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Chapter 1851 - Chapter 1851: Destruction, or…

Chapter 1851: Destruction, or…

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The sky gradually turned into a deep shade of purple.

A layer of thick, non-dissipating fog gradually began to fill the sky, almost as if it had become a sea of purple clouds.

This unnatural phenomenon immediately caught Yu’s attention.

She scowled, then suddenly recalled something before loudly vocalizing.

She swiftly leapt down the mountain and began to rapidly run towards the ape people settlement.

The top of the mountain returned to silence.

Gu Qing Shan emerged from behind a large tree as he observed the sky with his hands behind his back.

– – – – – what kind ofApocalypse is this exactly?

At this point, a cluster of the purple fog separated from the cloud in the sky and silently drifted to the ground.

Immediately after that, more and more clusters of purple fog began to descend like drops of rain.

It didn’t take very long for the ground to be filled with masses of purple fog.

The ape people tribe was panicking, hurriedly avoiding wherever there was purple fog.

The powerful wild beasts and avians that remained on this world were also acting cautious, trying their best to avoid the fog.


Not all creatures managed to escape.

From a random mountain pass, a small snake had just emerged from its underground hole.

Before it realized what was going on, the entire mountain pass had been enveloped by the purple fog that descended from the sky.

The snake hissed and cautiously remained still.

–        -nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

Everything seemed to be normal.

The snake swiftly calmed down.

All of a sudden, all the nearby purple fog began to rush towards it as if they were sentient.

All the purple fog within the mountain pass had gathered around the burrow.

Before the snake even managed to react, all that fog had entered its body.

The snake writhed in pain on the ground, wildly slamming its tail on the mud and dirt around it while hissing.

Its body abruptly began to expand and grow, rapidly transforming into a giant snake that was 7-8 meters long with a body as thick as a windmill.

A boney horn protruded out of its forehead.

4 claws also began to grow from underneath its belly.

— -it had mutated!

An aura of destruction started radiating from its body.

The ground around it gradually began to wilt and crack like a desert.

r I… Want… Devour… This World… J

The giant snake spoke in an incomprehensible Apocalypse language.

At the very next moment, a cold gleam had sliced off its head.

Gu Qing Shan gently landed on the ground and sliced open the snake’s skin with his sword to take a look.

After a few moments, he sighed regretfully.

It wasn’t just the snake’s skin, but even the flesh had been converted into a different material, one that is impossible to use as food.

–        -it had been assimilated by the Apocalypse.

Lines of bloody red text immediately began to appear from the void of space:

[Apocalypse Sequence has been determined]

[Apocalypse Sequence has been determined]

[The descended Apocalypse Sequence is: Fog of Destruction]

[Any living beings who are infected by this fog will be converted into powerful

Apocalyptic creatures whose only goal is total destruction]


[This Apocalypse is a high-tier Apocalypse Sequence]

[Even among the many Apocalypse Sequences, it’s an exceptional agent of destruction, the founder of Apocalyptic Army]

[Remember, it mustn’t be underestimated]

Gu Qing Shan pulled back his hand with a solemn expression on his face.

For such an advanced Apocalypse to show up in this primitive era, there’s no question that it would easily destroy everything.

So according to the rules of balance- – – – –

If a primitive civilization has to contend against such an Apocalypse, other civilizations would surely face even more brutal Apocalypses.

What is the Heavenly Emperor trying to do?

– – – -to disqualify all other Chosen Saints?

That’s right.

He already considers the Samsara to be his belonging, so he would eventually kill off the other Chosen Saints.

So he’s not actually aiming for me specifically, but is taking this chance to eliminate all possible competitors!

Gu Qing Shan’s body shifted and took flight.

As far as his eyes can see, ferocious monsters of all kinds were gradually sprouting up one after another.

A giant eagle whose entire body was covered in black scales with a wingspan as wide as the horizon was rapidly approaching Gu Qing Shan.

Its body radiated a milky-white mist that silently transformed the earth below into a frozen wasteland.

Gu Qing Shan’s eyes twitched.

If I let it pass, the entire ape people civilization would be eradicated.

or maybe not.

Yu is personally strong, but she’s still a bit green to go up against this eagle.

– — -furthermore, during her battle with the eagle, the other ape people would definitely die out without question.

A world with only one survivor would naturally not be considered a civilization.

Should I intervene?

As Gu Qing Shan observed the eagle, he was a bit hesitant.

“For the ape people, this eagle is beyond their wildest imagination, an insurmountable obstacle…’

Gu Qing Shan spoke, almost as if trying to convince himself.

A golden jade sword silently appeared behind him.

It was ready to act—–

One breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths.

Gu Qing Shan suddenly sighed and spoke: “Never mind”

r Never mind? If you really let that eagle pass, the civilization of those ape people will really be destroyed J the Delimitation Divine Sword exclaimed in surprise.

