Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3441 Dismayed?

Chapter 3441 Dismayed?


Everlight asked as she saw Davis's expression change. It led her to believe that he found something to be wrong or that he had already tried and failed to refine annihilative heavenly yin.

She imagined that Nadia or someone else with anarchic nature could've undergone their Immortal Emperor Tribulation already.

Davis came out of his reverie. He took a moment to process what had happened, eventually shaking his head.

"Leave it. It might not be worth it…"


Everlight inclined her head with confusion. The urgency inside her swelled since the annihilative heavenly yin energy would completely disperse if she didn't reverse, but his words were not to be ignored. She felt hesitant but chose to leave it be the next second.

In any case, she didn't know how she could refine them and just hoped that Davis could do so since he could refine the annihilative heavenly lightning, annihilative heavenly flame, and annihilative heavenly wind.

She thought if he could refine all these, then annihilative heavenly yin wouldn't be a problem either. All she had to do was reverse the malignant life energy that dismantled life from within, causing the energy to be restored to its rightful form. She had already destroyed the Will within the energy, so she wasn't worried that it would attack her soul again.

But since Davis said for her to leave it, she didn't go against his words.

Davis couldn't help but reach out his hand and caress Everlight's head as he felt her smooth fur within the palm of his hand. The trust she held towards him— saying that she would revive that repugnant annihilative yin energy strands in her soul sea was no different than making her soul sea a battlefield.

He didn't know if he should berate her or say thanks for her blinding trust, only to end up telling her to forget about it, which made him feel quite dejected.

He didn't even feel regretful for losing the annihilative heavenly yin but regretful for not being able to answer Everlight's expectations. Clearly, she had been excited to be able to trap annihilative heavenly yin, a feat that not even Nadia or anyone he knew was capable of, but with his decision, he wasn't able to fully realize her ability.

Otherwise, with the way she behaved, he knew she would've been proud of her actions.

"The annihilative heavenly yin energy has fully dissipated…"

Everlight reported, but she didn't seem to be that down as her fox face was twisted in pleasure from how Davis was caressing her. He brushed soft fur her with his fingers, making her feel good.

"I see. Good work on becoming an Immortal Emperor Beast."

Davis chuckled, caressing her more.

"What? Did you not want me to see what kind of life energy you're going to use to refine it?"

At this moment, Saintess Lunaria appeared beside them, her melodious voice containing hints of teasing.

"Or are you finally mature enough to know that doing such a thing would've invited something more disastrous?"


Davis couldn't help but smile on hearing those words that sounded quite similar to the World Master's although hers was just a simple command while the other was one of probing.

He didn't have the faintest idea of what kind of backlash he might've faced but was pretty sure he could've been thrown out of the First Haven World, so the backlash doesn't hit this world.

Still, if he thought about it, it was quite obvious that stealing from the heavens would've resulted in some form of backlash each time, but he had stolen so many times, and the backlash came from using Fallen Heaven or his own fate-changing actions and not the heavens that he simply didn't care.

But now, he reached a level where if he stole from the heavens during a heavenly tribulation, it might be breaking a heavy taboo or inviting a large enough calamity that he wouldn't be able to endure.

'Or it simply might be a case where it makes the World Master uncomfortable and restless about the future of her universe, but- where does this start…? From the Immortal Emperor Stage's unique tribulation…?'

Davis wondered, turning absentminded.

Seeing Davis not answer, Saintess Lunaria blinked before her gaze fell on Everlight.

"Now that you have become an Immortal Emperor Beast, it is of little doubt you would leave. I would like to have you more in my palace, but I doubt your master would agree to such a thing with your marriage with him near. Hopefully, you can achieve the same results as the death-attributed wolf did."

Everlight smiled as she knew her marriage date was nearing. It was in two months, but she felt like there wouldn't be a problem if she tried to make it happen fast as long as Davis wasn't busy. She could feel his passion for her as well.

However, her expression turned doubtful when Nadia was mentioned. What result did Nadia achieve for Saintess Lunaria to sound surprised or even reverent about it?

She couldn't help but express a question with an incline of her head.

Saintess Lunaria had been with her for most of the time these past few months, so she instantly understood that she had a question.

However, Saintess Lunaria's lips twitched. There was a slight pause before she spoke again.

"This man here is extremely virile if he managed to impregnate a death-attributed wolf, so you might be in luck. You'll be in your human form until you give birth, so I wouldn't be able to research your runes. Sigh, I-"


It was as though something shattered somewhere, causing Saintess Lunaria to stop and blink while Davis came out of his reverie as he looked at Everlight. She stared at him with wide eyes, appearing to be dumbfounded, but at the same time, her gaze was so invasive that it was a bit scary.

"Na- Empress Nadia is pregnant with master's child…?"

Everlight asked, and her voice was anything but harmonious, causing Davis to pursue his lips.

"Yes, Nadia is pregnant with my child, and so is my fifth wife, Fiora. My first wife, Evelynn, even gave birth to two wonderful children. My life is getting better despite all the struggles I have faced, and with you by my side, and I would be more reassured of our future as one big family. Do you find it displeasing that Nadia got pregnant first…?"

"No…" Everlight panicked as she heard Davis's gentle voice that tried to soothe her emotions.

A second later, she put her head down and nodded, "Yes… Of course, I know Empress Nadia deserves it for all the time she was by your side and protected you, never left you, but I consider her my rival, so I wouldn't want her to leave me in the dust…"

Davis's brows twitched, wanting to say this wasn't a competition, but he knew emotions didn't account for that. Love was blinding and fickle, but jealousy was even more lacking in logic. Even in a monogamous relationship, it couldn't be avoided.

"Then all you have to do is catch up…"

Davis leaned and embraced her head tightly, kissing her forehead. His actions caused Everlight to tremble and smile gently.

"I won't simply catch up." Everlight's azure-gold eyes flashed, "I'll go above and beyond, fulfilling all your wishes and having more children than her…"

"Haha. I am more than satisfied with just the safety net you provide. If I ask anymore of you, then it would be greedy of me…"

"Please be greedy~" Everlight coo'ed, "Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to ask for more children."

"One- we'll begin with one or two…!"

Davis yelled out, not knowing what's the deal with magical beasts and children cause they wanted a lot. Even while he was with Nadia in the bed, she repeatedly begged him to impregnate her multiple times, far more than even the horniest Mingzhi would do. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that they can give birth to liters at once.

Nonetheless, he smiled, knowing that he managed to soothe Everlight's heart as she giggled with no restraint.

Clearly, she didn't care about her sacred, noble image but wanted to seek his affection no matter what. Now, he could perfectly understand Saintess Lunaria's frustration as even her natural charm didn't work on Everlight because all Everlight was seeing was him.

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