Since The Red Moon Appeared

Chapter 619 - Chapter 619: The earliest polluters (1)

Chapter 619: The earliest polluters (1)


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The air suddenly froze, and a knife-like shiver cut through his skin.

The bright light, the bright red flesh, the large wound that exposed the muscle tissue, the pale face that was expressionlessly chewing on his own flesh, the red corners of his mouth, and the blank eyes with completely enlarged pupils formed an extremely impactful picture.

“Gulp …”

The silver-haired man was the first to let out a violent sound from his throat. He staggered a step back, and his expression was as pale as if he had seen a ghost.

The lizard reacted quickly. It turned around to cover the red snake’s eyes, but it touched a rough old hand. It turned out that master qun had already covered the red snake’s eyes in advance. He was an old, ordinary person, but his reaction was faster than the lizard, a Spider. It could be seen that he had a father-daughter relationship with the red snake. At the same time, Lu Xin took a few steps forward to block han Bing’s view.


His Adam’s apple moved slightly, but his voice was much softer.

“Mr. Shan Bing, it’s fine.”

Han Bing’s voice came from behind Lu Xin after she had calmed herself down.

Lu Xin turned around and saw that han Bing’s face was also abnormally pale. However, she was pursing her lips tightly, as if she was forcing herself to calm down. Her face was filled with both shock and scrutiny as she scrutinized sun heizi’s body.

“We should have found one of the earliest contaminated people …”

She said in a low voice, her voice still trembling slightly.

Lu Xin turned to look at sun heizi once more. This was a scene that did not pose much of a threat to him.

However, he did feel a little uncomfortable.

Sun heizi’s body didn’t show any signs of mutation, nor did his mental power show any signs of distortion. There was also no possibility of a mental monster appearing.

Therefore, he was not driven by some kind of force to do this. The reason why he became like this was simply because there was a problem with his mental state. He just ate the meat on his body numbly and mechanically …

Is this the level of distortion that a person with extreme insomnia can achieve? Looking at the bloody wounds on his face, others seemed to feel pain for him, but he did not.

The room had turned from extreme darkness to a dazzling light.

The empty room was suddenly filled with so many people, including his gangster friends and his brother.

However, he had no reaction at all, as if he had completely lost his ability to respond to external stimuli.

“I need to collect some samples. Mr. Shan Bing, look at me.”

Han Bing said in a low voice. Then, she took out a mask and a wig from her small bag and put them on her face and hair. She looked at the delicate detector on her wrist and finally took out a pair of rubber gloves and put them on her hands with a “pa” sound.


Lu Xin didn’t know what to say. Was han Bing trying to get him to learn from her?

Even though she was wearing a mask, it could be seen that han Bing’s face was slightly red. She whispered, “”l’m afraid he’ll bite me …”

Lu Xin finally came to his senses and turned to han Bing. “Go ahead, I’ll watch.”

Only then did han Bing feel relieved. She walked over to sun heizi with light steps and carefully tested his vital signs and took a blood sample.

“This … What’s going on?”

When han Bing began to collect the sample, heavy breathing suddenly came from beside her.

It seemed that master qun, silver hair, and the others had finally reacted, and their voices trembled as if they were crying.

“This … It had only been a few days since she last saw sun heizi, he … Is he crazy?

“Oh my God, he … He used to be a coward who would hide behind people when he was killing them …”

“You’re so cruel that others are afraid of pain, but you’re so cruel to yourself?”

Faced with silver hair and master qun’s panic, Lu Xin was focused on han Bing, so he naturally would not answer.

After all, red snake was a newcomer in the group. He was worried that he would accidentally leak secrets, so he tried not to answer such questions. On the other hand, Gecko turned around and sighed as he looked at elder qun and the others.”This is all because of your business ..

“There is … Did I?”

He didn’t know if master qun and silver hair believed him or not, but at this moment, their faces had indeed become a little strange.

Very quickly, han Bing had completed the relevant tests and blood sample collection. There were no accidents during the process.

Sun heizi had been eating quietly the entire time, not trying to bite her.

Silver hair then shouted for his underlings to hurry up and wrap sun heizi in a clean plastic cloth before sending him to the hospital for treatment. However, Lu Xin, han Bing, and the others all knew that there was no way he could be saved even if they were sent to the hospital.

In fact, sun heizi’s mind had already completely collapsed.

