Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 732 - Chapter 732: Ancient Saint! (1)

Chapter 732: Ancient Saint! (1)


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Kelvin’s life trajectory was not ideal.

As a genius knight of the Silver Mountain Family, he became famous at a young age and broke through to the grand knight realm at the age of 25.

This speed was comparable to the White Horse Knight Edward in history.

His grandfather was the son of the former Silver Mountain Knight of the Northern Seven Flying Cavalry.

His grandfather told Kelvin that Kelvin’s talent was even greater than his great-grandfather’s.

Therefore, Kelvin had always lived up to everyone’s expectations. He was also very hardworking and had long broken through to the grand knight realm.

The ancestral Silver Mountain Dragon Breathing Technique had already undergone the second transformation of the Life Seed.

Originally, Kelvin’s life might have been to take over the position of Earl of Silver Mountain in Icewind City and protect his family’s territory until he died. It would be even better if he could become a legendary knight before he died.

Until one day, a strange person in a wizard robe who only had blue frost bones left appeared in Icewind City.

Accompanied by the Blue Frost Undead army behind the strange person, Icewind City had fallen in less than a day …

Kelvin’s father and grandfather had all died in battle. In front of that terrifying monster, the top-notch grand knight’s grandfather was quickly drowned by the Blue Frost Undead.

At that moment, Kelvin knew what true despair and helplessness was.

Under the protection of his family’s guards and elders, Kelvin escaped with the help of the family’s secret passage.

He saw Icewind City freeze in the terrifying blue frost fire. The Silver Mountain Family’s loyal soldiers and citizens had all turned into ice sculptures.

The Soul Fire in the eyes of the strange man in the wizard robe was so cold that it made people tremble.

Behind the strange man were thousands of Blue Frost Undead.

Later on, Kelvin heard that a Four-Winged Holy Knight from the Church of Holy Light had rushed to Icewind City and had an earth-shattering battle with that strange person.

The final outcome was unknown, but Kelvin didn’t care anymore.

Without his family and fief, he became a wandering knight.

He headed south. When he passed by Peacock City, the head of the guards in the capital invited Kevin to join the guards, but he refused.

He couldn’t even protect his own city well, let alone guard someone else’s city.

He headed south.

After arriving at the Lush Forest Province and passing by Tulip Hill, Baron Reed of Flower City also extended an olive branch to Kelvin.

Oh, right. Baron Reed was the grandson of Baron Levi. It was said that this fallen Baron Levi used to be good friends with his great-grandfather.

However, the disheartened Kelvin only wanted to wander.

What was the use of him working so hard to cultivate the path of a knight? In the end, he couldn’t even defeat the summoned creatures under the strange man.

Mortals were ultimately ants.

The glorious era of knights was gone.

In this era where werewolves, Blood Clan, Ghouls, Blue Frost Undead, and other monsters fought to appear, what were knights? They were just old antiques that looked good but were useless.

Even the most powerful legendary knights would feel sad in the face of this era. They could not catch up with those transcendent creatures in their entire lives.

Kelvin arrived at the seaside. He had heard of a secret organization called the Holy Snake Guild.

It was said that the Holy Snake Guild had holy water that could make humans powerful. It was called Holy Snake Saliva.

After consuming a drop of Holy Snake Saliva, an ordinary person would be able to kill a Mountain Wolf with bare hands.

If one consumed ten drops of Holy Snake Saliva, even an ordinary person could obtain the combat power of an official knight.

It was said that the senior members of the Holy Snake Guild had all consumed more than a hundred drops of Holy Snake’s Saliva. Their strength was comparable to that of a grand knight, and some were as powerful as top-notch grand Imights.

They could even fight transcendent creatures like werewolves and the Blood Clan head-on after consuming thousands of drops.

As for the so-called “Ancient Saints” of the Holy Snake Guild, they were all existences who had consumed tens of thousands of drops of Holy Snake Saliva. Their strength had already surpassed the legendary realm and reached an unimaginable realm. Killing legendary knights was as easy as taking something out of their pockets!

Kelvin, who had just experienced the destruction of his family and yearned for strength and revenge, joined this organization.

Under the guidance of an online person, he took a boat and arrived at a deserted island in the sea.

He did not see the Holy Snake Saliva. He only saw a group of ferocious and terrifying scaled people.

These people were divided into two types. One was a Lizardman who was no different from a human, except that he was covered in scales. The other type was a Naga with degenerated legs and a slender snake body supporting his body.

Then, he was suddenly attacked and fainted.

When he woke up, he was already tied up with the ignorant sailors who had come to find the Holy Snake Saliva and was placed on a strange altar.

The altar was simply made of white bones. It seemed to be the skeleton of some huge snake-like creature.

It was obvious that he was being used as a sacrifice to a certain evil god by the burly and tall Lizardman leader in front of him.

“My life can finally come to an end.”

Kelvin sighed inwardly. He had gotten over it.

The expected death didn’t come. Kelvin opened his eyes and saw the dazed Nagas and Lizardmen.

Even the leader in charge of sacrificing to the evil gods was stunned.

Kelvin looked in the direction they were looking. In the crater, lava that had been silent for a long time broke through the sky. Waves of heat swept over, and volcanic ash quickly spread to the surroundings of the island..

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