The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

Chapter 609 - Chapter 609: Protect Her

Chapter 609: Protect Her


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His current life was just waiting for the torture before the execution. When the children were born, everything would be settled.

After the video call ended, Mo Yangyang immediately sent a video call request, but Lan Dongzhi did not pick up. She handed the phone to Gong Xin and said, “”You may leave.”

Gong Xin accepted the phone, rejected it, and turned it off.

“Have a good rest.”

He turned around and left, gently closing the door.

Lan Dongzhi slowly lay down. The corners of his lips curled up, but his eyes were getting redder and redder.

She did not expect to see Mo Yangyang again.

She thought that after the last time, they would never have the chance to meet again in this lifetime.

This time, Lan Dongzhi was somewhat grateful to Gong Chenye.

She knew that Mo Yangyang must have asked Xie Xize for help to make this short video call happen.

However, she still wanted to thank Gong Chenye purely. Even if he was forced, even if he didn’t really want to, at least he agreed.

Five minutes was enough.

Lan Dongzhi’s hand caressed his bulging belly.

The babies seemed to have sensed the change in their mother’s mood at the moment and were very active.

Lan Dongzhi’s hand gently caressed her again and again. She said, “”I don’t know how long you can live after you are born. Maybe you can reach adulthood, maybe … He would die soon, if…You have a chance to grow up. Mom hopes that one day, you can take my place to visit Auntie Yang Yang…I …”

” Perhaps, I won’t be able to fulfill my final promise. ”

A bitter smile appeared on Lan Dongzhi’s pale lips.

From the very beginning, the path she had taken had no hope and no way out…

After Gong Xin went downstairs, he gave Gong Chenye a call.

“Young Master…”

“I’ve seen him!”

“Yes, Miss Winter Solstice …” Very happy…”

That was the first time he saw such a sincere smile on Lan Dongzhi’s face since he met her. She was truly happy and happy without any burden.

On the other end of the phone, Gong Chenye was silent for a long time, and Gong Xin didn’t say anything else.

“Did she say anything else?” Gong Chenye asked.


“Protect her.”


Gong Chenye put down his phone. He didn’t know why he had asked that unnecessary question. What else could she say? She hated him to death. What else could she say?

However, even though he knew what the outcome would be, he still harbored unrealistic fantasies in his heart.

Gong Chenye knew from a young age that reality was always crueler than you imagined. Don’t have any illusions about anyone. Other than yourself, no one can be trusted.

He was already so old, but he still couldn’t control himself…

Gong Chenye stood on the balcony. Behind him was the magnificent banquet hall.

Zheng Qiangwei’s so-called meal today was actually to ask him to accompany her to a banquet.

It was a banquet organized by the Li family, an aristocratic family that the Zheng family had a good relationship with. Many celebrities had come…A group of masked people were getting by on both sides…

Gong Chenye lit a cigarette and looked up at the gray sky. The light from the cigarette was flickering, and his face was flickering.

He heard footsteps approaching, but he did not move, pretending not to know.

Suddenly, someone patted her shoulder. Zheng Qiangwei’s voice suddenly sounded, “”Why are you hiding here? Dad is looking for you. He wants to introduce you to a few of his business friends. I think my dad really treats you better than me.”

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