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Chapter 684 - Chapter 684 Violent Beating!(2)

Chapter 684 Violent Beating!(2)

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Ignores 60% of Defense and causes True Pain!

Ming Xin’s head was buzzing from Ji Ruo’s slap. His head was swollen like a pig’s head, but he didn’t scream from the beginning to the end.

At this moment, Ji Ruo withdrew his palm and switched to the staff, giving him a moment to catch his breath.

He stared coldly at Ji Ruo, his eyes filled with hatred.

The staff shadows that filled the sky smashed down like a storm.


An indescribable pain assaulted him. Ming Xin finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and screamed.

It was too f * cking painful!

Ji Ruo’s rod was swung very quickly. The rod shadows filled the sky, and the pain kept piling up.

Ming Xin screamed.

Not long after, she was beaten to tears by Ji Ruo.

“Stop fighting, stop fighting!”

Ming’s heart ached so much that he rolled on the ground. The sanctimonious appearance of an eminent monk from before had disappeared. On his pig-like head, tears flowed down and he cried rather miserably.

“I was wrong. Stop, stop!”

“I apologize! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

In the Ancient Star Continent, the Deputy Director of the Cloud City Bureau was dumbfounded.

Ji Ruo and Bu Bu were already at a disadvantage, enough to make them surprised, now, they actually made others cry?!

What the hell was going on?

This was the Star Jade Realm?

The white cat hugged Luo Qian and comforted her in a low voice.

Hearing Monk Ming Xin’s apology, the white cat said angrily,””Master, don’t let him off so easily. They even broke Rosie’s phone and the vegetables that Rosie bought!”

Ji Ruo turned around and glared at the terrified young monk.”How dare you waste food?!”

The young monk was so frightened that he couldn’t even speak properly.

After Ji Ruo finished glaring at him, the speed of the rod in his hand increased a little.

“Old bald monk, look at the people you taught! Wasting food? Who told you to teach him like this?唵?”

“Ah! It hurts!” Old Monk Ming Xin cried bitterly.” I didn’t teach him. He was the one who did it. Hit him!” Please don’t hit me!”

“You think I’m stupid?” Ji Ruo sneered. Didn’t you say that participants would be disqualified if they fought in private? Humph! You still want to trick me into forfeiting?”

“I, I… It hurts!”

He cried even louder.

It was no wonder that Monk Ming Xin’s willpower was not strong. The effect of the title of [Dog Bane] was really too awesome.

The true pain caused by it was the true pain of ignoring 60% of defense!

If one had to describe it, it was probably similar to when one made a mistake when they were young and was beaten fiercely by their mother with a stick. That kind of pain, even if one recalled it many years later, might subconsciously tremble.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the pain was deep in his soul!

Of course, Monk Ming Xin’s Aureate Body realm special effect was still there and was still useful. If Ji Ruo could not injure him severely, the only thing that would not be reduced was the pain.

“Ji, Ji Ruo…Why don’t we just forget about it?”

Yun Cheng Si’s deputy director stood far away, and he took in Ji Ruo’s aura at the moment. He didn’t dare to get close and said hesitantly,”Look, you’ve almost vented your anger. Why don’t you let him go? If you continue fighting, the impact won’t be good… How about this? I’ll pay for whatever your cat loses.”

Logically speaking, he actually hated this old monk…However, it wasn’t appropriate to be beaten up like this in public!

Although it did look great…

The deputy director was still confused.

Before he could react, Ji Ruo had already started fighting Ming Xin.

To be honest, he was also very surprised at the time. However, Ji Ruo didn’t seem to be at a disadvantage and could even fight against Monk Ming Xin to a certain extent.

Seeing this, the deputy secretary thought that it was a good opportunity to see Ji Ruo’s strength.

The martial arts of Great Xia’s martial artists were inherently weaker than the ancient martial arts of the grotto-heavens and blessed lands.

It was good to let Ji Ruo experience it in advance.

At the same time, he could also let Ji Ruo understand the combat methods of the Aureate Body realm. It was killing two birds with one stone.

There was no need to worry about what would happen to Ji Ruo. When the time came, he would stop him.

In the end-

In the blink of an eye, Monk Ming Xin’s golden body was broken.

Then, there were consecutive slaps. After that, Ming Xin was beaten until he cried…

The turn of events was so fast that the deputy director only reacted now.

“Thank you for your kindness, Uncle, but there’s no need.”

Ji Ruo said as he swung the stick,”Whoever broke it will pay for it.”

