The Fake Rich Daughter Pampered By All Is A Famous Celebrity

Chapter 1446 - 1446 Got Some Boyfriends

1446 Got Some Boyfriends

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“It must be very painful, right?” Shi Xi was surprised and her heart ached.

“Fortunately, it’s all in the past.” Xie Yunzhou exhaled and comforted Shi Xi instead. “I can’t remember.”

Shi Xi pursed her lips. “And then? Did Auntie go back?”

“At that time, they had just gotten divorced. My mother felt bad that I was beaten up, so she went back to the Xie family.”

“Had Uncle changed?”

“In the beginning, my father changed a lot. After that, Grandfather brought a pregnant woman into the house. Fie said that she was his new wife,” Xie Yunzhou said thoughtfully.

Shi Xi thought of the woman who had cried and knelt at Xie Yunzhou’s door.

Ah, this.

The hierarchy was in chaos.

“After that woman gave birth to Second Xie, she began to find excuses to interfere in the company’s affairs. She wanted an official position.” Xie Yunzhou’s eyes were filled with disdain. “But she doesn’t listen to good advice. No matter how good a project is, it will be ruined by her. She planted a relative in the Finance Department and her relative embezzled billions.”

Shi Xi was shocked.

So much money!

She also wanted to enter the Xie Corporation’s Finance Department!

Xie Yunzhou smiled coldly. “After they were discovered, that woman said that it was my father who did it. She wanted Grandfather to chase my parents and me out.”

If they were chased out, the family property would belong to that woman and her son.

“And then?” Shi Xi could not help but ask. “What did Old Master Xie do?”

Xie Yunzhou: “Grandfather didn’t kick us out, but he canceled my tutoring. Instead, he signed me up for many entertainment classes. That was when I learned piano and Go.”

“You know how to play the piano?” Shi Xi pinched Xie Yunzhou’s fingers. “No wonder your hands are so pretty.”

Xie Yunzhou chuckled. “Are you still listening?”

Shi Xi hurriedly nodded. “Listen, listen, listen!”

It was not easy to force Xie Yunzhou to speak, so she had to listen to everything!

“That semester,” Xie Yunzhou said, “my studies plummeted. My mother was unhappy and wanted to cancel the summer camp and let me make up for it.”

“That woman got into an argument with my mother and pushed her down the stairs.”

“My mother was admitted to the hospital with a concussion and was in a coma for more than ten days.”

“During this time, that woman said that I pushed my mother down the stairs, but no one believed me at that time.”

“How could they do this?” Shi Xi said angrily. “Who would push their own mother?”

“Now that I think about it, maybe they know who did it and just wanted to push the blame on me.” Xie Yunzhou lowered his eyes and said coldly, “I was punished by Grandfather to kneel for a few days and starved for a few days. The auntie who raised me felt sorry for me and secretly brought me steamed buns. That’s how I managed to survive.”

Shi Xi did not expect Xie Yunzhou to experience this.

In the struggle for wealth and power, anyone could be sacrificed.

“My grandparents found out that my mother was hospitalized, so they asked my uncle to take my mother and me away.”

Shi Xi heaved a sigh of relief. She hugged Xie Yunzhou and patted his back. “It’s all in the past. It’s okay.”

It was finally a good ending.

Now, Old Master Xie had no one to rely on, Xie Zhongshan was furious, and that woman had lost her son.

“Yes, it’s all in the past.” Xie Yunzhou narrowed his eyes.

Shi Xi thought of something. “Tell me more about Auntie. How has she been after leaving the Xie family?”

Xie Yunzhou was already half relaxed after he finished talking about the Xie family.

The shackles of the past should not bind the people of the present.

However, the other half was not so easy either.

It was even more difficult to say.

“Later, my mother had some boyfriends…”

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