The Sovereign’s Ascension

Chapter 2401 - You’re Pretty Confident

Chapter 2401 - You're Pretty Confident

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son, Ji Zhangkong, and Dugu Jue. After Lin Yun defeated the three champions, he went down and the battles continued.

Yue Weiwei and Lin Jiangxian also went up to fight, but their outcomes were different. Lin Jiangxian might’ve grasped an Eternal Dao, but her cultivation was too low. The champion of the seventh testing ground ultimately defeated her. But her performance was praiseworthy, and she still shone brightly during the banquet, giving her opponent a tough time of winning.

As time passed, the banquet gradually came to an end. No one expected that the one who shone the brightest at the banquet would be Lin Yun from the Kunlun Realm. Seeing that the banquet was ending, Ye Wuhen and Xia Qingyun were interested in sparring with everyone. Then again, it was a friendly spar and wouldn’t affect the final result of the banquet.

The banquet became heated as Xia Qingyun and Ye Wuhen displayed outstanding talent. That was especially the case for Ye Wuhen. He was only eighteen, but he defeated the champions of two testing grounds. But this had nothing to do with Lin Yun as he consolidated himself after his sword intent achieved a breakthrough in his fight with Dugu Jue.

When an hour passed, it was time for Yue Weiwei to fight, and Lin Yun finally opened his eyes. There was a golden fireball in his sword sea, a bright sun. When the sword sea began to boil, golden magma burned as the bright sun broke out from the golden sea and hovered in the sky, lighting up Lin Yun’s sword sea.

At the same time, the sword intent released by the bright sun illuminated the sky, and the four Eternal Sovereign Constellations could faintly be seen. That was his sword intent, and it was so powerful that it was about to light up the world.

Lin Yun finally heaved a sigh in relief and could be certain that his sword intent had surpassed Jian Jingtian. If Jian Jingtian didn’t make a breakthrough, this meant that he had surpassed that senior brother.

When he carefully looked at the bright sun, he noticed an azure dragon in the heart of the sun, and the azure dragon was coiling around a golden human. Those were Lin Yun’s dual sword souls, and Lin Yun had finally grasped their power, controlling them as he wished.

The battle on the stage attracted the attention of everyone in the Heavenly Saint Courtyard, so only those around Lin Yun noticed his condition. But they had no idea what was happening and could only feel that Lin Yun’s sword intent had become even more unfathomable.

“Are there no challenges directed at me?” Lin Yun asked. He was consolidating his Bright Sun Sword Intent earlier, so he didn’t know what was going on in the outside world.

“Who would dare?” Lin Jiangxian smiled. “You defeated the champions from three testing grounds. Your fight with Dugu Jue might be a draw, but everyone could tell you won.”

“Dugu Jue fought again after that and easily crushed his opponent. So no one dares to challenge you now,” Yue Weiwei smiled.

Lin Yun smiled and said nothing. When no one else went on the stage, Luo Tianxi finally spoke out, “Since the fight has come to an end, I’ll call out the top thirty.”

The hearts of everyone clenched as they soared to the sky and landed on the stage. Everyone was nervous as they looked at Luo Tianxi.

Luo Tianxi smiled, “I have said that the final ranking has nothing to do with someone’s strength but talent and potential.”

Everyone nodded in acknowledgment. The Heavenly Barren Banquet wasn’t a deathmatch; it was mainly to filter out disciples for the ancestral deity to pick, and Luo Tianxi would announce the final ranking.

“Ranked tenth—Heavenly Qilin Divine Son!” Luo Tianxi looked at the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son, who had a pale complexion. But his words left the injured Heavenly Qilin Divine Son dumbfounded before his face became ugly.

If it was someone else, they would naturally be satisfied to be ranked tenth. But the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son couldn’t accept this result since he was a popular candidate for the champion position. Not only did he not make it into the top three, but he even fell to tenth.

He blamed it all on Lin Yun, whom he inwardly cursed. He smiled and cupped his fists at Luo Tianxi before maintaining his silence. This meant that he wouldn’t be able to become the ancestral deity’s disciple, and he couldn’t be bothered to carry on with his act.

“Ranked ninth—Ji Zhangkong!” Luo Tianxi continued.

This made Ji Zhangkong feel dizzy. He knew that his ranking wouldn’t be high since he lost to Lin Yun, and it was just as he had expected.

“Ranked eighth—Bai Ye,” Luo Tianxi continued, sparking a discussion from the surrounding area since those that Lin Yun had defeated were all ranked at the bottom of the top ten.

“Ranked seventh—Lin Jiangxian.”

Lin Jiangxian smiled and nodded. She was only a seventh-stage Saint Lord, which meant that Luo Tianxi held her in high hopes since she could be ranked before Bai Ye.

“Ranked sixth—Ji Zixi!” Luo Tianxi smiled and looked at Ji Zixi with an amicable smile. He continued, “Lass, if I recall right, you’re from Kunlun Realm’s Divine Phoenix Mountain, right?”

