Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

Chapter 945 - Chapter 945: Unexplainable

Chapter 945: Unexplainable


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Qiao Xuan took the ointment from the doctor and requested a basin of water to clean their faces before leaving.

The doctor stared at Shao Yunduan for a while, then waved his hand impatiently. “Just go!”

Expressing gratitude, Shao Yunduan led Qiao Xuan to the back hall.

Qiao Xuan remained silent, conflicted between feelings of humiliation and happiness.

Upon returning home, Shao Yunduan instructed Songshi not to reveal his identity or show up in person. He even enlisted the help of some idlers to spread the news about what had transpired earlier that day.

They didn’t need to worry about the cost; the news would circulate within Liuzhi Alley, bringing benefits to Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan.

Considering the Qiao Family’s lack of popularity in the capital and their avoidance of causing trouble, it was unlikely to draw much attention from the wider city.

Shao Yunduan and Qiao Xuan weren’t naive enough to spread the animosity between the Qiao Family and the concubine’s daughter throughout the entire capital. However, they could ensure it circulated within Liuzhi Alley.

That would be sufficient.

If a similar incident occurred in the future, the Qiao Family would find themselves at a disadvantage.

Soon enough, the news began to spread throughout Liuzhi Alley.

“The Qiao Family is so heartless!”

“Absolutely! Even if she’s a concubine’s daughter, she’s still part of the family. And she’s already married, yet they show no mercy! Poor girl, her face is swollen, and she’s in tears!”

“It’s just a few pennies, and the Qiao Family can’t even afford that. How stingy! I heard the concubine’s son-in-law is a Recommended Scholar, and if he becomes an Advanced Scholar, the Qiao Family will look so foolish, hehe!”

“Exactly, we can’t let them off the hook just like that!”

The Qiao Family became increasingly frustrated upon hearing the gossip.

“They’re just spreading baseless rumors! What do they know? They’re just indulging in idle chatter!”

Madame Lady Qiao’s appetite was greatly affected by her annoyance.

The infuriating part was not that the Qiao Family was accused of mistreating them; it was that the accusations were entirely unfounded!

She felt deeply humiliated by the false accusations.

The outsiders had no idea how insufferable Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunduan truly were—far more arrogant than anyone could imagine!

The Qiao Family, unwilling to be deceived, attempted to fight back.

However, to their surprise, no one believed their side of the story.

The idea that the concubine’s daughter and her husband would be audacious enough to provoke and disrespect the senior members of the Qiao Family, even demanding a letter of severance—how preposterous!

Were the Qiao Family out of their minds? How could they utter such absurd claims?

Madame Lady Qiao realized that she had to concoct a convincing narrative. Otherwise, she would appear utterly ridiculous.

After all, they were newcomers, and the son-in-law of the Qiao Family was preparing for the spring examination. What purpose would they have in provoking the Qiao Family? Normally, people would seek their favor to garner support.

And to suggest that she had willingly requested the letter of severance—how absurd!

Moreover, what about the slap on the concubine’s daughter’s face? Did she slap herself?

The Qiao Family found themselves speechless. Aside from vehemently insisting on the truth, they couldn’t offer any plausible explanations. “We’re telling the truth, I swear!”

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