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Chapter 590 - Chapter 590: A Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (4)

Chapter 590: A Forced Kiss on a Rainy Night (4)

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Anhao glanced at the document and then looked up at Zuo Hancheng.

“Is it for me to see?”

‘ Inside is the design plan for the headquarters building of Shengling Group when it first moved back to China eight years ago. You can take some time to understand the construction style of Shengling Group in detail. When the reconstruction project of Zheng F is over, you can focus on the design plan of Shengling Group.”Zuo Hancheng placed the cup of warm water on the coffee table as he spoke.

“Drink a cup of hot water, lest you catch a cold.”

Anhao first looked at the document bag and lost her mind for a moment. Then, her gaze fell on the glass of water. She walked over and picked up the glass of water while taking a look at the document bag. Then, she looked up at Zuo Hancheng who was standing at the side.

Meeting his cold and clear gaze, Anhao said,””When do you plan to start the reconstruction project of Shengling Group? Such a good building had only been built for eight years. Was it really going to be rebuilt?”

” All the companies under the Zuo family have the same architectural style. I removed Shengling Group from the Zuo family three years ago. Although this group still has the surname Zuo, it is no longer part of the Zuo family. It is not surprising that they want to change the architectural style. It is just that the project is too big and they did not act immediately.”

“Remove it from the Zuo family?” Anhao was about to drink some water when she suddenly looked up at him.”Why did you leave the Zuo family business? Is it because of Rongxue?”

Zuo Hancheng looked at her with his clear eyes, which fell on her face silently.

Seeing that he didn’t respond, she realized that she had been rude.

Now, she was standing here and talking to him about what happened back then, talking about Rong Xue…What was the need?

However, it was obvious that no matter how angry Zuo Hancheng was with the old man eight years ago, he did not break away from the Zuo family. But three years ago, he still completely removed Shengling Group from the Zuo family.

This was a huge blow to Old Master Zuo.

Even if Zuo Hancheng did not love Rong Xue, it was because of him that Rong Xue was harmed by the old master. No one would be able to tolerate such a thing, let alone a person with strong principles like Zuo Hancheng.

He did not love Rong Xue, but the old man had hurt her, which made him feel a little guilty towards the Rong family. Because of the old man’s interference, he had to temporarily put down his cold attitude towards Rong Xue and take care of her more or less.

Because of the old master, he was kidnapped by Rong Xue for the first time in his life.

All of this was thanks to Old Master Zuo. However, he was still an old man in his eighties. Zuo Hancheng had been shackled everywhere because of the Zuo family and her three years ago. After everything was settled, the only thing he could do was to break away from the Zuo family and the company that he had put all his efforts into.

As rational as he was, this method was indeed the best outcome. Now, even if Old Master Zuo hated him, he couldn’t touch or touch him, and he wouldn’t threaten him with the inheritance of the Zuo family.

At the thought of this, Anhao pretended as if she hadn’t mentioned those things just now and picked up the document in her hand to take a look. She drank the warm water in her glass while looking at the documents that he had signed.”l’ll take a good look when 1 get back. Thank you for today.”

As she spoke, she put down the glass of water and looked up.

Zuo Hancheng stood under the light and looked down at her. His eyes were calm and unmoving.

However, Anhao’s heart skipped a beat.

How could he still be so handsome after not seeing him for three years…

The moment Zuo Hancheng suddenly raised his eyebrows, Anhao snapped back to her senses. She hugged the folder tightly and took a step back. “The rain seems to be getting lighter. I’ll go back first.”

As she said that, she put the documents in her bag and was about to leave, but then she remembered that her clothes were still in the bathroom upstairs. Moreover, the clothes she was wearing now were almost vacuum. If it was not for the fact that they were loose enough, the marks on her chest could probably be seen.

This feeling of emptiness deepened her awkwardness and awkwardness. She turned around and rushed upstairs. She took a bag and put the wet clothes into her bag. When she ran downstairs again, Zuo Hancheng was gone.

She stopped in her tracks and looked around, thinking that he had no intention of sending her off. She stood there for half a minute before she walked to the front and left.

Just as she was about to reach the door, Zuo Hanchengs voice suddenly sounded from behind her “”You’re going out to hail a taxi just like that?”

Anhao looked down at her clothes.””Although I know it’s not good to take away your clothes like this, the situation now is a little special. You shouldn’t mind if I take away one of your clothes, right?”

Then, she turned to look at him.” If you really want to be calculative, I’ll return the money to you when I add it to the cost of studying abroad.””

Zuo Hancheng’s gaze froze at her words, and his voice sounded as if it had been tempered with ice.”You’re  not wearing anything under your clothes, and it’s still raining outside. Any gust of wind will be a scene for passers-by to enjoy. Are you sure you want to go out and hail a taxi? I feel that I wasn’t famous enough in the past, but now I want to try to appear on social news in the way of naked running?”

Anhao felt a knot in her heart. This man’s venomous tongue was just like Zuo Hancheng back then.

“I’ll send you off.”

“No, I really don’t need you to send me!” Anhao turned around quickly.” If it’s not possible, I’ll find a mall nearby to buy a new set of clothes to wear. Then, I’ll take a taxi back.” Anyway, it was only around eight o’clock, and the mall was not closed yet. I think this place is not far from Shengling Group. I know a few large shopping malls nearby.”

“I’ll go buy another umbrella on the way, so I won’t trouble you…” she said as she changed into her shoes.

Before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly saw Zuo Hancheng pushing the door open and walking out.

She looked down at her unfinished shoes and then looked at him.”Left… Zuo Hancheng looked back at her from outside the door.””What are you afraid of?”

Anhao put on her shoes speechlessly and walked out.””I’m not afraid of anything. I just don’t want a big shot like President Zuo to give me a ride. The rain is much lighter now, and I should be able to get a taxi at this time.”

He glanced at her sideways.” You have two choices. I’ll send you back, or you can stay here tonight.””

Anhao laughed dryly and mumbled softly when he walked into the elevator,””How is this a choice? It’s clearly forcing people to compromise.”

At most, she could just stop him at another neighborhood near Luxury Court. He probably wouldn’t insist on sending her home anyway.

Anhao composed herself and followed him into the elevator. This time, she didn’t stand behind him but stood in front of him. She didn’t want to look at him for no reason. so she just stood in front and stared at the constantly changing numbers in the elevator.

However, this feeling was even worse than standing behind him.

It was as if there was a sharp gaze behind her that was about to penetrate her back and hit her heart that was on high alert…

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