The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

Chapter 241 - Chapter 241: We’ll Wait for You to Come Back

Chapter 241: We’ll Wait for You to Come Back

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Gu Fei smiled through the mask. ” Doctor, don’t worry. Leave this to us! ”

“Perhaps, when you come back, we’ll be able to crack this thing!” Jiang Niancheng said.

Ren Sixing, the new doctor from Xia City, said, “”Go ahead, we’ll wait for you to come back!”

Xie Xize took off his lab coat. He didn’t even wear a coat and was only wearing a thin black shirt.

In November, the cold wind was bone-chilling in Jinchuan!

However, Xie Xize didn’t seem to feel the cold air at all.

He drove alone in the dark night…

The three locations given by the Spicy Strip were indeed possible.

However, after some analysis, the first cellar was dark and narrow, and the lighting was too poor. He Xinyue wanted to torture MO Yangyang and see her in pain.

The third was the He family. The police had already found out that He Wenhao had chased He Xinyue out of the house that night after she attended the banquet organized by the municipal government.

Because she had been discovered to have poisoned He Wenhao, he had chased his biological daughter out of the house in a fit of anger.

It seemed that it would be difficult for He Xinyue to go back under such circumstances!

Among the three locations, the printing factory was the most likely. It was spacious and had enough light. Moreover, it was the place where the Latiao was kidnapped a few days ago and was finally rescued.

People would subconsciously ignore the places they had just been to.

From the time of the crime until now, they had not been able to find He Xinyue. All the traces proved it.

He Xinyue had a very powerful criminal gang behind her.

It was very likely that he was someone who knew about X-13.

At first, when he saw X-13, Xie Xize thought that it was just some kind of naturally mutated virus.

However, as the infected appeared as if there was some kind of rule, it proved that someone was manipulating them!

At first, she only fought him from afar.

Now, the arena had already been placed on the stage!

When MO Yangyang woke up, she felt a splitting headache, especially around her eyes. They were so swollen and throbbing, and her eyeballs seemed to be about to jump out of her eyes.

In front of her was He Xinyue’s magnified face. She was dressed exquisitely with her hair tied up. She was wearing the latest Chanel suit and a set of diamond jewelry. Under the light, she seemed to glow.

It was as if she was going to attend a grand banquet!

But … If you looked at his eyes, you would realize that she was completely crazy now. There was no rationality or humanity in her eyes!

Her eyes were murky and crazy!

He Xinyue’s lips were painted red. When she smiled, she looked like a man-eating ghost!

“MO Yangyang, look…ln the end, you still fell into my hands!”

MO Yangyang tried to move her hand, but she found that her entire body was weak and she could not muster any strength.

She remembered that she had gone out to look for Xie Xize, but in the car, she had been drugged by the bodyguards.

MO Yangyang did not say anything. Her expression was very calm!

He Xinyue pinched MO Yangyang’s chin with her sharp fingers and dug her nails into her flesh. ” MO Yangyang, do you know what I hate about you? ‘

” You’re obviously a lowly person, but instead of hiding in a corner, you have to come out and swagger around. Aren’t you disgusting? ‘

If MO Yangyang hadn’t appeared, He Xinyue felt that she would still be the high and mighty eldest daughter of the He family. She would still be in the limelight in Jinchuan..

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