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Chapter 682 - Chapter 682 399, I’ll hit the old one directly!_2

Chapter 682 399, I’ll hit the old one directly!_2

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As he spoke, he intended to rush forward to stop her.

However, Ji Ruo didn’t even raise his head. The shadow under his body surged like a tide. The shadow clone flashed and disappeared, repelling the monk.

“How is it? Are you feeling better?”

Ji Ruo asked with concern.

Rosie nodded, feeling wronged.

“How dare you ignore me!”

The monk was furious.

“Raising demons, you must not be a good thing! Wasting a spiritual item like the Life Fruit…This Penniless Monk will ferry you too!”


The two of them collided. Ji Ruo finally raised his head and looked at him coldly.”You dare to hit my cat?”


Tyrant was slightly shocked.

His attack was blocked by Ji Ruo with one hand!

“Rosie, how did he hit you just now?”

Luo Qian huddled in Ji Ruo’s arms and shared her memories.

“Good, very good.”

Ji Ruo sneered.

“Rosie, I’ll avenge you!”

The monk finally recognized Ji Ruo, and his expression suddenly changed,””So it’s you, the top scholar of Cloud City! Humph! This Penniless Monk thought that you were just a fellow who wanted to please the public. I didn’t expect…”

Ji Ruo didn’t waste any more time with him. He let Luo Qian shrink into his arms and then moved.

This monk was also at the peak of the Celestial Jade Realm, only a step away from the Aureate Body Realm.

He could be considered an expert, but in front of Ji Ruo, he was nothing.

A whip-like kick, from the bottom to the top, ruthlessly landed on the monk’s chest.

Tyrant’s Protective Upstanding Qi was shattered by the kick.

The monk was shocked.”

He hurriedly raised his hand to block, but he could not completely block it. His entire body seemed to have been struck by lightning, and his arm was broken. He spat out blood and flew backward.

Even Luo Chenghuan’s golden body had his ribs broken by Ji Ruo. How could a monk at the peak of the Celestial Jade Realm withstand it?

Ji Ruo had held back. Otherwise, he would have kicked the monk to death!

Glancing at the surrounding mess and Luo Qian who was trembling in his arms, Ji Ruo was rarely so angry.

“Are you here for me?” he asked, narrowing his eyes.”

The monk mentioned his identity, so it was obvious that he knew him.

In the current Great Xia, Ji Ruo had never heard of the Buddhist Sect.

“Cough….” Tyrant’s arms were broken and his chest caved in. His face was filled with disbelief.

“How is that possible? How can you be so strong!”

The monk was clearly unable to accept it.”

“Information? Are you an ancient martial arts practitioner?”

The monk’s limbs were broken, but he didn’t scream.

This degree of pain was not very serious for a qualified martial artist. He just stared at Ji Ruo from bottom to top with a fierce gaze.

Ji Ruo stepped forward and picked up the monk. This was the city, and it was a bad influence. He planned to take this guy away and avenge Luo Qian.


A Buddhist will that obviously didn’t belong to the monk rose up and shook Ji Ruo’s hand away.

Then, the wind and clouds changed. In the high sky, there were thousands of golden lights and auspicious qi. A huge Buddha appeared from the auspicious clouds.

“Amitabha, stop!”

“Elder Ming Xin, this child has raised demonic creatures and is extremely evil. His strength is not weak, and This Penniless Monk is not his match!”Tyrant hurriedly said.

“Oh?” The Buddha lowered his head and stared coldly at Ji Ruo.

He also sensed the demonic aura on Rosie.

“He should be killed!”

Then, he tapped the flower with his Buddhist finger and pointed.

“Stop! Mingxin, this is the city!”

Another voice sounded, and the Buddha’s finger was stopped.

“You heard it as well. This child is raising demons.”

The Buddha lowered his eyes, neither sad nor happy.”I’m helping you clean up your sect.”

Another voice suppressed his anger and said,”His name is Jiruo, and that cat is called Luo Qian. They were brought out from the Myriad Beast Mountain and have already reported it!”

Ji Ruo found the voice familiar. He tried to recall and finally remembered that it seemed to be the voice of the deputy director of Yuncheng Division.

“Demons are demons. You’ve fallen.”

The two experts were confronting each other in the sky. Ji Ruo only took a glance at them, then continued to lift Tyrant up and slapped him in the face.

“How dare you hit my cat!”

This slap was so powerful that half of the monk’s face swelled up and his teeth were knocked out.

The Buddha in the sky was furious.”

He obviously didn’t expect Ji Ruo to dare to attack him in front of him!

“Jiruo, stop too! Don’t be rash!”

The deputy director of the Yuncheng Bureau blocked the Buddha’s attack again and said hurriedly.

“You also signed up for the Martial Arts Competition, right? All contestants are prohibited from fighting before the event! You’ll be disqualified!

