Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Holy Brilliance Calendar Year 1003, Month of the North Wind (November).

Emerald Kingdom, Montenegro Province, Lake County, Black Water Valley.


The valley plains were covered in snow, and smoke was rising from the chimneys. There were some short wooden houses scattered around.

On a high ground, a castle that was not very majestic was built against the mountain. The collapsed towers and battlements revealed the desolation of the castle owner.

On the hillside outside the castle, a cute snow rabbit was looking for food in a pile of withered grass half-covered by ice and snow. At the same time, it was guarding against its predators.

Seventy meters away, a young man wearing a white fur coat, a white fleece hat, and brown snow boots hid behind a tilted tree, blending into the white background behind him.

He slowly stretched out his hand and nocked an arrow on his bow. The bow was a military bow, not an ordinary hunting bow.

Following the sound of the arrow piercing through the air, the snow rabbit fell to the ground in the next moment, and the iron arrowhead exploded its head.

[Archery Proficiency +1]

[Archery: Level 1 (9999/10000) → Level1 (Maximum)]

“We can eat roasted rabbit meat tonight.”

Levi licked his lips and opened his proficiency panel.

Levi Schneider.

[Archery: Level 1 (Maximum)]

[Horsemanship: Level 1 (Maximum)]

[Aristocratic Dance: Level 1 (Maximum)]

[Basic Combat: Level 1 (Maximum)]

[Basic Swordsmanship: Level 1 (Maximum)]

Looking at the proficiency panel in his mind, Levi’s lips curled up.

“I’ve also reached the limit of archery, which is the hardest to improve. Now, within the effective range of the bow and arrow and my field of vision, I can hit any prey that I set my eyes on. Looking at the kingdom’s history, I can be called a master archer with my archery when I’m only a knight’s page who has been practicing for two and a half years.”

“In two and a half years, the knight’s page boy needs to master five basic skills: horsemanship, archery, dancing, fighting, and swordsmanship. I’ve already trained them all to the limit and completed the task beyond my expectations. My physical fitness has also been trained to a point where I should be qualified to learn the breathing technique.”

“Only by learning the breathing technique can one become a true knight. In this world where natural disasters and man-made disasters are constant, where the strong prey on the weak, and even supernatural forces are hidden, one can barely preserve one’s life.”

“After all, the original owner of this body might have been killed by an evil spirit.”

Levi was not a native of this world.

He was a transmigrator who had been reborn as a noble disciple three years ago during the first millennium of the Holy Brilliance Calendar. His cheat was the proficiency panel in his mind.

According to the last memory of the original owner before his death, when the original owner was fishing in the Black Water River, he caught a female corpse in white with empty eye sockets and disheveled hair. Her face was pale and swollen, and her bulging skin was leaking water. It was suspected to be an evil spirit described in the folklore of this world: Naiad.

Then, the original owner fell into eternal darkness until he occupied his body.

Later on, the baron’s retainer, Sir Fred, found himself drenched and sleeping by the river. There was a bunch of stinky seaweed, rotten fishes, and prawns beside him, and he was muttering something like “I don’t have an air force” in his sleep.

This real knight still thought that Young Master Levi had lost his mind out of embarrassment because he could not catch any fish, so he went into the water to catch the fish himself, which led to this scene.

Naturally, Levi did not tell anyone about the encounter with the evil spirit, or else it would be difficult to explain that he was still alive after encountering the evil spirit.

However, the evil spirit had become a psychological trauma for Levi, and he did not dare to go to the Black Water River.

In fact, from what Levi knew, the legends of evil spirits had existed since ancient times. However, most people had never seen them before.

It was as if there were legends of extraordinary existences like wizards in this world who could control the elements of nature, but no one had ever seen them before.

Even Sir Fred, who had traveled all over the Emerald Kingdom when he was young and had seen a lot, only regarded wizards as legends.

“Wizards, what a noble and mysterious profession. No matter how strong knights are, they are just slightly stronger Muggles. Compared to wizards, they are like martial arts practitioners and immortal cultivators.”

Levi yearned for them. Most legends were not groundless. Therefore, after seeing the real existence of evil spirits, Levi firmly believed that there must be wizards in this world. It was not as simple as the fictional legends of the bards.

However, he also knew that with his current ability, pursuing a wizard was illusory, just like looking up at the starry sky. He still had to be practical.

Therefore, since he was ten years old, Levi had been constantly training his skills. Now, with the help of the proficiency panel, in less than three years, Levi had already trained all five knight skills to the maximum.

Levi was confident that the vast majority of official knights, such as Sir Fred, were not as strong as him in terms of the basic five knight skills, especially archery which Levi was proud of.

The twelve-year-old Levi was now 1.75 meters tall. He looked strong and muscular. Other than his youthful face, he was stronger than many adult men in other aspects.

In this foreign world where productivity was extremely low, most malnourished civilian males who grew up on black bread were not as strong as Levi.

This was a backward era where cold weapons were king. With a strong body coupled with a knight’s plate armor that weighed dozens of pounds, their advantage in battle was far from what a weak body could compare to.

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