“Ahem, well, Jiruo, how about you give me some face?”

“I really can’t fight anymore…” the deputy director said carefully.

As he said that, the deputy director also felt some disdain towards Monk Ming Xin.

Just now, he was acting so cocky, but in the end? She was beaten to tears by a child with a stick. Tsk tsk.

This was an ancient warrior?

“Alright then.”

Ji Ruo’s anger had almost subsided. After swinging his staff again, he lifted it up and said condescendingly,”Bald monk, remember, this is Grand Xia. If you want to be arrogant, go back to your grotto-heaven! If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked. The people you brought here won’t even let go of a kitten. You’re not a good thing either!

Remember to pay for the damaged road, or I’ll beat you to death!”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Monk Ming Xin wiped away his tears. He felt an unprecedented sadness.

Ji Ruo glanced at the young monk and grinned,””Although I don’t know your name, it’s not important. I’ll see you in the martial arts mystic realm.”


The young monk panicked and quickly crawled to the deputy director’s side. He hurriedly said,””He threatened me! Please control him, senior!”

“What do you care?”

Great Xia’s martial artists did not get a good ranking in the World’s Best Martial Arts Competition for ten consecutive years. When the deputy secretary saw this scene, he felt very relieved and said coldly,”You’re a contestant, what kind of threat is this?”

The young monk recalled the violent appearance of Elder Ming Xin and was terrified.”I’m not participating. I want to forfeit the competition. I want to forfeit the competition!”

“Oh? Abandon the competition?” Ji Ruo grinned as he rolled up his sleeves.”That means it doesn’t matter if I kill you now, right?”

“What? No, no, I won’t give up! I was just talking nonsense!”

“Humph! How dare you cause trouble in Great Xia? Get lost!”

Ji Ruo said goodbye to the deputy director with the stick on his shoulder.

Then, he carried Rosie and asked softly,””How is it? Have you vented your anger?”

” Master, my permission to become a spirit…”

Rosie grabbed the fragments of the ID card, her eyes brimming with tears.

“My baby was smashed by him…”

“I’ll bring you to the future to get another one later.””Buy a new phone too,” Ji Ruo said.”

“Thank you, Master.” “And, and the groceries you asked me to buy, Master…” Rosie said timidly.

“Ah, let’s just go straight to Myriad Beast Mountain and get it from Grandpa Tongtian Creation Wood.”

“Alright then.”

Jiruo carried Rosie, a white cat perched on her shoulder. She called Gu Xingzhou, let’s go home together.

Gu Xing Zhou looked at the mess on the ground and smiled bitterly. Then, his face was filled with relief and relief.

“Jiruo, you’ve surpassed me.”


“It’s nothing. Hahaha, Uncle is happy.”

Gu Xing Zhou laughed heartily.” The number one in the world this year will definitely come from our Great Xia. Hahaha!” Ji Ruo, the luckiest thing in my life was meeting you at Myriad Beast Mountain, hahaha!”

“Hehe ~”

Ji Ruo smiled shyly, completely different from her previous violent appearance.

On the way back, Ji Ruo bought a new phone for Luo Qian and the white cat at a phone shop by the roadside.

When he returned home, Ji Ruo directly opened the portal and returned to Myriad Beast Mountain. He got some ingredients and then summoned his shadow clone to cook…

His shadow clone was also very powerful.

However, for Ji Ruo, the biggest use of the shadow clone was not to fight, but to do housework…

Washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, stir-frying vegetables… The three shadow clones worked together and quickly prepared a table of delicious food.

“Jiruo, your martial arts…” Gu Xing Zhou hesitated.

“Shadow martial arts, I created it myself. Uncle Gu, do you want to learn it?”


Gu Xing Zhou felt the powerful aura emanating from the body of the clone, and his emotions were somewhat complicated.

Using such powerful martial arts to do housework?!

“But Jiruo, you were a little impulsive today.”Gu Xing Zhou thought about it and decided to tell Ji Ruo,” You’ve exposed your strength. I’m afraid you’ll be targeted when the Grand Meeting begins…”

“I’m just targeting them.” Ji Ruo was unconcerned.” I’ll deal with whatever comes my way. Don’t worry, Uncle Gu. I’m invincible in the same realm.””

On the side, Luo Qian, who had gotten her new phone, still felt wronged.

At this moment, she was complaining about her grievances to her only ‘netizen.’

During the few days when Ji Ruo was isolated in the Heavenly Academy, Luo Qian had already become good friends with the rules of this era…

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