It was surprising that Luo Tianxi chatted with Ji Zixi after he announced her ranking, to which Ji Zixi nodded at his question.

“You’re the youngest amongst the thirty, and you’re also from the Kunlun Realm. It’s not easy for you to come this far. You don’t have to take what Bai Ye said to mind. No one can determine their background, and you’re special as the Heavenly Phoenix Maiden. So it shouldn’t be your shackles,” Luo Tianxi said a lot this time.

Hearing what Luo Tianxi said, Ji Zixi felt a warmth in her heart and thanked the former. But this frightened Bai Ye to the point that he went down on his knees and apologized.

Luo Tianxi was the sect master, and he didn’t point it out to Bai Ye. He only indirectly reprimanded Bai Ye before he waved his hand, telling Bai Ye not to be afraid.

“Ranked fifth—Zhang Kongyan!” Zhang Kongyan was the only spiritualist amongst the thirty people, possessing an unrivalled talent for spiritual runes. This was an eye-opening experience even for Lin Yun, and he deserved his spot in the fifth.

“Ranked fourth—Zhao Yi!” This was the champion of the second testing ground, who also shone brightly in the fight. He initially wanted to challenge Lin Yun, but he gave up after seeing Dugu Jue’s fight with Lin Yun.

Those who weren’t called out became anxious. This time, Luo Tianxi turned to Yue Weiwei, and he said, “Ranked third—Yue Weiwei.”

It was surprising this time, but it was also understandable since Yue Weiwei shone brightly right from the start, with everyone knowing her title as the Heavenly Fragrance Divine Maiden. In her fight, she practically defeated her opponents within a hundred moves. The Heavenly Fragrance Divine Mountain’s martial technique, the Nine Profound Maiden, gave everyone a misperception that there was a fairy in the world.

When Luo Tianxi was done speaking, everyone’s gazes nervously fell onto Lin Yun and Dugu Jue. They knew that Luo Tianxi would soon announce the champion, but it was hard to rank Lin Yun and Dugu Jue.

Luo Tianxi smiled, “Lin Yun, Dugu Jue, why don’t the two of you fight again?”

“I have no opinion about it,” Lin Yun smiled.

The corner of Dugu Jue’s lips twitched. Lin Yun had no opinion, since he would only be reduced to a sparring partner. He said, “If Lin Yun is to become the champion, I have no opinion. So there’s no need to fight again.”

Dugu Jue gave up the honor of becoming the champion, and this surprised Lin Yun, who felt that it was a pity. He had just comprehended his Bright Sun Sword Intent. Hence, he wanted to use Dugu Jue as a training partner since no one was more suitable than him.

“Brother Dugu, why don’t we fight again? The previous fight was only a draw, and I was only lucky,” Lin Yun smiled. “The outcome might be uncertain if we fight again. After all, the champion can make a request from the ancestral deity.”

Dugu Jue was only tempted for a moment before coming to his senses. He smiled, “No need. I’m satisfied that I can have a draw with you.”

Lin Yun helplessly smiled. Why couldn’t Dugu Jue be more arrogant? Just look at how unconvinced the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son is.

Luo Tianxi smiled, “Since that’s the case, the spots will be determined now. The champion will be Lin Yun, Dugu Jue second, and Yue Weiwei third. According to the previous rules, those in the top three could become the ancestral deity’s direct disciple, and the champion could make a request to my master.”

With that, the Heavenly Barren Banquet finally came to an end. When everyone looked at Lin Yun, they knew his name would soon spread throughout the three thousand realms. Everyone initially joked when they said Lin Yun would reforge the Kunlun Realm’s honor, but it was slowly becoming true.

After all, the geniuses from three thousand realms were overshadowed by Lin Yun. Although everyone was also a genius, only the champion would be remembered throughout history, like the Blue Dragon Ancestral Deity.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son and others were disappointed because becoming the ancestral deity’s disciple was more important than their rankings. If they managed to become the ancestral deity’s direct disciple, they could become a deity for certain, which was everyone’s objective here.

Luo Tianxi smiled, “My master has been observing the banquet. Apart from those three, he wants to take another person as his disciple.”

The moment he said that, everyone’s eyes lit up. That was especially true for the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son, who looked excited. He was confident in his talent amongst everyone else here, having grasped Space Dao. He asked, “Sect Master, can I know if that person is me?”

“You’re pretty confident in yourself,” Luo Tianxi smiled.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son smiled, “I've grasped Space Dao, and I believe there aren’t many geniuses who have grasped Space Dao. Apart from the top three, I can’t think of anyone other than me who can be chosen as the ancestral deity’s disciple.”

One had to say that the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son was confident in himself, and his words practically offended everyone else.

Luo Tianxi smiled, “Perhaps it’s better if you stay on Qilin Mountain. The Qilin Sword Immortal will be fond of you.”

Luo Tianxi’s words were a slap on the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son’s face, and this made everyone laugh.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son’s face changed, and he was placed in an awkward position.

“Ji Zixi, are you willing to take the ancestral deity as your master?” Luo Tianxi turned to look at the adorable Ji Zixi.

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