The CEO Is the Daddy to Triplets

Chapter 277 - Chapter 277: Untitled

Chapter 277: Untitled

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At noon, Li An’an went to the supermarket near the hotel to buy some water. She ran into Lu Ming. His expression was solemn and full of blame.

“An’an, for how long are you going to keep pretending?” This time, he was here because of her.

Li An’an took a sip of the water she bought. “I’m not pretending. I’ve always been me. It’s just that I didn’t understand a lot of things in the past. Now I do.”

“Xinyi has already told me that she saw you, but you refused to acknowledge her. She’s still crying in the room. Can you bear to do that? What happened between you and her? Why is there such a big misunderstanding?” Li An’an smiled. “What a pretender. What has her crying got to do with me?”

Lu Ming’s heart ached. “An’an, you weren’t like this before. How did you become like this? Do you know, Auntie has been sick for the past two days because of you. Since you’re alright, go and see her. She has missed you all these years.”

Li An’an didn’t want to listen to his nonsense, especially since Lu Ming still believed that the mother and daughter were good people.

“I won’t go. Besides, I have nothing to do with them now.”

Lu Ming was furious. He took a step forward, wanting to grab Li An’an’s hand and shake her awake. What was going on? How did she turn from a gentle and obedient girl into this?

Li An’an took a big step back, and said in an icy tone, “CEO Lu, be careful of being caught in a scandal. I don’t wish to have anything to do with you. Have some self-respect.” He’d lose his skin if Chu Yichen saw this.

Lu Ming was stunned. He didn’t expect her to reject him so completely. She acted like he was a poisonous scorpion.

Li An’an quickly left.

Lu Ming felt utterly helpless. He didn’t know how to turn her back into the gentle and adorable An’an from before, so he could only return to Li Xinyi’s room in a daze.

Li Xinyi was out of breath from running back to her room.

She had been trailing Lu Ming didn’t expect to see such a scene. Did Lu Ming still like Li An’an? He even wanted to reach out and grab her! Did he want to hug her? They had been together for five years now.

There was the sound of the door opening. Lu Ming walked into the room and saw Li Xinyi leaning against the dressing table. Her face was unusually red. Hadn’t she been crying? Why was her face, instead of her eyes, red? It was as if she had been doing vigorous exercise.

“What’s wrong? Still feeling upset?” he asked.

Li Xinyi immediately hugged him and planted a kiss on him.

Lu Ming was stunned for a moment before he hugged her back tightly. “Xinyi, I just went to see…”

Li Xinyi kissed him even more passionately. “Don’t tell me anything. I just want to be with you now. Lu Ming, I miss you so much.”

Given Li Xinyi’s enthusiasm, Lu Ming tossed all other thoughts out. The two of them rolled onto the bed.

Upon returning to the beach, Li An’an ran into a problem. She received a text from Chu Yichen.

“I sent you the address of the restaurant. Why aren’t you here yet?’

Chu Yichen had asked her out for dinner. How was she going to get there? She wouldn’t make it in time even if she could fly.

“No, I don’t want Western food. I have to take care of the kids.’ “Therre no longer in kindergarten. They don’t need you to take care of them.”

“Baobao isn’t feeling well today. I need to take care of her.”

Chu Yichen replied after a long time,

“Li An’an, I’ve said it before, lying to me won’t end well. My patience is limited, don’t challenge me again and again. ”

In the restaurant, Chu Yichen put his phone away. He couldn’t stand Li An’an’s coldness towards him. It was as if she didn’t need him. He was the one who kept pestering her.

Li An’an felt defeated.

Indeed, a person must not lie. A lie needed countless lies to cover it up. Now, she was at a loss.

In the restaurant.

Long Ting hurried up to Chu Yichen.”Why the sudden invitation to dinner? Are you worried that things may go awry? Don’t worry, everything on the island is going smoothly now. It’s creating a lot of discussions online.

The director sent me some photos just then. Do you want to admire the beauties?”

Long Ting actually didn’t care about those photographs. He had seen too many beauties and they were all the same. Anyway, it wasn’t as though he was choosing a harem for himself..

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