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Chapter 572 - Chapter 572: Flesh and Blood

Chapter 572: Flesh and Blood

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Time went back to a moment ago.

As it was a live broadcast, there was no way to translate the language and update the subtitles.

But it didn’t matter. The previous episodes were all dubbed in the post-production, and the subtitles were added later.

In the versions that were broadcasted in Great Xia, most of the content of the exchange was actually different from the original words.

It was all made up…

Therefore, without the subtitles, it seemed a little strange.

However, this was a small problem. Ji Ruo’s enunciation was very clear, and with the help of the Common Language, the audience in front of the TV could understand his words.

Back to the main topic.

The plot of the second half of the finale was even more intense. The audience had been looking forward to it for half a day, and their emotions were suppressed to the extreme.

The ‘second half’ first told the audience that Ji Ruo was not dead. Then, the scene changed and showed Charles ‘evil deeds and the self-improvement of the people on the continent, further suppressing their emotions.

Then, the two Armored Warriors tried their best, but they still could not hurt Charles at all, letting the audience know that the Armored Warriors did not have much strength left.

The bad guys were free, while the good people were risking their lives.

After that, even if the two Armored Warriors joined forces, they could not change the direction of the battle. The hearts of the audience sank.

When Ji Ruo and Liang Shixian were unable to maintain their combined state due to ‘exhaustion of power’, they fell into the dust. The hearts of all the audience fell along with them.

The white-haired youth’s dusty face was filled with stubbornness.

The adult audience in front of the television fell silent.

No one could think of a way to resolve this situation.

The Star Jade shattered, and its power was exhausted. Even the transformation belt had lost the ‘light’ that it relied on to fight.

It’s a dead end!

What was the screenwriter thinking?

The adult audience knew very well that the following plot would definitely lead to justice triumphing over evil. But now that it had already happened, what could the protagonist do to turn the tables?

Cheating? Burst?

If that was really the case, then this battle movie that could almost become a god in the early stages would be completely reduced to a bad movie.

Therefore, the adult audience was silent.

The small audience members were also silent.

But they were mainly angry.

How could a powerful Armored Warrior be defeated by such an ugly guy?

Impossible, absolutely impossible!

“Son, stop looking.” A father said to his son, “The end of the story will definitely be justice triumphing over evil, but it has already come to this. With the abilities of those two armored warriors, there’s nothing they can do.”

The father looked at the extremely ugly monster on the television screen and said, “The design of this last monster is not bad, but unfortunately, it’s a little too big. No matter what method the Armored Warrior uses to defeat this monster, it won’t be the Armored Warrior’s own strength. Therefore, there’s no need to watch anymore.”

“No!” His son’s eyes were red and filled with tears. He said word by word, “Armored Warriors, you can’t be defeated by such a bad guy! The Armored Warrior will definitely win! They just don’t have light anymore!”

His father said helplessly,”Alright, alright, it’s just that there’s no light…” But if you can’t beat him, you can’t beat him.”

“We can beat him!”


“Give them light!” The child said as he took out his beloved flashlight.

The reason why it was ” beloved ” was because ” Armored Warrior ” had been popular recently. In addition to the setting of ” the source of the Armored

Warrior’s power,” almost all the children who liked to watch ” Armored Warrior ” had a flashlight. Every time the Armored Warrior battle ended, they would use the flashlight to replenish the energy of the Armored Warrior.

“How?” his father laughed. Since it had already been broadcast, it meant that it had already been filmed. The ending had already been decided. What was the use of giving it now?”

“It’s useful!” The unyielding child turned on the flashlight and stubbornly shone the light on the television screen.”Armored Warrior, I’ll give you light. Quickly stand up!”

Almost at the same time, a ray of light shone on Ji Ruo’s body from the television, causing the damaged transformation belt on his waist to light up slightly.

At the same time, a young voice said,’Stand up!’lt sounded.

The child was pleasantly surprised.” The Armored Warrior has received my light! He has received my light!’”‘

His father was stunned for a moment before he reacted. He shook his head and laughed. “This screenwriter is quite good at writing. Son, let me tell you, these are all filmed in advance. Don’t be…

Before he could finish, his son shouted excitedly,”Stand up!”

All of a sudden, overlapping childish voices sounded from the television. A dense light suddenly appeared and gathered towards the two armored warriors.

His father was amused.” I have to say, this screenwriter is really something. He even thought of this. Tsk tsk.”‘

Until now, he still felt that it was a coincidence.

And his son was already ecstatic because his light had been received by the Armored Warrior.

His father smiled and shook his head, thinking that using this method to cheat the main character in the drama was not bad.

However, this method would only be effective during the premiere. If it was rebroadcast later, it might not be the case. The ratings of this drama would definitely not be too high. Moreover, as time passed, it would get lower and lower..

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