Since The Red Moon Appeared

Chapter 677 - Chapter 677: Things still got out of hand (4000 words) _1

Chapter 677: Things still got out of hand (4000 words) _1

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“What’s going on?”

“Who’s shooting?”

“And who are you, how dare you make such a false accusation?”

The sudden gunshot caused chaos and alarm in the conference room.

However, the people in the conference room gradually calmed down when they saw that the shooter’s wrist had been caught and the gun had been thrown on the table. The soldiers and security guards outside had also rushed in. Suddenly, they became furious and began to question and curse loudly.

Those with bad tempers had already slammed their hands on the table and shouted.

Even master qun was shocked at first, but he quickly calmed down under Lu Xin’s gaze. Realizing the danger he had just been in, he flew into a rage and snatched the gun from his subordinate. He pointed it at miss sun and said, ”

“You brat, you dare to trick me?”

“Chi, Chi, Chi.”

The bodyguards around miss sun immediately pulled out their guns and pointed them at Mr. Qun.

Master qun’s men were also a little flustered, but when they saw the other party acting like this, they also raised their guns and pointed them at them.

The somewhat chaotic atmosphere suddenly became cold again.

Many of the people who had just crawled out from under the table with angry faces sneaked under the table again.

“You need evidence to speak  ”

With more than a dozen guns pointed at her from master qun’s side, miss sun sat as steady as a mountain.

At least on the surface, it seemed that she was not affected even when she was playing with her Kung Fu Tea.

His head drooped down slightly, his eyes still staring at the color change of the teacup in the boiling water. He said indifferently, ” he’s your man, and the gun is also your gun. I’ve been sitting here without moving. You were attacked, but you insist that it was my order? ”

“Maybe your men don’t like you and want to kill you?” he said with a smile.

After hearing what she said, even the eyes of master qun’s subordinates loosened a little.

After all, they were a motley crew. They were ruthless, but whether it was their will or cultivation, they were obviously much worse than the other party.

When he heard that his words seemed to make some sense, he subconsciously began to doubt himself.

Even master qun himself was slightly stunned, and then he turned his head to look at silver hair suspiciously.

He still had an impression of this silver hair and knew that this kid was very career-minded.

Was it really because he said he would clean up the black grass business, so he wanted to assassinate him?

Looking into master qun’s eyes, silver hair was already trembling with fear, and his face was pale.

It was as if he didn’t even know what he had just done.

“It’s not his fault.”

Lu Xin said softly as he placed his hand on silver hair’s shoulder.

After all, he could borrow part of his sister’s ability, so when he put his palm on silver hair’s shoulder, he could almost see the changes in every muscle and fascia in silver hair’s body, and he could twist it at will. This way, he did not have to worry about silver hair, who was affected by others, doing anything impulsive. Then, he slowly looked at master qun and explained in a low voice, ”

“That woman controlled him, that’s why he did that.”

although she has not moved, she has the ability to make others do things according to her will

Elder qun immediately believed Lu Xin’s words and turned to look at miss sun again, “”What else do you want to say?”

He didn’t understand Lu Xin’s words and assumed that silver hair had been bribed by miss sun.


nonsense! You’re trying to flatter miss sun. Do you want to die? ”

Who are you? how dare you criticize miss sun? ”

This time, Lu Xin spoke in a different tone.

This time, the surroundings were very quiet, and his words were immediately heard by the people around him.

Many people’s expressions changed drastically as they pointed at Lu Xin and began to curse him.

Even the bodyguards behind miss sun had their guns pointed at his face.

They didn’t know Lu Xin’s identity, so they really thought he was Lord qun’s subordinate.

Even miss sun raised her head and shot a cold glance at Lu Xin.

Lu Xin had not been influenced by her to carry out the assassination and had even stopped another person. This was already shocking enough, and now that Lu Xin had directly said that she was the one who had ordered him to do so, her tone was firm and without the slightest hesitation or doubt.

She could not help but wonder if he was also an ability user.

However, how could a small figure like elder qun, who had climbed up from the bottom, be able to afford to keep an ability user to work for him?

No matter what, when his aptitude users were stopped by others, and even when his secret was exposed, his killing intent had suddenly appeared in his heart.

The ability users of this world had been living under the Crimson Moon in various ways.

Some of them joined the special Investigation Department and didn’t mind being known by others to study their own abilities.

There was also a large portion who chose to hide, treating their abilities as their greatest secret.

This miss sun was undoubtedly such a person.

Under normal circumstances, if someone saw through her secret, she would only have one choice-to silence them.

Lu Xin furrowed his brows when he heard the curses, accusations, and the stares from miss sun.

He was an introvert and was not used to being surrounded by a crowd. In addition, he was an honest man who did not know how to be ruthless and would not deliberately put on an unfathomable posture. Therefore, he only subconsciously raised his head and looked back at them.

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