If a person’s spiritual power was a stable model, then an ability user’s spiritual power model was a work of art that had reached the level of an equilibrium spell. In that case, a dead person’s spiritual energy would be a blank, and this sun heizi would be a pile of fragments left after the model was completely

broken up. Even a God would not be able to save his mental power when it had completely collapsed.

Han Bing came to Lu Xin’s side and whispered, ” however, we’ll need some professional equipment and personnel to do the tests. We don’t have the ability to do that right now. Black Swamp city can’t be trusted, and we don’t have much time to wait …

Lu Xin nodded. This was also a disadvantage of not being able to trust the black Swamp city administrative office.

According to the original plan, this shouldn’t be a problem.

“You need to do a test?”

Just as han Bing and Lu Xin were thinking about this problem, the group leader who was listening suddenly said,

then leave it to me. I have a very advanced laboratory under my command …

Lu Xin and the others were surprised to hear this.

How could a gangster have a laboratory?

Seeing their surprise, elder qun snorted coldly and said, “”Do you think that black grass can be sold without processing?”

The group of people were stunned again. This thing was already so high-level?

Everyone was speechless. They had a whole new level of respect for this Black Swamp city’s underworld giant.

The plan was quickly formulated. The group returned to the hotel first, and then han Bing suggested that master group arrange for people to go to other people who had participated in the sky and security Project half a month ago like sun heizi. Master group immediately responded. With one sentence, he sent out dozens of men, who either rode three-wheeled vehicles or sports cars, and rushed in all directions of the city.

Very quickly, news was gathered.

The people who had participated in the tenhe Security Project, and even those close to them, had all been in trouble.

Some found the family of three watching TV on the sofa when these people came to their door, but no matter how they shouted, they didn’t respond.

When he got closer, he realized that the family of three had already died. However, they still had sleepy smiles on their faces, and their eyes were wide open. Their eyes had long been dull, and they were staring at the screen full of snowflakes. No one knew how long they had been dead.

Some of them were hanging from the beams of their houses, and their pet dogs were jumping up and down to tear off the meat on their legs.

Some were lying on the bed, surrounded by black smoke, as if they were lying in a bathtub.

Someone was sitting on the balcony on the 18th floor when the underlings came to the door. When the underlings broke in, he was smoking and turning his head around. He showed them a silent smile and muttered to himself,”

I’ve finally found a good way to sleep ..

As he spoke, he slowly tilted outward and flew to the ground with a smile and a cigarette in his mouth.

“Something happened to all of them?”

When uncle qun heard this, his face became a little frightened, and the muscles on his face began to squirm abnormally.

Their mental states were more or less muddled, and their reactions and cognition were much slower.

They were more or less aware of the problem of insomnia, but because not everyone had completely lost sleep at the moment, they could occasionally sleep for a while. So, in their daze, most of them had not realized the seriousness of the problem.

But now that so many people were in trouble, he still felt a faint sense of panic.

“It seems that we have another mission.”

Han Bing had just come out of the bathroom after washing her face. A few strands of wet hair hung in front of her forehead as she said in a low voice,

we can almost be sure that the outbreak of these strange things is related to the operation of Tianhe security company.

in that case, the most important task of the investigation is to find out what the target of the operation with the security company was.

Lu Xin nodded as he looked at han Bing’s slightly reddened eyes.”You’re already very tired, right?”

Han Bing was taken aback for a moment before she finally realized why Lu Xin had asked her this question. She rubbed her eyes and replied in embarrassment, “”1 shouldn’t have removed my makeup … Don’t worry, Mr. Shan Bing. I’ll definitely be able to hold on in such an emergency.” now, I need to come up with a detailed plan to dig out the secret of sky and security .

Lu Xin sighed and nodded at her.

They had been on the road for a few days, and they had to deal with such a complicated situation in Black Swamp city. In a short period of time, they had to sort out the steps of the entire plan, formulate detailed plans one after another, help with the investigation, collect information, and even help in a fight in the middle .

After all, she was only a twenty-year-old girl!

However, he also knew that this mission concerned the safety of the entire city, so he did not say anything.

“You want to figure out Tian he’s mission, right?”

Unexpectedly, elder group, who was at the side, suddenly said in a gloomy tone, “”Leave this to me as well.”

Han Bing, Lu Xin, and even the red snake looked at him in surprise.

“Dad …

“You have a channel in this area too?” the red snake asked coyly.

“Of course not.’

Uncle qun touched the red snake’s hair lovingly and instructed silver hair, ‘ go and call Yoshiko and qiangzi in.

bring a group of people and bring me the person in charge of Tian he’s recruitment..

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