Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 784 - Chapter 784: Evil Spirit! (2)

Chapter 784: Evil Spirit! (2)

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Accompanied by this extreme attack, a hole was torn in the array.

Elsa grabbed the little girl Mina and threw her out. Then, before the hole closed, she squeezed out herself.

Her protective spell was torn apart by the blizzard attack of the array. This was the power of the second-circle array.

“Go, Mina!”

Elsa carried Mina and relied on the speed advantage of the Aurora Breathing Technique to fly into the distance.

The enemy had come prepared and their strength was overwhelming. She could not die here. She still had a grudge to avenge. She still wanted to wait until she became stronger before going to the human world to see her daughter!

“Someone ran away. I’ll go after them! You’ll be fine dealing with them alone, right?”

“No problem, but come back and support me.”

“Yes, I’m just chasing after a little bug. It won’t take long.”

A silver-haired wizard among the two second-circle cultivators sneered. Then, he used his flying Wizard Tool to fly in the air and quickly chased after them.

He was a Second-Circle Wizard. The other party could not escape.

“So fast, I can’t catch up…”

After a while, the Second-Circle Wizard was a little shocked. He was flying in the air with a Wizard Tool, but he couldn’t catch up with a witch who was running on her legs.

What the hell?

“I’m getting serious.” He chanted an incantation, and more spell power surged into the Wizard Tool.

The next moment, the Wizard Tool turned into a stream of light and quickly closed the distance between him and Elsa.

At the same time, he began to chant a second-ring spell. Then, he pointed gently.

A terrifying ice spear shot towards Elsa.

Elsa barely dodged this second-ring spell even though she used all her strength. In the next moment, another area-of-effect second-ring spell attacked, and a dense rain of ice rain fell.

Every attack was enough to injure Elsa.

Mina tried her best to resist with her apprentice cantrips, but it was broken as easily as paper.

Elsa’s spear only blocked for a moment before being sent flying.

There was still a huge gap between the second and first-circle.

She threw Mina out of the attack range. Mina understood Elsa’s intentions and quickly distanced herself.

Without Mina, Elsa fought the enemy with all her might.

She was like a phantom as she swam through the icy rain. She was graceful and agile like a swimming dragon!

The speed of the Aurora Bird!

“Interesting. A body-refining wizard? Your body tempering technique is not bad.” The silver-haired wizard temporarily stopped attacking.

“Hand over the body-tempering technique and become my servant witch. Make a servant contract and I’ll spare your life,” the silver-haired wizard said condescendingly.

Elsa hesitated before asking seriously, “If you can keep your promise, I can sign a servant contract.”

Becoming a slave was better than dying.

If she died, there would be no hope for the future.

As long as she was alive, anything was possible!

“That’s right. I like people like you who know how to adapt to the situation.” The silver-haired wizard drafted a contract and threw the slate to Elsa.

Elsa took a deep breath and was about to sign the contract when a loud voice sounded.

“You can’t sign it.”

A well-proportioned and muscular wizard descended from the sky, cracking the ice and sending shards of ice flying everywhere. He stood up and clenched his fists, making cracking sounds.

Elsa was stunned. Judging from the spiritual force fluctuation, he had just become an official wizard.

“Where did this hothead come from? Is a mere First-Circle Wizard trying to learn from others to save a damsel in distress? Ridiculous.” The silver-haired wizard waved his hand and shot an ice arrow at that person.

The burly man raised his palm and held the ice arrow in his hand.


The ice arrow shattered into pieces.

At this moment, it was as if the snowstorm had stopped.

Both Elsa and the silver-haired wizard were shocked.

Did he just crush the ice arrow with his bare hands?

“Hehe, another body-refining wizard. Since you’re courting death, don’t blame me for being rude.” The silver-haired male wizard didn’t expect that a Second-Circle Wizard like himself would be looked down upon by a first-circle body-refining wizard.

He immediately began to chant a new spell. At this moment, the burly wizard suddenly stomped on the ground. The ice shattered, and his body rose from the ground.

His body began to expand, and his robe bulged, looking like it was about to tear.

Golden misty light lit up around his body like golden fur.

At the same time, golden power gathered on his palm.

“Ape King Qigong: City Crusher!”

The silver-haired wizard didn’t care at first until the protective force field around him was shattered by this palm.

Only then did he realize the seriousness of the problem.

It was too late.


The giant palm landed on the silver-haired wizard’s chest, and he was sent flying like a kite with a broken string.


The burly wizard, who was more than three meters tall and looked like a golden giant, followed closely behind and threw a punch.

The silver-haired wizard immediately used a spell to resist the attack and narrowly avoided it. The ice layer directly cracked and floated on the surface of the lake.

Elsa was even more shocked than him.

Only Elsa knew that this was not a body-refining wizard… This was a legendary knight like her.

How… how was this possible?

How could a legendary knight defeat a Second-Circle Wizard?

Could it be that a Legendary Wizard had become a body-refining wizard, just like her?

Elsa was puzzled.

“Sister Elsa, who is that? Why did he save us?” Sensing that the situation had changed, Mina, who had returned, suddenly asked.

Elsa shook her head. She was also dumbfounded. She had never seen him before.

“Who… Who exactly are you?” The silver-haired wizard dodged as he prepared his spells. He had just been seriously injured, and it was very difficult for him to cast spells.

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