Gu Qing Shan stayed silent briefly before speaking: “Too similar…’

r Similar? What do you mean? J the Delimitation Divine Sword asked.

“The ape people civilization’s current predicament is exactly the same as the situation of humanity within the Boundless Void… every bit of peace is a stroke of luck, with everyday life filled with unknown threats and exploitation… so I want to see this to the end”

He decided to release his Inner Sight towards the ape people settlement in the distant.

Only to see that a tiger clad in green fog was already rampaging through the settlement.

High-pitched screams could clearly be heard.

But the settlement wasn’t in chaos, as the ape people orderly scattered, leaving the warriors led by the previous chieftain to surround the tiger, loudly roaring to divert its attention one by one.

The women, children, and sickly were quickly led to a secret hiding place.

-during their survival history, animal attacks of the settlement were a common occurrence, so the ape people already had complete countermeasures in place.

Unfortunately, their enemy today was much stronger, completely different from every other time.

One ape person was pounced on by the tiger, his body instantly being ripped in half with a single chomp.

The ape person was also ferocious, knowing that he had no chance to survive, he used all his strength to shove a bamboo stick into the tiger’s open mouth.


A thunderous noise reverberated.

The ape people all cheered.

But the large tiger simply stood still and waited until the fire on its body to smolder before shivering its body.

It was completely unscathed, and clearly angered.

Even though the ape people had over 600 distinct blessings and were equipped with the means from numerous civilizations, it was still too early for them to be a match for the tiger.


The previous chieftain roared as he stepped forward, striking the tiger’s forehead with his fists like a hammer.

But the tiger was unmoved.

Its body didn’t even flinch.

-it simply opened its eyes wider to silently observe the previous chieftain, a clear humanized look of disdain showing from its gaze.

As the previous chieftain instinctively tried to retreat, he realized that he couldn’t move at all.

The green mist that surrounded the tiger was now climbing onto his arms, rapidly spreading towards his body.

—– -he had been poisoned!

The tiger lowered its stance pounced on the previous chieftain, its gaping bloody maw open wide.

With a dull ‘thud’, the tiger was sent flying like a cannonball, which struck and broke numerous trees on the way before it disappeared into the forest.

As Gu Qing Shan scanned with his Inner Sight, he saw that the tiger’s body was now several dozen miles away, now reduced to a bloody pulp.

— -it was Yu.

In that instant, Yu appeared in front of her father and threw a single punch.

She then turned and walked one circle around her father, chanting an incantation as she did.


She patted her father’s shoulder.

The previous chieftain was now able to move again.

The ape people all cheered.

But Yu didn’t appear to be glad at all, with a horrified look on her face, she jumped on top of a large boulder to look towards the distant region away from their settlement.

Large patches of forest were collapsing one by one, making it easier to look at the distant and see what was at the horizon.

Yu muttered to herself.

In the far distant sky, an eagle as large as a mountain range was approaching them.

—– -at the very last moment, Gu Qing Shan had decided against intervening and allowed this frost eagle to fly towards the primitive forest.

Perhaps, this would be the very last moment of the ape people’s civilization.

—- -but Gu Qing Shan wanted to see, what solution would Yu come up with in the face of an insurmountable enemy.

After all, Yu was the only hope.

If she wanted to save everyone, then this would be her one and only chance.

Yu hurriedly jumped down from the boulder and shouted towards everyone:

“No way! No way!”

The ape people had also seen the giant eagle in the sky.

Boundless snow and ice was drifting down from the eagle’s body, freezing everything in its path.

The lush forest was being turned into a snowy wasteland.

The wild animals on the ground were also gradually succumbing to the frost.

Everything was heading towards an eternal icy silence.

Seeing that, many of the ape people realized that it was all coming to an end and couldn’t help themselves crying out.

Yu waved her hands with all her might and declared: “Listen me! Listen me!”

All of the ape people turned towards her.

Yu looked closely upon everyone and sincerely spoke: “Life goes to me, then can live”

Before any ape person could say anything, the previous chieftain had stepped forward.

“Daughter, my life is yours”

The previous chieftain declared.

Yu nodded and pressed her hand against his forehead, then began to recite something.


The previous chieftain vanished without a trace.

At this point, the settlement was starting to fill with icy frost.

All the ape people started to panic.

Remaining here means death, so it’s better to give self to chief Yu.

Remaining here means death, so it’s better to give self to chief Yu.

The ape people all declared loudly:

“To Yu! To Yu! To Yu!”

Yu smiled, then slightly nodded.

Her entire body gradually became transparent and giant, which exudes an aura almost similar to certain legendary existences.

Witnessing this, Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but exclaim: “That’s the aura of a world’s spirit!”

He knew this type of aura too well.

Yu’s current aura was unmistakably the aura of a world spirit.

— -in other words, she had turned herself into a world.

Or rather, a Phase Realm!

At the very next instant, the gigantic Yu transformed into a shadow and swe across the entire settlement.

Then the ape people vanished without a trace..

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