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Chapter 635 - Chapter 635: Hope She’s Fine (2)

Chapter 635: Hope She’s Fine (2)

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Hu Wang subconsciously looked at Ji Ruo, who was squatting next to Ji Xiaoxiao with a black cat on her head. The two of them seemed to have shed their shells and tilted their heads to look at him. Even the angle of their heads was the same.

He finally came back to his senses.!”

Ji Ruo was about to nod when Ji Xiaoxiao suddenly said seriously,”I think it’s the Sitting and Forgetting Dao. All of this is a conspiracy of the Sitting and Forgetting Dao!”


Hu Wang’s head was full of question marks,’What is the Way of Sitting and Forgetting?”

“You don’t remember, right? If he couldn’t remember, it meant that the Way of Sitting and Forgetting had succeeded. Damn it…Aiyo!”

Ji Ruo raised his hand and slapped Ji Xiaoxiao, interrupting him.

Then he said,” You’re indeed under an illusion. When I came just now, you wanted to hit me.”

“Ah, this…”

While they were talking, Hu Wang had already been picked up by his subordinates and tied up with rune chains.

“Behave yourself! Even if you’re the bureau chief, you can’t mess around in this situation!”

Hu Wang was speechless.

He took a deep breath.

“Whoa! You know how to lie?” Xiao Liu sneered at first, then reacted,”Wait, Chief, what did you just call me?”

“Little Liu.”

“You, you, you recognized me?!””So, Chief, you’ve recovered?” Xiao Liu was shocked.”


Hu Wang looked at Ji Ruo, who didn’t seem to want to help explain, and said to his colleagues,” If you don’t believe me, you can ask my boss. It was my boss who helped me recover…”

“What boss?”

The law-enforcement officers looked left and right, their faces full of doubt.

One of the policemen couldn’t help but nudge Ji Ruo with his elbow and said,””Brother, do you think the chief has recovered or not? Where’s his boss here?”

Ji Ruo’s [Disguise] and [Substitution] allowed the police officers to treat him as a colleague, and they didn’t feel that there was anything wrong.

At this moment, Ji Ruo’s existence was normal.

Hu Wang was speechless.

Ji Ruo couldn’t help but laugh. He then removed the effect of the skill, and his existence suddenly became abrupt in the eyes of others.

“Wait, you are…”

Ji Ruo quickly explained, and Luo Qian also took out her own spirit license to increase her persuasiveness-although it seemed that it was almost the same.

The explanation was mainly based on his title of [Foreign Affairs Speaker], so everyone easily believed him.

After explaining clearly, Hu Wang quickly got into work mode and mobilized the law enforcement officers in the cheese.

Ji Ruo naturally listened to the commander’s orders-he had always been clear that professional matters were left to the professionals.

It was impossible for an outsider to lead an expert. After all, law enforcement was not football.

Hu Wang gave out orders one after another. The Law Enforcement Division, which had been a little chaotic earlier, quickly became like a precise instrument, operating at high speed.

Hu Wang clearly remembered what every law-enforcement officer in the department was good at, and where they were familiar with…Wait a minute.

Ji Ruo was a little gratified. That stubborn child from back then could now take charge of a place on his own.


Ji Ruo suddenly felt melancholic.

Remembering Hu Wang from the past, Ji Ruo finally realized what was wrong with his five-year-old self in this space-time.

The death of his parents was indeed a huge blow to a five-year-old child…

She did not know where he was now. Now that Yun City was in chaos, the five-year-old him should be fine, right?

Ji Ruo was a little worried.

“Brother! Is this how you point the way?!”

Liang Shixian carried Little Ji and fled frantically with Liang Shijing.

This was the temporary headquarters of the God Worship Sect.

Nearly a thousand disciples who had been teleported over from all over Great Xia were setting up rituals and rituals here.

They had hit the muzzle of a gun.

“No, how can I be wrong!”

“Ji Ruo, Ji Ruo, are you here?” Liang Shixian couldn’t accept it.!”

“Stop shouting! How can Brother Jiruo be here!”

Liang Shijing said angrily,”I told you, throwing shoes to ask for directions is not reliable at all!””

“But Ji Ruo was the one who asked for directions! How can you not allow it!”

Liang Shixian was also numb.

“Why don’t I throw it again?””

“Alright!” Throw it properly this time, seriously!”

“So why do you keep asking for directions by throwing your shoe?!” Liang Shijing was furious. There was no scientific basis for this!”

“I don’t believe in asking for directions, I just believe in Ji Ruo!”

Liang Shixian turned around and punched. The void shook, and a few disciples who had caught up with him immediately vomited blood and flew back.

He lowered his head to look at Little Zhang and said seriously,””Xiao Ji, believe in yourself. You can do it!”


Xiao Ji looked into Liang Shixian’s eyes in a daze.

Ever since his parents passed away, he had never seen such a gaze.

That indescribable trust was like a parent who unconditionally believed that their child would be the best.

A person would grow up three times in their life.

The first time was when he realized that his parents were not the center of the world.

The second time was when he realized that he was not the center of the world.

The third time was when he realized that his child was not the center of the world…

The small plan was more mature.

The death of his parents allowed him to experience his first ‘grown-up’ early on.

However, until now, until Ji Ruo was able to defeat the Overgod of another world, until he was able to travel through time, he had never experienced a second ‘grown-up’.

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