The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 443 - Chapter 443: Nothing Without Escaping: Price Surges and Pocket Formations

Chapter 443: Nothing Without Escaping: Price Surges and Pocket Formations

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In just one day, the public opinions within the Starshine Islands had completely changed.

The defeat of the Council Fleet had thoroughly eroded the remaining confidence of the merchants. They simply abandoned their industries here, taking their wealth and leaving on ships overnight.

Even the privileged residents paid to board the merchants’ ships, departing together from these islands soon to be ravaged by sea beasts.

The sun barely had time to rise and set.

What used to be bustling islands now stood deserted. The once crowded commercial streets were now eerie and quiet. Shops were emptied, leaving only a few rats searching for food.

The docks, once filled with arriving ships, now only had a few lonely vessels. Fat merchants urged the sailors to load the last batch of cargo, took a regretful last glance at the place, and set sail without looking back.

No one wanted to end up in the belly of a sea beast, only to be digested and excreted.

However, on the other side of the city, the town hall was crowded with residents.

“Please, sirs, beg those powerful armies to join the battle! They can surely fend off those dreadful sea beasts!”

“It will only take some gold coins, please have mercy!”

“Sob, sob, I don’t want to die!!”

The soldiers guarding the town hall entrance were dutiful, their expressions stern. They would strike without hesitation if anyone dared to rush them.

But there was a hint of complexity in their eyes. Even the naval fleet couldn’t halt the advance of the sea beasts, and these people were certainly no match for them.

These loyal soldiers couldn’t help but wish that the council members would allow that powerful army to join the battle. Then, everyone wouldn’t have to die, and the Starshine Islands could return to what they once were.

The carefully guided public opinion was pushing the Council to pay the price for the assistance of that army in resisting the sea beast tide. However, the doors of the council chamber remained tightly closed, showing no sign of opening.

Some players observed this scene in secret and whispered among themselves,

“These council members can really stay calm in a crisis. It had already reached this point, and they still didn’t want to help. We’ve put in a lot of effort to shape public opinion, but it seems these council members don’t care about the residents at all.”

“Of course, this world has a strict hierarchy, and the gap between nobles and commoners is even greater than the Mardong Rift. Don’t be fooled by their politeness towards us players; they look down on us, and they see us as tools.” Are they really that cold-hearted? Well, it’s hard to say what’s going through their minds. When it comes to situations where there’s a cost and life-and-death decisions, isn’t it clear which one is more important?

“True, but that indigenous army seems to have quite an appetite. One-tenth of the wealth of the thirteen council families, they could probably buy a whole town with that, right?”

“If this continues, we’ll have to make a run for it too. Is the ship ready?”

“It has been ready for a while now. The ship is stocked with enough supplies to get us to the Northern Continent, and there are some residents who are willing to go with us. It’s a stable group!”

As time passed, the sea beast tide, far away and thousands of miles distant, gradually approached. It was less than a day’s journey from the Starshine Islands.

At this moment, the long-closed doors of the Council Hall were finally opened. A group of soldiers streamed out and boarded giant sea eagles, flapping their wings and flying toward the northern side of the Starshine Islands.

Seeing this, the players hiding in the shadows were instantly excited.

“Look, these little guys couldn’t hold back any longer!”

“Darn, does this mean the Starshine Islands are saved?”

“It’s too early to say that. Who knows if that army can successfully fend off the sea beasts? If they can’t, we’ll still have to run.”

“Running away is essential in everything, right? I’m sweating from all the stress.”

Ji Chen stood on a high point of the island, hands behind his back, gazing at the distant sea.

Suddenly, he heard a faint commotion in the wind. In the distance, dozens of black dots appeared in the sky, and the army immediately became alert.

The Water Nymph Archer held her bow and arrow, aiming toward the distant sky. The Dragon Horn Catfish and Silver Sea Pixies also prepared their spells, gazing towards the southern sky. The Guardian troops reorganized their formations and kept a vigilant watch.

Several heroic units were about to approach and guard Ji Chen, but he raised his hand to stop them from attacking.

He then gestured to Alice, who put on her mask and walked forward.


The giant sea eagle slowly descended from the sky, and a group of Starshine City soldiers jumped off it.

The soldiers looked at the powerful army before them with mixed expressions, containing both apprehension and a hint of hope.

This army was the only hope to save the Starshine Islands.

The leader of this team stepped forward and came before Alice.

He saluted with a fist over his chest.

“Lord Hadman, the head of the council, sent us here to inform you that Starshine City is willing to accept your terms. Please dispatch your army to the southern side of the islands to fend off the sea beast tide as soon as possible.” Alice smiled faintly, recalling the arrangements made by the Lord earlier, and calmly replied.

“Please tell Council Head Mr. Hadman that due to their delayed response, our preparations for resisting the sea beasts couldn’t be completed in time. Therefore, my master has decided to offer a bit more on top of the previously agreed-upon terms. It’s approximately three hundred thousand rare resources. Otherwise, we might not have the motivation to confront the sea beast tide..”

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