Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 2032 A Nest And Options To Buy

Chapter 2032  A Nest And Options To Buy

One one of the lower branches of the Violet Mystic Life Tree, there now existed a small structure.

It seemed to be made out of the tree's leaves along with a few broken twigs and bark that had been woven into them.

"A nest?" Lin Mu muttered.

But that wasn't all, as the nest was certainly not finished. He saw not just Ashy, but the twins helping her out too.

The twins broke the leaves from the tree, which were too hard for the bird to break while Ashy herself attached them into her nest.

"Master!" Ashy and the twins noticed Lin Mu's arrival and flew down from the Violet Mystic Life tree.

"Why are you making a nest?" Lin Mu couldn't help but ask.

After all, there was no need to make a nest since the entire Sleepscape was technically theirs.

"I've never had a nest before. So I wanted to make one." Ashy spoke, before explaining her desire.

In the past, she had been exiled from her home by her kin and as such, didn't get to make a nest there. And when she arrived in the Evergreen Pillars forest, she couldn't make a nest there either as there was quite a bit of danger to stay in open.

Instead, she would live in the hollow Evergreen Pillar Bamboos as it was safer and would also get her some food inside.

Making a nest was an innate desire of many bird beasts and as such she still wanted to make one.

"Huh… I guess you can make one." Lin Mu replied. "Though a nest on the Violet Mystics Life Tree… Perhaps this is the first time one is being made." He muttered to himself.

From what Lin Mu had read, a Violet Mystic Life Tree didn't really have any creatures living on it. Sure it had many beasts that would live around it, to enjoy the fruits but they wouldn't exactly live on it. After all, the tree wouldn't allow something like that.

'I suppose now that its part of the Sleepscape, it doesn't have a need to resist.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

He then watched the three beasts finish building the nest, which was very big compared to Ashy. The nest was nearly two meters wide and equally as long. It didn't have an exact shape and was built to the best of Ashy's capabilities.

It was after all… quite literally her very first nest.

But with such a big nest, Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang also felt like they wanted to make one and got to doing so. Unlike Ashy though, they decided to make one among the crystals. Lin Mu watched the beasts play around for a while and then switched to doing his own work. After all, he needed to sort out quite a lot of things and also take notes on some stuff.

'The items I saw in the vault… I should keep an account of them.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

His memory was very clear, and he remembered each and every thing that he had seen in the vault. Even the books that were present there, while he couldn't read them, he could at least recognize them from their covers.

As such, Lin Mu took out a blank Jade Slip and took a tally of every item that was present in the vault, as well as their appearance.

He did this, as he wanted to have a reference in case he saw them anywhere or had to ask others what he was looking for. There was no guarantee that all the contents of the vault might stay in the same place by the time Lin Mu gets to it, as such it was better to search on multiple fronts.

Then there was the fact that asking about a vault was quite suspicious. It was much better to look for individual items inside and then track down the owner through that. This option could be employed if Lin Mu made use of organizations such as auction pavilions or intelligence pavilions to find them.

They had the means and connections to find them, after all.

The best way for Lin Mu to find the ring was actually to track down the other Immortal weapons and tools that were kept with them.

"Perhaps setting a 'buy order' for those weapons could be an option." Lin Mu pondered on it.

But this was just one half of the ordeal.

Lin Mu still needed a method to actually buy those items. He was not naïve enough to think that their owner would be in lack of funds. It was questionable whether they were in need of anything in the first place. As such, Lin Mu needed to be prepared to do some other tasks that the person might need.

And if it was someone high up in the Hardliner faction of the Immortal Court, Lin Mu didn't expect the requests to be easy at all. Considering all this, Lin Mu estimated that it would take him quite some time to even attempt to communicate with them.

'I doubt they'd even talk with me at the current level. I'd have to raise my cultivation base as well as status first.' Lin Mu thought to himself.

Raising his cultivation base was the most direct option, as it would also raise his status. Talking to an Immortal who was in the Transcendent Immortal Realm was much easier, if one was at the same level as them.

But that was not something even Lin Mu was confident in doing anytime soon.

"Guess I'll have to plan it out for the long term…" Lin Mu sighed and finished his notes.

It had been a few hours since he had been in the Sleepscape and something else was happening outside.

Above the Morning Glory Clan, a large ship appeared. It had three tall masts and had space for hundreds of people on it. One could see many arrays glowing on it, while the runes powered its flight.

And standing at its helm was none other than the Crown Prince: Feng Shun!

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