The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1675: No Hesitation

Chapter 1675: No Hesitation

Lu Xuyang’s face showed a mocking smile, “Thinking of jumping off this cliff? Do you think I can’t catch you with my flying technique? Hahaha, Xi Yue, have you become foolish from your severe injuries?”

The evening brushed by, and the ink-black hair stained red with the blood on the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress fluttered gently. This framed the young girl’s stunningly beautiful face, more lustrous than pearls and jade, like the bright and pure light of the moon.

However, the stunningly beautiful girl at that moment revealed a chilling smile, “If you dare, come and try to catch me!”

After saying that, she jumped off the cliff.

“It’s not that easy to escape!” Lu Xuyang roared, operated his spiritual power, and quickly followed.

Hexi was falling naturally through gravity, while Lu Xuyang was flying through the air. Therefore, almost instantly, he caught up with Xi Yue, who was falling.

The fiery red Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress fluttered and billowed in the wind, resembling a flower blooming in the night sky.

Lu Xuyang grabbed Hexi’s arm and laughed loudly, “The wood source is mine. It is destined to be mine!”

After absorbing the wood source, he could get everything: power, status, and the pleasure of being at the top and treating human life as nothing. Everything that was rightfully his!

The devouring power surged out from Lu Xuyang’s palm and began to frantically absorb the wood source from Hexi.

However, suddenly, a look of horror appeared in Lu Xuyang’s eyes, and his body violently convulsed. “You… what have you done?”

Hexi sneered with blazing eyes, as if she wanted to burn Lu Xuyang to ashes, “Didn’t I say that? Even if I die, I will drag you to hell with me.”

Lu Xuyang’s body shook violently. The falling speed that had slowed down accelerated.

His ability to fly in the air was interrupted.

The fourth level of Maha Inheritance — Devouring. This was also an ability that Hexi had used during the Foundation Establishment Stage, but it was far less terrifying than the devouring capacity it possessed in the past.

However, she didn’t devour the cultivation and spiritual power in Lu Xuyang’s body because she no longer had the ability to compete with Lu Xuyang since she was at her limits.

However, she was able to devour the spiritual power Lu Xuyang released, regardless of whether he wanted to cast a spell or continue his aerial flight.

“Xi Yue, you madwoman! Stop now! If we fall like this, both of us will be smashed to pieces! Do you hear me, don’t you want to live?”

Lu Xuyang panicked. Falling freely from the cliff top of Cang Mountain’s peak to the ground was a terrifying height. Even for a martial artist with a strong physique, such a fall would undoubtedly result in a devastating impact.

Hexi let out a faint laugh. Her voice sounded particularly pleasant and melodious in the darkness. However, to Lu Xuyang’s ears, it was a sound that filled him with terror and despair.

The root cause of the entire ordeal was ultimately Lu Xuyang. If one were to ask whom Hexi hated the most, it would undoubtedly be this man.

As long as she could ensure his death, she wouldn’t hesitate, not even if it meant being smashed to pieces or having her soul destroyed!

“Xi Yue—!” Suddenly, an anxious call came from afar.

Ouyang Haoxuan’s figure flew down from the sky, flying toward Hexi and Lu Xuyang.

Seeing Lu Xuyang grabbing Hexi, Ouyang Haoxuan’s eyes flashed coldly. With its golden-red flames, the Red Lotus Sword appeared and viciously stabbed toward Lu Xuyang.

Ah—!” Lu Xuyang let out a painful wail. At his chest, the scorching flames burned his skin and internal organs, making a sizzling sound.

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