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Chapter 2789 - Chapter 2789: Shock

Chapter 2789: Shock

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Among the hundred-odd Perfected Spirits of the Rakshasa race, the Rakshasa woman had the strongest combat strength and was their commander who controlled the entire situation.

Although she released the supreme divine power, Time Stop, and revealed an opening in the Myriad Sword Formation, she could clearly tell from that exchange earlier on that the eight people who formed the sword formation were not weak!

It was unrealistic to kill any of the eight of them using that slight opening.

Furthermore, the only sword-wielding woman among the eight of them was so strong that she even felt a huge threat.

She only had an instant chance!

After that moment, the sword-wielding woman would react.

That brief moment was definitely not enough to deal with a Paradise Void Perfected Spirit.

However, she could kill the Convergence and Celestial Being Perfected Spirits without any issues at all!

Her target was the man and woman in the middle of the sword formation. It was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, but the result of careful consideration and planning!

These people thought that they could make use of the terrain advantage of the dense forest to defend against the Rakshasas.

However, she would make sure they left two corpses behind before they got into the dense forest!

In a flash, she wielded two sabers and transformed into a black streak of light, arriving in front of the man and woman in the middle of the sword formation.

The man and woman seemed to have been scared silly and were unable to react, standing on the spot motionlessly.

The man had a handsome face and clear eyes as he looked up at her.

When their eyes met, she felt a strange feeling in her heart.

“This person actually doesn’t seem that detestable. How about sparing his life?”

The moment that thought flashed through her mind, she erased it!

“Since he chose to enter this place, it’s nothing more than to hunt them down and obtain Battle Merits. No one is innocent, and it’s the same for this person!”

At that thought, she no longer hesitated and the two curved saber in her hands flashed, slashing towards the man and woman’s heads!

With just a single slash, their heads were sliced into two. Even their Dao Fruits could not defend against her sabers!


The green-robed man opposite her raised his hand.

He did not move much and there were no stances. He merely extended a finger and tapped her two sabers.

When she saw the green-robed man extend his finger, she did not take it to heart at all.

Even if the green-robed man summoned his spirit treasure, he would not be able to defend against the sharpness of her sabers, let alone a single finger!

The difference in cultivation realm and strength between the two of them was way too great!

However, the moment the green-robed man’s finger struck the sabers, her body trembled slightly and her expression changed with disbelief in her eyes.

That jade-like finger was like a heaven-piercing stone pillar that struck her sabers heavily, releasing shocking strength!

At that moment, she almost lost her grip on the sabers in her hand. The web between her thumb and index finger was torn instantly and blood flowed profusely!

Her heart skipped a beat!

Right then, a blazing and cold sword light appeared before her. It arrived instantly with a chilling killing intent!

It was the sword-wielding woman who attacked!

Under normal circumstances, that sword could not injure her at all.

However, her saber momentum was blocked by the green-robed man’s finger and she paused.

Most importantly, the scene earlier on had dealt a huge blow to her heart and her reaction was slower.

She suddenly turned sideways and flapped her flesh wings desperately, wanting to escape from the sword light.

Unfortunately, she was still a step too late.


One of her arms and two wings on one side were severed by that single slash and blood gushed out, spraying in midair.

Despite being severely injured, she still relied on the innate divine power of the Rakshasa race to condense two blood-colored wings with her bloodline to maintain her balance and transformed into a blood beam to escape from the battlefield!

“What a pity.”

When they saw that, Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others thought to themselves.

The movement technique of the Rakshasa race was way too fast.

Even if they were severely injured, there might not be a chance to kill them.

Of course, given Lin Xunzhen’s combat strength, there was a high chance that she could kill the woman if she continued chasing.

However, once Lin Xunzhen was gone, it would be difficult for them to form the Myriad Sword Formation. Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others might not be in danger since they could easily protect themselves given their methods.

However, that was equivalent to exposing Su Zimo and Beiming Xue to danger.

Su Zimo’s exchange with the Rakshasa woman happened in a flash.

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s movements were extremely subtle. Wang Dong, Gong Sunyu and the others did not notice it and thought that Lin Xunzhen had saved Su Zimo and Beiming Xue in time.

Only Lin Xunzhen frowned slightly and felt that something was amiss.

Under normal circumstances, her sword should not have been able to strike that Rakshasa woman.

However, after the Rakshasa woman attacked, she suddenly paused strangely—that was the reason why the Rakshasa woman was severely injured by her sword.

Right now, the battle was still ongoing. Lin Xunzhen did not think too much about it and covered everyone as they charged into the dense forest.

When the Rakshasas saw that their commander was severely injured, their eyes turned bloodshot. They had no intention of letting Lin Xunzhen and the others off and insisted on charging into the dense forest to continue their pursuit!

“Stop chasing!”

Right then, the female commander of the Rakshasa race suddenly hollered.

When the hundred-odd Rakshasas heard that, they did not dare to disobey and lingered outside the dense forest for a while before flying back to the female commander’s side.


A Rakshasa said hatefully, “Are we going to let them off so easily?”

“As long as we continue chasing and exhaust them slowly, they won’t be able to hold on for long!”

“The sword formation of this group of sword cultivators is indeed a little troublesome. However, the man and woman in the sword formation is their weakness. As long as we keep an eye on them, we’ll have a chance to break the formation and kill them one by one!”

“That’s right. Among this group of sword cultivators, only that woman is a little troublesome. The rest are nothing to be afraid of.”

The group of Rakshasas spoke one after another but the female commander remained silent.


A moment later, she sneered and handed the two sabers in her hands to everyone.

The Rakshasas focused their gazes and their expressions could not help but change.

The two sabers were filled with cracks and were completely crippled!

“How could this be?”

A Rakshasa asked carefully, “Commander, your weapon is an Eight Tribulations Spirit Treasure, right?”

The Rakshasa female commander said coldly, “The weakness you guys mentioned earlier on shattered my Destiny Spirit Treasure with a single finger!”


The Rakshasas gasped.

To be able to shatter an Eight Tribulations Spirit Treasure with a single finger, what kind of power was that?

“Among that group of people, that woman is merely a little troublesome. As for the green-robed man in the sword formation, he’s the truly terrifying hidden expert!”

The Rakshasa female commander asked coldly, “You guys want to continue chasing them? Do you want to die?”

A Rakshasa asked softly, “Commander, since that green-robed man is so powerful, should we inform the Great Commander and get him to eliminate that person?”

The Rakshasa female commander was silent for a moment before shaking her head. “There’s no need for that for now. However, go back and inform our clansmen to avoid this group of sword cultivators for the time being. We’ll wait and see how the situation develops.”


Many Rakshasas dispersed one after another and transformed into streaks of black light, disappearing into the horizon.

The Rakshasa female commander looked in the direction of the dense forest with a confused expression.

Logically speaking, given the capabilities of the green-robed man, he should be able to kill her.. However, why would he spare her life and let her leave?

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