zimo suddenly regretted it.

If he had known earlier, he should have captured a Rakshasa and questioned him carefully.

Before long, everyone recovered and got up to hurry on their way once more.

The dense forest was dark and deep with countless towering ancient trees that blocked one’s vision. Even the range of one’s spirit consciousness was greatly obstructed.

As everyone advanced, the forest was silent. Only when everyone stepped on rotten leaves and branches would they make occasional sounds, making the forest look exceptionally sinister.


Su Zimo frowned and shifted his gaze to an ancient tree diagonally in front of him.

The ancient tree grew in the darkness and was no different from the other trees in the surroundings. However, Su Zimo’s spirit perception was way too strong!

He could sense that someone was hiding there and was almost one with the ancient tree!

Su Zimo did not attack right away.

That was because the living being hidden there was not an Evil Fiend but a human identical to them!

However, this person did not have a Blessed Heaven World Badge on his waist.

Right then, Lin Xunzhen, who was walking at the front, stopped.

She did not attack. Instead, she turned to look in Su Zimo’s direction before drawing the immortal sword on her back and slashing towards the ancient tree!

The ancient tree snapped.


Not only that, the ancient tree was split into two and spewed scarlet blood strangely as it fell heavily to the ground.

When Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others saw Lin Xunzhen suddenly stop, they realized that something was amiss.

When Lin Xunzhen severed the ancient tree, they realized that there was someone hidden in the darkness over there!

Dressed in black, the person collapsed in a pool of blood and his body was sliced into two by Lin Xunzhen’s immortal sword.

The terrifying sword qi had long surged into his body and even his consciousness.

His Dao Fruit was covered in sword marks.

The black-robed man was only a Hollow Nether Perfected Immortal and he could not defend against a casual slash from Lin Xunzhen!

However, the black-robed man did not say anything the entire time.

Even though his body was severed by Lin Xunzhen, he did not reveal any pain on his face and merely looked at Su Zimo and the others coldly.

Lin Xunzhen carried her immortal sword that was untainted by the blood and strode to the black-robed man’s side, looking down with an indifferent gaze.

“All of you will die here!”

Suddenly, the black-robed man spoke.

Before his sentence was finished, a resplendent light burst forth from the black-robed man’s glabella, emitting a shuddering power fluctuation. Even Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The black-robed man was so resolute that he wanted to self-destruct his Dao Fruit and use the terrifying power derived from the shattering of the Dao Fruit to drag Lin Xunzhen down with him!

At the peak of the Paradise Void realm, after the Dao Fruit exploded, there was a chance that it could pierce through the void and create a Grotto-heaven.

Although it was only a Hollow Nether Dao Fruit, it would give rise to an extremely terrifying power once it exploded.


The immortal sword in Lin Xunzhen’s hand trembled slightly.

A sword beam entered the black-robed man’s glabella and pierced his Essence Spirit instantly!

With the death of the black-robed man, the light on his glabella dimmed as well.

Lin Xunzhen seemed to have expected this and did not give him a chance to self-destruct his Dao Fruit..

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