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Chapter 1342 Fighting Giant Emperor Kulas

Chapter 1342 Fighting Giant Emperor Kulas

"There's no way he's unscathed after that…" Prince Hellak's body broke out in cold sweat.

He'd just used his strongest martial technique and poured all of his strength into that strike, which was strong enough to completely pulverize a peak Divine Master.

Despite that, Yuan, who was only a mere Spirit King, remained unharmed after taking the attack head-on.

'How the fuck am I supposed to defeat a monster like him?'

Prince Hellak could no longer see his path to victory.

'Should I forfeit…?'

The thought of surrendering suddenly appeared in his mind.

'Huh? Did I just… think about surrendering…? Me? The Prince? To a human?'

When he realized what he'd just done, an immense sense of shame collapsed on him like a tsunami.

His face became enraged with all that anger pointed at himself.

"I WILL FIGHT UNTIL MY LAST BREATH!" With a beastly howl and red eyes that seemed to reflect madness, Prince Hellak charged at Yuan with relentless ferocity.

'What happened to him?' Yuan was puzzled by Prince Hellak's behavior, but it made countering his attacks much easier.

"How embarrassing…" Princess Meiya shook her head at Prince Hellak's display.

"Looks like the fight will end earlier than I'd anticipated." Giant Emperor Kulas sighed.

Sure enough, Yuan did not enjoy fighting Prince Hellak in his current condition.

In the end, Yuan, not wanting to prolong the fight, delivered a powerful punch to Prince Hellak's chest, sending him flying out of the stage and into the crowd.

As Prince Hellak's body soared towards them, the audience tried to catch him, but the tremendous force sent both him and the people attempting to assist him flying.

"W-Winner, Tian Yang!" The judge announced in a dazed manner.

"Wait… I am not…" Prince Hellak extended his hand in a grasping motion at Yuan, but he lost consciousness the very next second.


After witnessing Yuan's extraordinary display of power, Giant Emperor Kulas couldn't contain his amusement and burst into hearty laughter.

"Not bad, not bad at all!" he clapped his hands and applauded.

Following his laughter, Giant Emperor Kulas leaped from his seat, making a grand entrance as he landed on the stage, resulting in the entire platform crumbling beneath his colossal presence.

Giant Emperor Kulas, his eyes blazing with excitement, declared, "Originally, I planned to wait until the end of the tournament, but my desire to battle has overwhelmed me. Fight me now, Tian Yang!"


<You have started your first trial in the Stairway to Heaven>

<Defeat Giant Emperor Kulas!>

<Defeat Giant Emperor Kulas within 60 minutes to receive a reward!>

'What? Has the trial just started? What about my previous fights? Were they really just warm-ups?' Yuan was left speechless after seeing the notification.

However, since it led him to acquire the Golden Immortal Physique, he didn't complain about it.

"Why not? Let's fight," he said with a smile.

Giant Emperor Kulas suggested, "Let's relocate to a more suitable arena for our fight."

With a snap of his fingers, the scenery transformed into a vast open field surrounded by towering mountains. All spectators were relocated to the mountaintops, ensuring an unobstructed view of their battle.

"Since you had to fight two consecutive matches before this one, do you need a moment to restore your energy?" Giant Emperor Kulas asked.

"Thank you for your consideration, but I barely used any energy for those fights, so I don't need any rest." Yuan shook his head, a confident smile playing on his lips.

However, Giant Emperor Kulas didn't accept his answer and tossed a pill at him.

"I insist. After all, I don't want to hear any excuses after I defeat you."

Yuan caught the pill and shrugged, "If you say so."

He immediately felt refreshed after consuming the pill, but it didn't restore any energy to him since he was already at peak capacity.

After seeing Yuan consume the pill, Giant Emperor Kulas shrunk his size to that of a human's size.

"Are you going easy on me?" Yuan asked with raised eyebrows.

"I am not naive enough to underestimate you. Merely diminishing my physical stature does not equate to a decline in my strength. Being big, though advantageous in certain aspects, does not inherently enhance our power—it's mostly a symbol of our race as giants. Would you prefer me to expand to such colossal proportions that I could effortlessly crush you beneath a single foot? That would hardly be entertaining though," said Giant Emperor Kulas.

Yuan could imagine Giant Emperor Kulas stepping on him like an ant. It would also be a nightmare to fight against such a colossal figure. Yuan eventually conceded that engaging in a battle of similar statures would be for the best.

Giant Emperor Kulas seized a rock from the ground and proclaimed, "I shall cast this rock into the heavens. The commencement of our battle shall be marked by the moment this rock descends and touches the earth."

With a mere flick of his finger, Giant Emperor Kulas propelled the rock into the sky, where it swiftly vanished beyond the clouds in the blink of an eye.

In anticipation of the rock's descent, the world fell silent and seemed to shrink, leaving only Yuan and Giant Emperor Kulas in a suspended moment, as if they were the sole inhabitants of existence.

A few moments later, the rock emerged from the clouds, hurtling towards the earth with the velocity of a miniature meteor.


The very moment the rock made contact with the ground, the figures of both Yuan and Giant Emperor Kulas vanished into thin air, only to reappear instantaneously directly before each other, and their fists were already in the midst of a punching motion.


As their fists collided, a resounding impact echoed through the air, accompanied by visible cracks that seemed to fracture the space around their fists. It was as if the sheer force of their punches had reached such an extraordinary magnitude that it shattered the very fabric of space itself.

With their fists still in contact, Giant Emperor Kulas let out a thunderous roar, a wide smile gracing his face.

"I have waited thousands of years for this moment, Tian Yang!!!"

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