The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 1870 - Chapter 1870: The Spiritual Race’s Killing Plan (2)

Chapter 1870: The Spiritual Race’s Killing Plan (2)

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“You would completely break through to the Five Satellites in a few days. As long as you put it on, even the Eight Satellites would not be able to kill you in one strike. Even if the Nine Satellites attacks you, you will have a chance of survival with it and other methods,” Xu Tui said solemnly.

Wei Bin was at the Three Satellites when he first came here. After experiencing the energy cultivation of two planets in a row, he still had not broken through to the Five Satellites, but he had already reached the peak of the Four Satellites.

It would not be a problem for him to break through to the Five Satellites after he returned and cultivated for a month or two. At that time, with this armor and some life-saving treasures given to Wei Bin by others, such as Shang Long and Cai Shaochu, he would be able to survive even if an expert attacks him.

Wei Bin was a Command-type and Commander-type talent. He had never been a frontline soldier. However, he had to have a certain level of strength to survive on the battlefield.

This was why Xu Tui had brought Wei Bin over this time.

Xu Tui had basically achieved his goal of picking up the Blue Star Expeditionary Force and bringing them home. He would train plunderingly on Asteroid 707 and Asteroid 699 along the way.

In the Blue Star Expeditionary Force, other than Tao Guan, whose physical body had died in battle, and Xu Tui, there were a total of 31 members.

Among the 31 members, the one with the lowest cultivation was at the mid-stage of the Five Satellites. The Eight Satellites were Ullr, Ruan Tianzuo, and Lavis. The Seven Satellites were An Xiaoxue, Qu Qingshan, Yan Lie, and Yin Ba. The others included Yanzi, Wen Shao, Luo Murong, and the others. Their cultivation levels ranged from the mid -stage of the Five Satellites to the peak of the Six Satellites. Most of them were at the mid-stage of the Six Satellites.

Among the people Xu Tui had brought, Mei Sen had broken through to the Five

Satellites in one go. Bu Qingqiu was from the School of Perception

Instantiation. Her cultivation had also broken through to the mid-stage of the Five Satellites. She was only one step away from the late-stage of the Five Satellites.

However, Xu Tui’s expectations for Bu Qingqiu were not limited to that. The

School of Perception Instantiation was the best candidate to cultivate various array abilities. Bu Qingqiu was an ice-type supernatural being. It could not be better for her to cultivate the Ice Array Sword.

Xu Tui did not need Yan Wuyu to teach her the Ice Array Sword. He could teach Bu Qingqiu himself. Once Bu Qingqiu learned the Ice Array Sword, she would definitely be able to kill enemies two levels higher.

The mid to late-stage of the Five Satellites could easily defeat the mid to late-stage of the Seven Satellites.

In the future, she was also one of Xu Tui’s focus of nurturing.

As for Li Qingping, he was at the mid-stage of the Six Satellites. He should be able to break through to the Seven Satellites in the next year or two. At that time, he would also become the backbone of the Blue Star.

As long as the small universe of the Heavenly Court was not breached, the 10 million troops of the Spiritual Race, the Great Xi Clan, and the Muyas would not be able to enter the solar system.

The humans of the Blue Star still had time and chance. From the current situation, the small universe of the Heavenly Court was extremely important. How could they defend the ten million-strong army of the three races attacking the small universe of the Heavenly Court?

Three hours passed in the blink of an eye while Xu Tui was deep in thought. All the Blue Star Expeditionary Force returned to the team on time. Everyone was carrying a huge backpack. This was especially so for Cui Xi. He was carrying a huge bag that was the same height and width as him. Xu Tui was stunned. “Old Cui, what are you carrying?”

“Commander, this is called the Metal Spirit. We called it the Memory Metal. As long as we put a few hundred grams of this metal into our armor, our armor or shields will have the function of self-restoration,” Cui Xi said.

“Our Blue Star has memory metal, right?”

“Yes, but it’s too rare. It mainly depends on seizures. However, on this planet, it’s actually a mineral resource. It’s comparable to the steel on our side. The production was not large, though. The two tons I’m carrying were about the annual production of this planet. Basically, we’ve taken all of the treasures in their warehouse,” Cui Xi said as he pointed behind him.

The muscular men from the Extreme Branch behind him were all carrying this.

Xu Tui nodded. This was the broad benefit of occupying the Star Field. The output of all kinds of planets made many precious resources very ordinary. Currently, the Blue Star was very short of many resources discovered in the Spiritual Race.

“Xiaoxue.” Before he left, Xu Tui glanced at An Xiaoxue again. An Xiaoxue sent a word to Xu Tui through voice transmission—auspicious.

Actually, Xu Tui already knew the answer when this thought appeared in An

Xiaoxue’s mind. He could read minds. However, Xu Tui still listened to An Xiaoxue’s answer. He could tell An Xiaoxue about this in the future, but Xu Tui would not tell anyone else easily. Otherwise, it would cause everyone to feel uneasy.

Ten minutes later, a total of 37 people from the Blue Star Expeditionary Force stepped into the multi-person quantum teleportation channel and disappeared.

Two minutes after they disappeared, two three-phase thermal bombs exploded continuously. Everything that the Blue Star Expeditionary Force had left in Asteroid 699, including the multi-person quantum teleportation channel, was completely destroyed, leaving no traces.

When the Blue Star Expeditionary Force appeared at the underground lurking base on Asteroid 433, Xu Tui’s order had already sounded.

“Yan Lie, lead a scout team to search the surroundings and see if there are any abnormalities. Yang Huai, bring people to cooperate with Ah Huang to set up self-destruction alert equipment in the hidden base of Asteroid 433.

“Requirement: If any external enemies invade the second level of the Defense Gate, they will trigger the self-destruction program of the lowest level of the quantum Teleportation Center.”

With this order, the eyes of many members of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force instantly lit up.. “Commander, are we still going to come back if we keep it here?”

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