Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3442 Everlight's Potential

Chapter 3442 Everlight's Potential


Everlight laughed sheepishly as she licked his face slightly. Because she had pushed herself so much, she was low-key expecting to get rewarded but more than anything, she found it entirely refreshing for her to be able to express herself without much hesitation like back then.

Because she had changed bodies from a wolf to a fox, her self-esteem had taken a hit, but after receiving confidence from the new things she was able to do, as well as becoming insanely stronger than her previous self, she was finally wholeheartedly able to accept her new identity as a fox.

She felt like nothing could stop her from obtaining what she sought anymore, and what she wanted right now was his undying love and attention. She was prepared to work towards that goal, but Nadia ended up overtaking her, making her feel like she had lost an invisible battle. However, she now found that it did almost nothing to her longing for Davis.

She was in a good mood now that she had entered the Immortal Emperor Beast Stage, so she quickly forgot about Nadia and returned to Davis's soul sea, finding herself at home after what seemed to be like a long time even though she had lived someplace else for thousands of years as one of the twelve Guardians of the Magical Beast Sanctuary in the Grand Beginnings Continent.

Perhaps it had to do with the feeling of their beast soul pact nurturing her with life energy, but she loved this place very much. It also marked a new beginning for her as this was where she transformed into the fox side of her mixed bloodline.

But a few seconds later, she jumped out of his soul sea and threw herself into Saintess Lunaria's embrace in her tiny form.

Saintess Lunaria had just bid farewell when Everlight fell into her embrace.

"I'll miss you, teacher~"

"Then all you have to do is visit me and stay for a few months~"

"With master's permission, I will as I have yet to fully grasp the way of using malignant life energy, but more than anything, I like staying by your side…"

"Aha~ That's flattering, but clearly, you like your husband way too much!~"


Everlight rubbed her face on Saintess Lunaria's bosoms as though she was extremely embarrassed, but it instead caused Davis to close his eyes. The two of them were chummy, but all he could see were supple, extravagant bosoms that changed shapes once they were pressed with her tiny paws.

Perhaps Everlight was giving him a treat knowingly, but he couldn't help but think this was blasphemy.

The World Master might personally take his eyes away from him for ogling at her daughter. If he didn't believe that she would do it, then after she warned him a few times about backlashes, he imagined she wouldn't feel the need to 'warn' him anymore.

Everlight then returned to his soul sea, causing Davis to bid farewell.

He left first, leaving Saintess Lunaria and Shimei here. They returned to their palace and seated themselves at their usual location behind the curtains. There, Saintess Lunaria reclined herself at Shimei as she rested, closing her eyes and going silent.

"It's kind of silent… isn't it?"

However, the silence didn't last long before Shimei voiced out.

"Oh? Have you become attached to the Empress of your race?"

"Of course not~"

Saintess Lunaria smiled lightly, causing Shimei to echo out in a low voice and continue, "She's a good girl~ She constantly reassures me even though I'm her elder, which greatly embarrasses me. Still, I'm worried for her."


"I fear her undying loyalty towards the Emperor of Death is a factor woven by our bloodline instead of her own Will. After all, we are a sacred and prideful race who rarely interacts with any beings outside our race, so after we become affectionate with someone, we tend to stay with them for life and become possessive of them. Isn't that why you chose not to entertain other magical beasts? But he is entertaining a death-attributed wolf and perhaps a few more, so I'm afraid she might not be able to endure it."

"That didn't seem to be the case. Everlight is genuinely affectionate for him, perhaps even obsessed. Otherwise, my natural charm would've worked, and she would've left his side to join mine. Also, many things wouldn't apply to her since she is not a pure Nine Lives Gracious Fox but a mutated one with her last bloodline still relevant."

Saintess Lunaria smirked as she continued, "After all, without her mutated bloodline, she would've never been able to master my arts."

Shimei pouted as she felt jealous.

Even she hadn't been able to master Saintess Lunaria's offensive life art, as magical beasts could rarely learn anything out of their innate Laws and properties. However, Everlight managed to do that, not because she was an Emperor-Tier Beast but because she was a mutated beast who also possessed other Laws.

The factor of being Emperor-Tier only made her more proficient in many Laws, allowing Everlight to learn Saintess Lunaria's offensive arts.

"I only taught her the way to use it and two of my techniques, and the rest is up to her, but considering her bloodline, I predict she would reach greater heights if she is able to learn more of my techniques and walk in a separate path than the one I walk in."

"How come? My Lunaria is still making great strides. Your prowess is nine levels higher, so after you digest the gains, your prowess might finally reach ten levels higher."

Shimei giggled, appearing delighted for her companion, while Saintess Lunaria shook her head, knowing it wasn't going to be so easy. The life she lived flashed past her eyes, causing her to giggle as she only saw a silhouette that engaged in countless years of research and little to no social life.

She was rather proud of herself for having a ridiculous prowess with Life Laws, but this newcomer called the Emperor of Death with that accursed treasure had beaten her already. The shortcut to power was so ridiculous that she now felt a bit of regret for throwing it away.

After all, she had been convinced that it would bring calamity and, hence, threw it away without a second thought, but right in front of her eyes, he appeared and was still alive and doing well, having children and plenty of wives.

She wouldn't believe it if someone said an Anarchic Divergent with twelve Paragon Magical Beasts was living like that, even if she was beaten black and blue. But now, she had no choice but to believe he would surpass her, and by following her master, Everlight would eventually surpass her as well.

However, she shook her head in the end.

He carried the risk and survived, so the power he obtained was well-earned. She felt like she couldn't belittle that but, at the same time, refused to lose to some few younglings.

"Shimei, close the doors and don't let anyone disturb me if it is a problem that other Guardians can just solve. We're starting seclusion…"

"But what about the wedding gifts…?"


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