The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All

Chapter 910 - Chapter 910: Change in Temperament

Chapter 910: Change in Temperament


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“Binglan, if you need anything, I’ll go get it,” Liu Yinyin said, eager to help.

Su Binglan replied, “We must peel and cut garlic to make garlic paste, We also need butter. Do we have any?”

Shen Qiuhua nodded. “Yeah, we often use it when we eat hotpot.”

Those were the seasonings Su Binglan would need to make Liangpi. Hence, Liu Yinyin quickly went to get the butter. Soon after, she and Shen Qiuhua began to peel the garlic.

Meanwhile, Su Binglan mixed the butter with warm water and made the sauce. Then, she took the chili oil, soy sauce, and vinegar. These were the seasonings she had mixed herself and used for other dishes.

“Binglan, we’ve finished preparing the garlic paste.” Liu Yinyin said.

Su Binglan responded, “Okay, we’ll add it to some warm water.”

“l understand.” Liu Yinyin followed her sister-in-law’s instructions.

Su Binglan asked, “Mother, do we have cucumbers and green bean sprouts?”

Shen Qiuhua said smilingly, “Yeah, we planted cucumbers in the backyard. I’ll pick them now. My godmother also sent us some fresh green bean sprouts.

“She said the bean sprouts are more popular during the summer. Since it’s so hot now, people like eating it because it’s light and refreshing.”

Su Wenzhe said, “Mother’s right. I don’t like eating oily foods during the summer. I prefer to have something light because it’s easier to digest. Mother’s godparents will be happy if the bean sprouts sell well.”

“Yeah, business is good. Of course, my godparents are happy,” Shen Qiuhua said, “Flower County isn’t the same as before because of the juice and canned foods factories. The conditions in the surrounding villages have improved, too.

“My godmother wrote to me saying that the county has become livelier. So many people have set up businesses and stalls there. The villagers are well off now because they work in the factory. They’re more willing to eat out.

“Also, the villagers have started to plant fruit trees in the mountains because the factory needs them. They have plenty of fruits, so they don’t have to worry about running out.”

Shen Qiuhua chuckled and continued, “The contractors have also built roads in Flower County. It’s much more convenient for foreign merchants to travel there and purchase the goods.”

Su Wenzhe sighed. “l can feel the difference when using the newly rebuilt roads. We no longer have to worry about muddy roads when it rains or snows. Even carriages and oxcarts can move safely.”

After getting the bean sprouts, Shen Qiuhua collected the cucumbers from the backyard. She then washed them and placed them down for her daughter to use.

Su Binglan washed the bean sprouts and blanched them before scooping them out of the pot. Immediately after, she shredded the cucumbers.

At that moment, Luo Jin’an brought Su Xuexuan and Su Xuehai into the house. They watched as Su Binglan prepared to cut the steamed Liangpi and wheat flour strips.

Luo Jin’an said, “Here, let me do that.”

Luo Jin’an and the two little ones had washed their hands when they entered the house. Nonetheless, Su Binglan nodded and handed the knife to her husband. She said, “Your knife skills are unparalleled. You cut so evenly.” Su Binglan remembered how her husband used to cut vegetables for her. Everything he cut would be consistent in shape and size.

Su Wenzhe added, “Yeah, I remember Jin’an being highly skilled in chopping firewood, too. He was even faster last time. I didn’t overthink it then, but 1 didn’t expect Jin’an to come from such a solid background.”

He felt surreal whenever he faced Luo Jin’an. The latter smiled when he heard his brother-in-law’s words. He never thought of it when chopping firewood in the past. That was because he had grown accustomed to doing things well. After all, it was a habit he had developed during his childhood.

Luo Jin’an cut the Liangpi and wheat flour into pieces. He then took a large basin and put them into it. Soon after, Su Binglan added the seasonings and began to stir. Then, she poured the cold noodles into several bowls for everyone to eat.

After putting everything away, Shen Qiuhua looked toward the entrance and said, “It’s already so late. I wonder why your father and second brother aren’t home yet.”

Su Wenzhe made a guess, “The merchants must’ve come to stock up on their goods. In that case, Father must be busy. Sometimes, he’ll be busy until nighttime.”

Shen Qiuhua said, “That’s not it. He went to the fields in the afternoon, so he isn’t at the factory.”

Su Wenzhe asked, “Could he have bumped into an old friend and is having a chat?”

As the family guessed when Su Fengmao was, he and Su Wenxiu returned. Su Fengmao and Su Wenxiu were excited when they saw that Su Binglan had returned.

“Ah, you and Jin’an are back!”

Su Wenxiu smiled when he saw his sister and brother-in-law. He was so happy that his fatigue disappeared. Indeed, he was busy focusing on medical school. Fortunately, more teachers were in the medical school to help him.

Su Binglan smiled. “Hello there, Father and Wenxiu.”

“Welcome home, Sister!” Su Wenxiu smiled.

Su Binglan raised her brows, thinking her second brother had become even more refined. He even looked more scholarly. She thought being a teacher and a doctor suited him perfectly. She had to admit that he looked even more handsome now.

She also felt her father’s temperament had changed, too. Some people said that Su Fengmao did not look like a farmer but like a young master of a wealthy family. Perhaps it had something to do with the memories Su Fengmao had lost.

Since it was time to eat, Su Binglan knew it was best not to ask about such things. She said, “l just finished cooking. Let’s eat first, okay?”

Su Fengmao smiled happily, “There’s good food the moment Binglan came back. It smells so good in here.”

Shen Qiuhua explained, “Binglan made something called Liangpi.”

Su Wenxiu also smiled. “l smelled the fragrance from the courtyard. Father and I wondered if Mother cooked something new. We didn’t think Sister would be home.’

“Father, Wenxiu, wash your hands. We can eat now.”

After preparing the cold noodles, Su Binglan used the extra cucumbers to mix the cold dishes. Then, the whole family sat and ate Liangpi together.

Su Wenzhe impatiently picked up his chopsticks and started eating. He said, “These look like coarse noodles but taste better. These are smoother and more chewy. Still, they’re refreshing and delicious.”

He began eating in big mouthfuls as he praised the food.

Su Fengmao nodded enthusiastically. “l agree with that. I saw people transporting medicinal herbs from the factory just now. Wenxiu was there, so I went to help.

“l didn’t have much appetite even after sweating all over. I regained my appetite as soon as I ate this Liangpi.”

Previously, the family would eat popsicles after a long day’s work. They had even run out of the popsicles Su Binglan had sent. Su Fengmao did not expect to eat Liangpi this time.

‘Indeed, it’s good that my daughter’s back. Now I can eat such delicious food..’

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