Since The Red Moon Appeared

Chapter 251 - Chapter 251: The monster of the subconscious

Chapter 251: The monster of the subconscious

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The moment the city-wide alarm went off, everyone in the city slowed down.

In the next moment, he resumed his nervous and busy state.

“Hualala …”

The panicking residents, after being stunned for a moment, began to rush to the different shops and subway entrances in the surroundings. All the buildings had one thing in common, and that was that they had as many glass decorations as possible. Some of them were made entirely of tempered glass, and there were signs of emergency evacuation painted on them. As for the armed Warriors, police officers, and special Forces members, thev all had different reactions.

Some ran to evacuate the panicked crowd, while others held their guns and marched forward, strengthening the blockade line of the quarantine area.

emergency shelter, emergency shelter …

A male broadcaster’s voice began to come out of the street radio, repeatedly broadcasting the things to take note of in an emergency.

Lu Xin looked at the scene on the street and felt extremely comfortable.

He felt that the tension and order in the chaos had a unique sense of beauty.

“Shan Bing, did you hear that .

“Shan Bing .

“Lu Xin! Immediately observe the quarantine area and report the results …”

It was only when Chen Jing’s powerful voice rang out in the channel that Lu Xin finally reacted.

He immediately panicked a little.

It seemed that the leader was very anxious and had started to call his real name

“Alright,” he said.

He immediately agreed and turned to look at the quarantine area, trying to keep calm and careful.

“I can see that these mutants have strange spiritual monsters born in their bodies. However, these spiritual monsters were very weak. By rough estimation, they were only in the tens or even lower. However, when a mutant with a spiritual monster is killed or falls to their death from a high place, the spiritual monster in their body will not disappear, but will fuse with each other.”

the speed of integration is very fast. The mental power is superimposed, and there is no upper limit observed.

in addition, I don’t need to tell you. You should have noticed that these mutants are connected to the mental monsters next to the hotel.

that spiritual monster seems to have a great attraction to them, making them want to rush over at all costs.

in other words, killing these mutants will speed up the emergence of large mental monsters? ‘

all personnel on lockdown, ” Chen Jing ordered in the channel, ” try not to kill anyone. Try to use tranquilizer or special bullets.

how’s the preparation of the information analysis team? ‘

In an office connected to the channel, there were dozens of female staff members in green uniforms. They were typing quickly on the keyboard and gathering all kinds of information. Among them, there were even many people who were wearing casual clothes.

the old captain of the maritime Kingdom’s preliminary interrogation has been sent over, ” a voice said from time to time. folder No. 1.

[ the data related to the real hometown of satellite city No. 4 has been retrieved. ] the special task force’s investigation report has been sent.

individual observation reports of aptitude users near the temporary quarantine zone have been compiled and transmitted.

“Professor Bail s analysis report has been sent. Read it immediately.”

everything happened so suddenly. We know too little about the S-rank ability users in the maritime Kingdom. It’s better to use our real hometown as a breakthrough .

what we need to figure out now is, what exactly is the real home? ” what is the relationship between it and these aptitude users? ”

On the screen connected to the information analysis team, the images of a few Special Investigation Department researchers appeared. At this time, some of them quickly browsed through the various documents and gave their own analysis, “”Long after the mysterious organization in satellite city No. 4 was destroyed, the interrogation and in-depth investigation of the organization’s members have been ongoing. How did the cleric appear?”

their ability user can drive two spiritual monsters to preach and harm people. However, Shan Bing’s report also stated that the ability user’s own ability can not create spiritual monsters out of thin air. So, where did these two monsters come from? ”

in the previous analysis, someone suggested that the appearance and disappearance of the two mental monsters went against some common sense. Then, could there really be another world, and these mental monsters were summoned from that world? ‘

“Nonsense, what other world? do you think this is a novel?” Then, his ability is to create spiritual monsters?”

“Professor Bail s signal has been connected.”

A screen on the wall flickered a few times, showing professor Bai’s image. It seemed like he was still in the train. Mr. Su was cursing beside him and slamming the table.

I’ve heard your analysis, but I think there are still some parts that are not accurate.

Professor Bai furrowed her brows to prevent herself from being affected. the ability to create spiritual monsters does exist, but those who can create spiritual monsters have a very high level of spiritual energy, at least above 1000. In addition, the spiritual monsters created by them rarely appear in places far away from the ability user, especially not more than a month in advance.

moreover, this s-rank ability user from the maritime Kingdom doesn’t have a high initial amount of mental energy. He doesn’t meet the conditions to create a mental monster.

