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Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

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Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

Rating: 8.4/10 from 95 ratings

Transmigrating to the Immortal World, Shen Ping has been cultivating as if he was walking on thin ice for more than twenty years, but he didn't have cheats and had ordinary qualifications, so his cultivation progressed slowly.

When he finally decided to give up completely and become a loser to enjoy the world... Come on, chicks!


Right after his night of satisfaction, he looked at his lovely wife who was curled up like a kitten in his arms.

[You have diligently cultivated with your wife for one night, gaining talisman-making experience +10]

[Current wife affinity 60]

[Bonus: 0]

[Talisman Master: First Order Lower Grade (1005/1000) Breakable]

He then realized that the way he opened the world of immortals was a bit wrong!