The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1681: Too Late

Chapter 1681: Too Late

With a wave of his hand, they could be condemned to death without a place for burial, their souls forever falling into hell, unable to be reborn.

The people in the Lou Family were not much better, trembling all over and continuously backing away.

The power of freezing thousands of miles, the dark-element spiritual power, and the world-destroying force emanating from this man had completely shattered their confidence, leaving only fear and despair.

They regretted it deeply. Although wood source was precious, provoking such a terrifying being for it, and almost leading their entire family to the brink of destruction, was something they couldn’t accept.

However, there was no medicine for regret in this world. They were destined to pay a heavy price for their actions.

Lou Canghai said tremblingly, “We… we don’t want the wood source anymore. We can offer the Lou Family’s treasure… the Nirvana Voodoo that can resurrect the dead. As long as you spare us, I… I’m willing to offer it…”

The protectors of the Green Vine Clan also shouted, “We…we are also willing to offer the most precious treasure to atone for our sins…”

In the darkness, Nangong Yu let out a low laugh. His eyebrows slightly drooped, showing no sadness. However, anyone who met those pitch-black, lifeless eyes would feel the heart-wrenching sorrow and the madness in his heart.

“It’s already too late. It’s far too late!”

Nangong Yu suddenly opened his eyes wide, and the black aura atop the Cang Mountain, as if sensing its master’s summon, abruptly swept toward Lou Canghai and the others.

“You all will go to hell!”

In the sea of ​​lava…

Flames rolled and tumbled all around, with magma occasionally boiling and making bubbling sounds, producing red bubbles.

In the sea of ​​fire, the girl’s petite figure curled up, as if she was enveloped in a halo.

The Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress had already disappeared automatically, returning to the void. At this moment, the girl was only wearing a thin, plain white garment, appearing so frail and so utterly alone.

The flames surged toward the girl, attempting to burn her, but a faint energy continuously emitted from her dantian, enveloping her small figure entirely, protecting her from the fire’s scorch.

Suddenly, a figure slowly appeared and floated around the girl.

The red robe gently brushed over the flames rising from the sea of ​​lava, but those flames retreated quickly as if they had encountered some nemesis.

In the blink of an eye, all the flames and lava disappeared in this world, and the temperature also dropped.

In the glow of the fire, the figure of a young man was illuminated. However, his face remained indistinct under the glow.

Only his long hair, unbound by any hairpin, cascaded down his back like flowing ink, reflecting a faint halo of light. Merely the sight of that sweep of black hair was enough to stir the hearts of many.

The man in red extended his hand, and the girl in the halo of light slowly floated toward him, suspending in front of him.

The girl in simple clothes curled up; her face was as pale as snow, and her long eyelashes drooped quietly, concealing her breathtaking eyes.

At this moment, the girl appeared so fragile and harmless, like a snowflake falling from the sky onto a vivid red plum blossom, ready to melt into glistening teardrops as the ice and snow dissolved.

The man in red clothes extended his hand. A slender, well-defined hand resembling an exquisitely crafted piece of mutton-fat white jade shone brightly in the firelight.

That hand gently caressed the girl’s face, soft and delicate, conveying a warm sensation.

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