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Chapter 1518 - Chapter 1518: Suppression!

Chapter 1518: Suppression!

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Immediately after, hideous scars appeared on its body.

Those scars were all from its body, and blood spurted out. It was a shocking sight.


the monster of the divine tribulation struggled madly and let out a miserable howl. its body twitched madly as if it was suffering great torture.

layers of skin fell off its body, revealing pitch-black bone armor, which emitted a suffocating aura.

This aura was filled with gloominess, mystery, and made one feel terrified.

The eyes of the monster of the divine tribulation were wide open. They were bloodshot and filled with hatred.

A Fang suddenly appeared in its mouth, shining with a cold light that made people feel intimidated.


The God tribulation monster suddenly raised its claw and slapped it in the air.

Suddenly, a huge hole appeared in the void, and a huge demonic beast crawled out from it. It exuded a monstrous killing intent and pressure, as if it had come from hell, and carried the aura of death.

this god tribulation monster actually had four heads!

Its body was several times taller than an ordinary God tribulation monster.

at this moment, its scarlet eyes were like two blood-red gems, emitting a terrifying light. they were filled with endless ferocity and bloodthirst.

The fangs in the bloody mouths wriggled as if they could devour everything!

As soon as the deity tribulation monster appeared, it pounced toward ye chen.


Ye Chen’s sword stabbed out and cut off the head of the God tribulation monster.


The head of the celestial tribulation monster fell to the ground and blood gushed out. Its Scarlet eyes flashed with a venomous look as it roared at ye chen.

Although the monster was dead, it still exuded a terrifying aura and killing intent as if it wanted to kill ye chen completely.


Ye chen snorted coldly. He waved the great barren cauldron in his hand again and smashed it toward the body of the deity tribulation monster.


The great barren cauldron fell again and smashed into the body of the God tribulation monster, creating a huge hole in its body. Blood spurted out, causing the surrounding dust to fly up.

Although this attack didn’t kill the monster directly, it had seriously injured it.

Ye Chen’s figure flickered and once again charged toward the deity tribulation monster.

But this time, the monster was already prepared. It suddenly raised its foot and stepped on the huge pit, causing the whole earth to shake.

A loud sound reverberated throughout the area. Ye chen was once again forced to retreat by the tyrannical force.


The divine tribulation monster laughed wildly and roared at ye chen, ” “Insect, you won’t be able to escape this time! ”

Ye Chen’s face darkened. His figure disappeared from where he was and he charged toward the monster.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Every step ye chen took caused the ground to collapse, and countless cracks appeared on the ground.

Such a speed was many times faster than the speed of the God tribulation monster. in the blink of an eye, ye chen had reached the front of the monster.


Ye Chen’s fist slammed into the chest of the deity tribulation monster, erupting with a muffled sound. The monster’s body was sent flying and heavily slammed into a branch of a giant tree, breaking the tree in half!


The God tribulation monster let out a blood-curdling screech, and its blood-red eyes revealed a deep fear.

It was actually afraid!

It actually felt panic and fear!

In its opinion, ye Chen’s physical strength was much stronger than its own!


The deity tribulation monster let out a roar, turned around, and suddenly rushed toward ye chen.

The speed of this deity tribulation monster was extremely fast. It almost turned into an afterimage as it rushed toward ye chen.

“Rumble! ‘I ”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! “Whoosh!””

Two huge sharp claws clawed at ye chen with a biting cold wind. It was like a blade cutting through the sky with unparalleled power.

The speed of the divine tribulation monster was too fast. It could not see ye

Chen’s body position at all. Therefore, its sharp claws were useless.

“Puchi! ”

“Puchi! ”

The two sharp claws left three deep gashes on ye Chen’s body, and blood spurted out.

however, ye chen did not dodge. he slashed his sword at the monster.



The sword ray and the claw ray collided and an ear-piercing sound erupted. A five to six-meter long ravine appeared in front of ye chen and the God tribulation monster.

“Awooo ”

The monster let out a mournful roar, and its body trembled violently as it wailed in extreme pain.

Ye Chen’s bodywas pierced by the sword ray but a golden light flashed on his body and the wound quickly healed.

The golden light was the Golden Dragon saint’s protective Divine Art!


The monster let out an even more mournful wail. Its body had already shrunk to its normal size, and its skin had returned to its normal color.

The deity tribulation monster looked at ye chen, its eyes revealing a deep sense of horror.

It had clearly seen that the human was seriously injured, but now he had completely recovered?

What was going on?

this deified tribulation monster didn’t dare to believe the reality in front of its eyes.


The God tribulation monster roared towards the sky, and its body suddenly shrank as it fled into the distance.

“Hmph, you still want to run?”

Ye Chen’s eyes twitched and he snorted. His figure flickered and he gave chase.

This monster had already been seriously injured, and it was impossible for it to escape.

However, ye chen did not immediately chase after the deity tribulation monster because he had some doubts in his heart.

Why didn’t the monster resist before it attacked him?

however, in the eyes of this god tribulation monster, ye chen was just a weak ant. how could it possibly resist?

“Woof! ”

At this time, the body of the God tribulation monster suddenly expanded, instantly expanding to a behemoth of twenty to thirty feet. It was like a mountain, standing betvveen the heaven and earth.

This God tribulation monster’s body was covered in scales, and it was flashing with a dark light, making it look ferocious and terrifying.

Ye chen frowned.

That God tribulation monster was still a young monster, but in less than a hundredth of a second, it had actually broken through and grown to such a level.

“Awooo ! ”

the monster let out an angry roar and opened its bloody mouth. sharp fangs extended from its mouth and glowed with a cold light as it bit at ye chen.

The celestial tribulation monster seemed to want to devour ye chen and treat him as food.

“You’re looking for death! ”

Ye Chen’s expression turned cold and a cold light shot out of his eyes. this deity tribulation monster had actually tried to eat ye chen it was simply wishful thinking!


Ye chen stretched out his hand and grabbed one of the sharp claws of the One of the sharp claws of the God tribulation monster had been crushed by ye The celestial tribulation monster let out a shrill cry but it did not give up its struggle and continued to pounce at ye chen.

Ye chen threw the deity tribulation monster into his storage space and looked into the distance.

At this time, the huge black Vortex started to spin again. In the center of the

Black Vortex, the Golden figure slowly walked out. human cultivator, I’ll suppress you and devour you today!!!

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