Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Lunatic Knight.”

Levi had heard of this term before, and it referred to those knights who had gone berserk in cultivation.


Now, he had personally experienced the primitive desire to turn into a terrifying evil beast, eat raw meat, drink blood, and eat gluttonously.

He was a little shocked and even doubted whether the path of a knight was correct. According to the standards of martial arts novels in his previous life, these knight breathing techniques were all proper demonic techniques. Should he continue to cultivate them?

However, when he thought of those terrifying evil spirits, those greedy and sinister noble colleagues, and the continuous flames of war brought about by the disputes between the kingdoms, he immediately strengthened his path as a knight.

Life and death were the most important things in the world.

As long as he was alive, everything was possible!

Knights were the only protective method he could come into contact with at present!

“I will be careful. Thank you for your reminder, Sir Fred,” Levi said gratefully.

He might have to think of a way to make money. If this continued, the barren Black Water Valley would not be able to support two knights. He did not want them to become two Lunatic Knights and be eliminated by the “Radiant Knights” of the church.

Fred nodded and continued, “Next, you need to wear armor every day and hold a shield to carry out weight-bearing cultivation to increase the difficulty. This way, you can unleash the power of the breathing technique in actual combat. You won’t be dragged down by the armor, or you won’t be used to wearing armor in battle.”

“In addition, there’s a formula for the Black Snake Secret Medicine on the legacy scroll. Young Master, you must have memorized it, right?” Sir Fred reminded.

Levi nodded. In order to increase the speed of cultivation, most breathing techniques of excellent quality needed to be paired with the corresponding secret medicine.

The formula of the Black Snake Secret Medicine was not complicated: 50 grams of snake blood, one snake gall, 10 grams of green turtle shell powder, 10 grams of plant ash, three mandrake petals, one drop of ambergris, one drop of liquid amber, and 100 milliliters of pure water.

Other than ambergris, the other materials were not difficult to find and were not expensive.

The snake blood and snake gall could be from any snake, but different snakes had different effects.

Ambergris was a little troublesome.

The ambergris in this world was not the product of the sperm whale’s stomach in his previous life.

Instead, it came from the glands in the mouth of a land beast called the Earthly Dragon Beast.

Earthly Dragon Beasts were known as one of the most dangerous animals in the wilderness by the traveling poets of the kingdom.

They were extremely powerful and invulnerable. They frequently appeared in the stories of knights and traveling poets, similar to the evil dragons in the stories of Dragon Quest.

In addition, Earthly Dragon Beasts had another special characteristic. They liked to eat shiny things, such as gold coins and gems.

Under normal circumstances, to deal with an adult Earthly Dragon Beast, one would either have to use a human T-rex grand knight with the best weapon to kill it, or at least five official knights would have to use traps and poison to trap the Earthly Dragon Beast, and use Armor-Breaking Crossbows to kill it.

One of the legendary knights, Lionheart Knight Rhine, before he became a legend was that he single-handedly killed an adult male Earthly Dragon Beast that wreaked havoc in the northern part of the kingdom.

Previously, three grand knights had gone hunting for this Earthly Dragon Beast, but they failed. A young grand knight had even died because of it.

In the end, the Lionheart Knight succeeded. He found a total of 8,000 gold coins and priceless jewelry in the Earthly Dragon Beast’s stomach.

In the era of cold weapons, hunting Earthly Dragon Beasts was not easy. Therefore, the price of ambergris had always been high.

A small bottle of ambergris was worth 100 gold coins. It could be exchanged for five sets of well-made knight armor, 20 healthy young serfs, or 100 cows…

With Levi’s current financial resources, even if he sold everything and exploited the serfs to death, he would not be able to afford it.

“I’m just starting out, so I don’t need any secret medicine. I’ll take it slow.”

In the following period of time, Levi started to work on his experience, not feeling bored at all.

Apart from gaining experience, Sir Fred would also introduce some basic knowledge of knights to Levi, which benefited him greatly.

The knight’s breathing technique was a training technique that stimulated the potential of a knight’s bloodline by adjusting his breathing rhythm and making different movements and postures, thereby strengthening his body and improving his physique, strength, endurance, speed, and other physical qualities.

This kind of improvement was far beyond normal fitness training, so he had to eat a lot of food to replenish his calories after every cultivation. After all, there was no such thing as “spiritual energy” in this world.

Although it was an all-around improvement in physical fitness, different breathing techniques had a different emphasis.

The Black Snake Breathing Technique focused on defense.

After cultivating this breathing technique to a small success, one could begin to try condensing the Life Seed and advance to an official knight. After that, the overall physical fitness would be greatly improved, and one would have a resistance ability that was several times higher than ordinary people.

In addition, a layer of light black fluid film would appear on the surface of the knight’s arms, making the skin of the knight’s arms as tough as rubber and resistant to grass.

Although he was not at the stage of invulnerability, he could still neutralize most of the force from ordinary blunt weapons.

This kind of thin film was known as “black gas” by knights. The official name given by the Church of Holy Light was “holy power”, saying that the power of knights came from the holy father.

In this era of divine authority, the rulers behind the various kingdoms were often the churches. Levi felt that the church was just trying to make things easier to manipulate knights, and religion was the best at this. Since the god of the church was so awesome, why wasn’t the one guarding the church a priest who knows divine spells? Instead, it was the “Radiant Knights” formed by knights.

In short, the Black Snake Breathing Technique was not the only technique that could produce black gas. Other breathing techniques could produce it as well, but the quality, quantity, and effects were all different.

If it was a breathing technique that focused on speed, the black gas might appear on the legs, giving the knight an explosive speed and agility that far exceeded the athletes in his previous life.

This was the power of the breathing technique. It was not just a method to strengthen the body. After advancing to become an official knight and producing “black gas”, to a certain extent, the knight had already embarked on the path of the extraordinary.

After reaching the level of a grand knight, the black gas produced by the Black Snake Breathing Technique would cover the entire body and become even harder.

Apart from a few places like the eyes, grand knights could become invulnerable for a short period of time. Their resistance was comparable to Earthly Dragon Beasts.

In this era of cold weapons, this was like superman. With such strength, coupled with armor, weapons, and warhorses, with the powerful combat skills and combat awareness of a grand knight, he could easily defeat a thousand on the battlefield and change the outcome of a small battle.

Therefore, Levi never believed in the nonsense of his father dying on the battlefield.

How could his father, who was already close to the peak of human combat strength, die on the battlefield? With his strength, even if he couldn’t defeat thousands of soldiers, it would be easy for him to leave. Even a grand knight of the same level would find it difficult to stop him.

As for the legendary knights, it was possible, but not likely. Legendary knights were elusive and almost detached from the world. Even kingdoms and churches would find it difficult to order them to act.

Trees stand out in the forest, and the wind will destroy them.

Levi was certain that his father’s death was a conspiracy between the church and the kingdom.

Therefore, he had to learn his lesson.

Before he had absolute crushing power, he could just hide in the Black Water Valley.

“Store up grain, build high walls, and slowly become king.”

Taizu’s nine-word policy of pacifying the world still applied to Levi.

However, he didn’t want to be a king. He just wanted to be a rich little lord.

The game of power was not something that ordinary people were qualified to participate in.

Levi had a good grasp of his political intelligence.

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