Don’t be rash!”

Ji Ruo did not answer.

When the white cat arrived, he used his divine power to get the surrounding people to leave as much as possible.

“Sister, are you okay?”

“Ha! There were demons? Is this the genius that your Cloud City has nurtured?””What else do you have to say for yourself?” Buddha sneered. If you can’t bear to make a move, let this old monk help you clean up the sect!”

At this moment, Gu Xing Zhou had also arrived.

“What’s going on?”

He glanced at Luo Qian in Ji Ruo’s arms and was stunned.””Didn’t you say you were going out to buy vegetables? Why did you make such a big deal out of it!”

Deputy Secretary Liu persuaded the Buddha while comforting Ji Ruo. Seeing that Ancient Star Continent had arrived, he hurriedly said,”Gu Xing Zhou, quickly help persuade Ji Ruo not to be impulsive!

This was an accident, I…”

“Benefactor Liu, do you really want to protect this child?” the Buddha said coldly.”

“Mingxin, listen to me. He’s from Cloud City…”

“Has Great Xia fallen to such a state? Colluding with the yaomo, the evidence is conclusive, and you still want to protect him?”The Buddha narrowed his eyes and thought,”If you can’t do it, I’ll help you clean up the sect!”

If Benefactor Liu insists on stopping me, I have no choice but to join forces with other fellow Daoists to deal with you…I can’t give you the resources in the martial arts mystic realm.”


“Is the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple really so overbearing?” Deputy Secretary Liu was shocked and furious.!”

“Amitabha. It’s only right and proper to subdue demons and eliminate devils.”

Gu Xing Zhou came back to his senses and whispered into Ji Ruo’s ear,”Jiruo, that guy is from the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple. You…”

“Uncle Gu, will I trouble you?”Ji Ruo suddenly asked,”This guy attacked Luo Qian without asking why. I want to avenge Luo Qian.””

“Trouble?” Gu Xing Zhou was stunned for a moment before smiling. What are you talking about? Don’t look at how arrogant that old monk is. The targeting he said was just that after entering the mystic realm, our Great Xia martial artists will feel more uncomfortable… It’s not a big deal. Do whatever you want. Didn’t I say it before? Do whatever you want. I support you.”


Ji Ruo nodded and handed Luo Qian over to Gu Xing Zhou.”Then I’ll have to trouble Uncle Gu to help me take care of Rosie.”


Gu Xing Zhou took Luo Qian and said,” However, you still have to be careful. You can vent your anger, but don’t kill this little bald donkey.””

“Don’t worry, he won’t die.”

The heavily injured monk looked at the two of them coldly, as if he did not care about what might happen to him next.

Then, Tyrant and Gu Xing Zhou were dumbfounded.

Ji Ruo didn’t continue to attack the monk, but…

“It was you, the old monk, who asked him to come, right? How dare you hit my cat and threaten the deputy director of Yun Cheng? Die!”


“Ji Ruo, that guy is Ming Xin of the Ten Thousand Buddha Temple, a martial artist half a step into the Celestial Realm!” Gu Xing Zhou exclaimed in shock.”

“So what? Was this the reason why they beat up Rosie and threatened the deputy director?”

Gu Xing Zhou was slightly stunned.

Ming Xin looked at Ji Ruo who was charging at him and was furious.”Arrogant!”

“Shut up!”

His clairaudient ability allowed him to locate Monk Ming Xin’s true body through the Golden Body of Buddha.

It was a direct kick!

The sports shoe flew out as it spun. It was the one that had been lost in the time tunnel.

“Eat this young master Leo’s flying kick!”

“Hmph, small tricks!”

Ming Xin snorted coldly, completely disregarding Ji Ruo.

Ji Ruo wasn’t an arrogant person. Seeing Ming Xin make a move, he immediately activated Time Freeze and closed it.

” What movement technique is this?!” Ming Xin looked at Ji Ruo who appeared in front of him as if he had teleported. He was a little stunned.”Could it be Carefree Travel?”

He could not understand Time Freeze at all.

Ji Ruo didn’t intend to explain. Seeing Ming Xin’s quick reaction, he stopped time again.

Then, the sneakers and Ji Ruo, one in front and one behind, kicked Ming Xin’s face.

Everyone was stunned as the bloody and broken teeth flew into the air.

“What are you so arrogant for? Hmm?”

If Ji Ruo had the upper hand, he wouldn’t spare anyone. He didn’t care about the other party’s identity or strength, and his attacks were like a storm.

Not allowed to fight the contestants?

Good! Then he would beat up the guy who brought the contestants here!

If it wasn’t for this guy bringing the bald donkey to Yun Cheng, Luo Qian wouldn’t have been injured!

” Luo Qian only bought vegetables, and you guys wanted to kill her. Who gave you face!”

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