The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1763: Mother’s Surname

Chapter 1763: Mother’s Surname

To avoid giving away herself, she made only minor adjustments to her appearance. However, when those subtle changes were put together, it created the illusion of her being an entirely different person. Moreover, she was well-practiced in the art of disguising herself as a man.

Xi Yue turned, and she was met with Xi Weizhi’s deep and silent gaze. The young man leaned against the tree and looked at her.

Xi Yue raised her eyebrow, “How about I also change your appearance for you?” If Weizhi showed his face around others, it’d spell trouble!

Xi Weizhi took out a dark mask and put it on his face. He then said calmly, “Let’s go.”

The two of them morphed into light and flew away in the same direction.

Xi Yue had a hunch that she was still on the Siam Continent. The spiritual power in the air here was significantly denser than that of Miluo Continent. Even in the forests, she could easily find grade 4 spiritual plants everywhere.

They flew for seven days and seven nights, but they still couldn’t reach the end of the forest.

What surprised Xi Yue even more was that they didn’t encounter any powerful beasts along the way. There were only some encounters with low-level magical beasts, and they ended up being their meal.

Even once, Xi Yue felt a ferocious beast aura that was so powerful that it made her hair stand on end. The pressure was no worse than Ran Yi in the magical beast forest. However, the ferocious beast hurried away before it even got close to them.

Xi Yue looked suspiciously at the boy next to her from time to time. He was sitting on the tree, gnawing at the magic beast meat he had roasted with concentration.

Noticing Xi Yue’s gaze, Weizhi looked over and was about to speak. Suddenly, both of them sensed something.

From afar, there were sounds of entities cutting through the air, clothing rubbing against trees, and people shouting.

Xi Yue’s first reaction was to breathe a sigh of relief. After flying for seven days and seven nights, they finally saw someone. At least it proved that she was not sent to the primitive world.

Right after, she heard a man’s rough, malicious mocking laugh, “An Lingyan, if you’re so capable, keep running! Let’s see if you can escape from the palm of my hand, hahaha!

An Lingyan? Xi Yue raised her eyebrows. A hint of surprise crossed her eyes. Isn’t that the surname of the mother of this body?

The scene shifted to God Domain—the residence of Saint Venerable Tianyi.

Yun Tianyi was deep in thought, sitting at his desk. Suddenly, a gorgeous girl with cherry lips hurried in. The air of child-like innocence lingered around her. She bowed to Yun Tianyi and said, “Your subordinate, Rabbit, pay her respects to Saint Venerable.”

Yun Tianyi raised his hand lightly and said, “Rise. How is the investigation going?”

The woman, who gave off the child-like vibe, was Rabbit. She was one of the Divine Masters under Yun Tianyi. Her age was already a mystery, easily thousands of years old. Her combat strength was a cultivator capable of instantly eliminating 100 Void Darkness Stages foes.

Rabbit stood aside respectfully, lowered her head, and said, “Snake used the fourth level of the [Reincarnation Art], time reversal. He caught glimpses of some blurry scenes. Have a look, Saint Venerable.”

Yun Tianyi received the recording stone handed over by Rabbit and activated it by inputting spiritual power.

Soon, an image appeared of a woman standing by a window. Her skin was as white as snow, her eyebrows resembled distant mountains, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, revealing a serene smile like calm water.

The woman’s attire was no longer as he remembered, with her long hair cascading down. Instead, her hair was now styled in a high bun, and her complexion appeared pale and haggard. However, with just one glance, Yun Tianyi recognized her as the woman he had longed for day and night.

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