The Apple of the Ruthless CEO's Eye: My Sweet Wife Is so Adorable

Chapter 662 - Chapter 662: Boyfriend Appears (1)

Chapter 662: Boyfriend Appears (1)

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Sun Xiaohong pursed her lips. ” Qiao Mu, we’re classmates, so why aren’t you helping me out with small things? Does the boyfriend you mentioned really exist? ”

“Don’t tell me you’re deliberately mentioning this boyfriend just to compare yourself with Xiyan? Mu Mu, although you were more outstanding than Xiyan in all aspects during high school, you were just a little lacking in terms of boyfriends. Don’t take it to heart.” Someone advised earnestly.

Xu Xiyan took a sip of red wine and said, ” Mumu, I think you should just let Yang Hao go. After all, Yang Hao’s family owns a company. He’s a rich second-generation heir. ”

Yang Hao frowned. ” Qiao Mu, is what they said true? Your boyfriend is fictional? Why are you so vain now?”

Qiao Mu could not be bothered to waste her breath on this group of people. At this moment, her phone rang. It was Li Yan.

She picked up the phone and soon heard the man’s voice asking,”When do you want to finish?”

“Uncle, come and pick me up.”

“Why? Did you not have fun?”

Hearing the noise, Qiao Mu spoke softly into the phone, “”Yes, I want to go home.”

Qiao Mu hung up the phone and returned to her seat. The women at the table changed the topic.

Xu Xiyan pointed at the phone screen and showed it off. ” Do you think this dress looks good? ” It’s a new autumn product that just came out. It’s the style I like.”

Sun Xiaohong looked over. ” Let me see. Wow, a sweater that costs more than 6,000 yuan. Is this a scam? ”

Xu Xiyan didn’t think much of it. ” Don’t you know fashion? Do you know that Key is a big international brand? The cheapest clothes under his brand are already 6,000 yuan. I heard that this was designed by a new designer. I want to place an order on the official website and go to the store to pick it up tomorrow.”

Qiao Mu paused when she heard Xu Xiyan’s words. Wasn’t she talking about her?

Suddenly, Xu Xiyan looked up at Qiao Mu. ” Mumu, you’re also studying fashion design, right? My husband has a fashion design department in his company. Do you want me to pull strings for you so that you can go for an internship and learn something?”

Qiao Mu smiled faintly. ” Thank you, but there’s no need. ”

“Sigh, you’re just too unfamiliar.” Xu Xiyan swiped her phone and said, “”I’ll look for the designer of this dress. Maybe my husband knows her. It was designed by…Qiao Mu? Eh, this person actually has the same name as Qiao Mu…”

Xu Xiyan did not associate Qiao Mu with the designer she mentioned at all. She smiled and said, “”Mu Mu, what a coincidence.”

Qiao Mu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. ” It’s me. ”

“Wha … What?” Xu Xiyan was stunned. ” Stop joking. How is that possible? ”

As she said this, she scrolled down the webpage and saw the designer’s photo. The smile on her face froze.

After all, they did not have much interaction with the fashion industry, so it was normal for them not to know.

Before this, Xu Xiyan had already praised the brand and the designer to the max, so when they found out that it was Qiao Mu, their attitudes towards Qiao Mu immediately changed.

“Mu Mu, you’re really amazing. You’re already a designer before you graduate? A piece of clothing costs more than 6,000 yuan. How much money do you want to earn?”

Qiao Mu replied, ” I’m just a newcomer. It’s already good enough that I have this opportunity. I can’t earn much. ”

” Everyone says that a big fashion designer is awesome and has a lot of net worth. Mumu, you won’t need to rely on a man to make a fortune in the future. You’re a living, strong woman! ”

Xu Xiyan’s expression changed when she heard this. It was obvious that he looked down on her for relying on men!

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