As professor Bai spoke, she bent her knuckles and gently tapped her brows. She said,

“On the contrary, I think the idea of the other world is interesting. However, I don’t think that it’s really a world.”

“This other world is just a metaphysical concept!”

when we investigated the mysterious organization in satellite city No. 4, we discovered that one of the two missionaries who were ordered around had the ability to trigger negative emotions in people. It’s like a natural instinct. Then, could it be possible that they came from the depths of emotions? ‘

The so-called ‘true home’ is actually a spiritual world, similar to the sea of collective subconscious? ”

The information analysis Department fell into a nervous silence.

It was mixed with the sound of “swish, swish, swish” of writing or flipping through information.

Professor Chen was the first to react. He said, “”lfwe follow this logic, then this s-rank ability user’s ability is summoning?” these spiritual monsters were all summoned by him? ”

for example, a spirit type ability user can live in different people’s brains without a body. Then, there might be some mental monsters that live in the human mind like him, or even a deeper level.

is this the place that the S-rank ability users are connected to? ”

As he spoke, he turned the pen in his hand into a flower, which looked more agile than the spider series. He quickly concluded, ‘

combining this phenomenon with the previous investigation of my real hometown and the changes in the mutants related to rituals such as wishes and curses, we can make such a guess: ” this s-rank ability user from the maritime Kingdom, or any ability user related to ‘true hometown’.

“Their ability is to create a crack with their own strength?”

we don’t know where the crack is connected to, but we can be sure that there are mental monsters at the place where it is connected.

there’s definitely more than one mental monster living here, so there’s more than one pattern to the specific corruption logic.

Many people nodded in agreement. If it wasn’t creation, it could only be summoning.

An ability user who could summon so many spiritual monsters was indeed worthy of an s-rank evaluation.

“It’s not that simple,’

Professor Bai shook her head and said, if it’s just a summoning, then these spiritual monsters should be driven by him to different purposes. Why do I only see that all the monsters are collectively showing the characteristic of approaching him? ‘ also, we need to pay attention to one thing. The S-rank ability user is dead.

in other words, everything is not under his control. The dead Summoner can’t affect the spiritual monster.

third, if he was the one who summoned it, then the level of his spiritual energy should be weaker, not stronger.

The speculation that they felt was the closest to the truth had been rejected, and all the information Department personnel couldn’t help but feel defeated.

However, they still forced themselves to be alert and suppressed the panic in their hearts. They continued to analyze and conclude.

these spiritual monsters come from a conclusion similar to the sea of collective subconscious, so we can keep them for the time being …

the possibility of the spiritual monster being summoned by an S-Class ability user has been temporarily eliminated .

so, where did these spiritual monsters come from? what’s their connection with the ability users of the maritime Kingdom? ‘

“There’s another possibility.”

On the screen, professor Bai said, “The mental monsters that grew out of the mutants in the city have no direct connection with the S-rank ability user from the maritime Kingdom. This was another form of attack. It’s very likely that the maritime country has mastered part of the operation method of the mental monster of ‘real hometown’ and used it to launch an attack on Qing gang city.”

it’s very likely that the previous wish and curse incident was to point out a direction for these mental monsters .

. Or rather, the wishes and curses are just bait to attract these spiritual monsters.”

. It’s like casting bait on the surface of the sea to attract fish to gather in one place.”

As he spoke, he spoke faster, and his thoughts suddenly became clear. after that, it was time for the S-rank ability user from the maritime Kingdom to show his power. The mental monsters that were attracted here were just a group of mutants. They did not really appear in this city. However, when the S-rank ability user used his death to cast his ability, these monsters were attracted.

just like a school of fish under the sea, they all come out of the water.

the mental monsters that are scattered among the crowd will turn qingang city into a ghost city if they really appear!

and this S-Class ability user can also use this chaos to realize his own infinite increase in mental power …

These are two battle plans that cooperate and conceal each other!”

Hearing professor Bai’s analysis, everyone was stunned for a moment.

Immediately, some people began to reverse his logic, while others began to seek more evidence to see if it matched.

The researchers after the Crimson Moon had long accepted a principle:No matter how outrageous a guess was, as long as a clear logical chain could be established and matched with all the collected data and phenomena, then the guess would represent the truth.

you have five minutes to verify and give me a suggestion to clean up.

Mr. Su moved closer to the screen and pushed professor Bai to the side. His face was dark, but he had already stopped swearing. Instead, he returned to his usual gentle and elegant self. the aptitude users and special Forces are waiting for your analysis results..

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