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Chapter 591 - Chapter 591: Rainy Night, Forced Kiss (5)

Chapter 591: Rainy Night, Forced Kiss (5)

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“Is this your car?” Anhao asked casually as she got into the car.

“No.” Zuo Hancheng drove the car out of the underground parking my personal driver’s car.”

Anhao was confused, but she didn’t continue asking.

Zuo Hanchengs chauffeur was not short of money anyway, so it was normal for him to buy such a good car.

“My car was taken to the shop by the driver for maintenance. I was outside at that time, so he parked his car below, so I drove this one.”Zuo Hancheng said as he drove the car into the neon traffic ahead.

The rain had indeed lessened a lot, but the heater was still on. Anhao’s nose was gradually dripping with sweat. She really wanted to tell Zuo Hancheng that she was not cold anymore and that she could turn off the heater.

However, if he were to reply to her with something about her not wearing anything underneath, it would be awkward.

She took out a wet towel from her bag and gently wiped her nose. At the same time, she closed her legs to prevent herself from being exposed.

Zuo Hancheng did not look at her at all, but when Anhao put away the wet towel, he turned off the heater in the car.

It was finally not that hot anymore!

Anhao let out a small sigh of relief. In the blink of an eye, Zuo Hancheng did not ask her where she was going but drove so far away. She quickly said,”You can send me to the bank near the intersection of People Road and Jinbi Road.”

However, Zuo Hancheng acted as if he did not hear her. Just as Anhao looked hesitantly in the direction the car was heading, two to three minutes later, the car stopped outside the main entrance of a large shopping mall near Shengling Group.

The mall was open 24 hours a day, but it was raining today, so not many people went in and out of the mall at this time.

Zuo Hancheng parked the car and got out of the car. Although Anhao did not ask, she could guess that he wanted her to buy a new set of clothes.

Seeing that he had already gotten out of the car and walked towards the mall, Anhao sat in the car for a while before unbuckling her seatbelt. She got out of the car and quickly followed him.”l still have clothes at home. If I wash the clothes in the bag and dry them, they will dry by tomorrow morning. There’s no need to buy clothes.”

Zuo Hancheng did not stop in his tracks. He only slowed down slightly as if he was waiting for her.

Anhao took the opportunity to walk side by side with him. At the same time, she said,”Besides, the style of clothes sold in this mall doesn’t suit me. I’d better go home directly.”

“Go back like this?” Zuo Hancheng lowered his eyes and glanced at her.

Anhao stopped in her tracks and looked up at him.

His gaze seemed to be able to see through the shirt she was wearing that was fastened with a belt and see that there was nothing inside.

Anhao felt his eyes darken and she subconsciously held her bag in front of her chest, but she followed him carefully without batting an eyelid.””This dress is very long. If you don’t say it, and I don’t say it, others won’t be able to tell…”

“l don’t think I can control myself if you continue to dress like this.”Zuo Hancheng said in a lukewarm tone and walked in.

Anhao’s face instantly turned hot. She lowered her head and looked at her shirt and belt.

In the eyes of others, this outfit actually had quite a personality and was quite conservative.

However, Zuo Hancheng knew that she was not wearing anything underneath.

Anhao had no choice but to run after him.’!Then I’ll go up and buy a set of underwear and a shirt…

As she spoke, she pressed the button for the elevator.

Usually, in this kind of large mall, underwear, pajamas and other things are all in the fifth or sixth floor, when the elevator stops, she will directly enter the first person.

She had planned to ask Zuo Hancheng to find a resting place on the first floor to wait for her, but before the elevator doors closed, Zuo Hancheng walked in.

Recently, every time she sat in the same elevator and space with him, she had an indescribable feeling. In short, she felt as if every part of her body had become stiff, and even her tongue had stiffened. She was afraid that she had done something wrong or said something wrong, which would make the atmosphere even more subtle.

“Are you going to look at my underwear?”Anhao took a step back and mumbled awkwardly.

Zuo Hancheng raised his eyebrows and glanced at her, but he did not explain.

When they reached the fifth floor, Anhao saw that there was indeed a lingerie store outside the elevator. She quickly walked out, but Zuo Hancheng did not come out. She turned around and saw that the elevator door was about to close, but Zuo Hancheng had no intention of getting off the elevator.

Before the elevator door closed, he pressed the number of another floor in the elevator. The door closed and continued to rise.

Shengling Group had shares in this shopping mall. It was rare for him to come here. He must have gone to the upper floors to discuss something with the person in charge or the staff in the mall.

Anhao saw that the elevator had stopped for a while on the 12th floor. She guessed that the staff here had seen the scene when Zuo Hancheng arrived. She pursed her lips and turned around to quickly walk to the front to buy underwear.

She randomly picked a white underwear that was almost the same as the one she had before. After putting it on in the fitting room, she tied the shirt and belt together again.

When she walked out, she was much calmer. At least there was no vacuum under her clothes. She felt more confident when she walked.

She had planned to leave immediately after she bought them, but when she saw a place with discounts on household items in front of her, she walked over to take a look. After she moved into the private villa, she did not buy anything for herself. When she saw the discounted items, she remembered that she had run out to buy all kinds of indoor furnishings that she liked after the renovation on the second floor of Liu Jing Garden was completed.

At that time, she was so happy that she felt like she was about to burst into bubbles when she swiped Zuo Hanchengs card. At that time, she was especially willful and liked to use his card to swipe everything she bought.

Sometimes, Zuo Hanchengs personal phone would receive dozens of text messages a day.

At that time, she deliberately made him restless and openly told him that she was spending his money outside!

However, she later noticed that the connection between Zuo Hanchengs private number and the bank seemed to have been removed…

It was as if he didn’t need to know that she could buy whatever she wanted. It was also obvious that he couldn’t stand her deliberately swiping her card to make him restless when she bought a bag of jelly.

Looking at the supplies, she recalled that after the renovation of the second floor of the Gilt View Garden, she did not stay for more than ten days. Now that she thought about it. she felt that it was a pity.

That was the first interior design she had done in her life, and it was completely done according to her favorite style. Now, because she had specially learned these specialties, every design was often mixed with a lot of professionalism and commerce. She could no longer find the simple feeling she had in the past..

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