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Chapter 198 - Chapter 198: Chapter 198 Everything Was Arranged By Your Husband’s Wife

Chapter 198: Chapter 198 Everything Was Arranged By Your Husband’s Wife

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Hearing this, Zhou Kexin brought a chair over and sat down.

“Dear patient,” Chen Yu said with a faint smile, “you’ve been unhappy for a long time and are often disturbed by nightmares. Is this related to your husband?”

“It is indeed because of him.”

Xu Jia pursed her lips and explained, “I met my husband and got married a year and a half ago through someone else’s introduction. Not long after we got married, I found out that I was pregnant.”

“When I was pregnant, my husband treated me very well.”

“No matter what I want to eat, even in the middle of the night, he will go out and buy it for me.”

“Ever since I gave birth to the child three months ago, my husband’s personality changed drastically.”

“He’s not as gentle and considerate as before. Not only does he order me around, but he also often throws things in front of me and loses his temper.”

“I feel like 1 don’t know him anymore.”

“Every time 1 see him lose his temper, I feel an indescribable sense of strangeness.”

At this point, Xu Jia’s eyes began to turn red, and tears fell to the ground.

Zhou Kexin took out some tissue and helped Xu Jia wipe her tears.

“Thank you.”

“I’ve reflected on myself more than once; even though I like to throw a little tantrum sometimes, I have never done anything to hurt him, nor have I made any excessive requests.” Xu Jia explained sadly.

“Dr. Chen, why did my husband’s attitude towards me change so much? Did 1 not do well enough?”

“You’re obviously suffering from postnatal depression,” Chen Yu said with a sigh.

“You’re depressed and often woken up by nightmares. These are the negative effects of postnatal depression.”

“Not only does it affect your body, but it also affects your emotions.”

“You always like to let your imagination run wild and are used to finding reasons and problems in yourself.”

“Have you ever thought that your husband’s change of attitude towards you has nothing to do with you?”

“If it has nothing to do with me, then why did he lose his temper?”

Xu Jia was puzzled.

Zhou Kexin frowned and asked coldly, “Dr. Chen, is Jiajia’s husband finding trouble with her on purpose?”

Chen Yu nodded with a smile on his face.

Xu Jia asked in surprise, “Why… Is he deliberately looking for trouble with me? Why is that?”

“Why else would a man find trouble with you for no reason? He’s tired of you.”

Zhou Kexin said as if she had been there before.

When a woman was pregnant and had a child, her body would definitely change.

“Look at your current weight. You should be 130 to 140 pounds, right?”

Xu Jia lowered her head dejectedly.

Before she gave birth, her weight was maintained at 95 pounds.

During pregnancy, her weight increased like a rocket.

Even after she gave birth, she found it hard to lose weight in such a short period of time.

Her lovely oval face also turned into a round one, and her slender waist turned into a bucket waist.

Zhou Kexin walked to Xu Jia’s side, held her hand, and said, “Men are the most unreliable things.”

“When you’re pretty, they’ll do whatever you want, but when you’re out of shape, they’ll get tired of you.”

“Dr. Chen, am I right?”

Rolling his eyes, Chen Yu said, “Nurse Zhou, if you think you’re more capable than me, I’ll give you my seat. You’ll be in charge of the treatment, and I’ll go to the kitchen to cook lunch.”

Zhou Kexin replied awkwardly, “I don’t have such an ability. Sorry, go ahead.”

“I promise I won’t interject again.”

“Dear patient,” Chen Yu continued, “your husband is deliberately causing trouble for you. He’s not tired of you, but simply trying to force you to divorce him.”

“Isn’t it the same?”

Zhou Kexin couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s different.”

Chen Yu waved his finger.

“What’s the difference?”

Zhou Kexin asked angrily, “That scumbag! Why couldn’t he use his brain to think about why Jiajia’s lovely figure disappeared? Isn’t it because she gave birth to his child?”

“If she didn’t have his children, Jiajia would still be a beautiful woman.”

“His wife was pregnant for ten months. Not only did the scumbag not understand his wife’s hardships, but he also turned hostile after she gave birth.”

“How could he think of forcing Jiajia to divorce him? Why doesn’t this kind of man die?”

Zhou Kexin accused Xu Jia’s husband of being a scoundrel who had another woman outside.

“Jiajia, just divorce him.”

“Kexin, don’t say it first. My heart is in a mess.”

Xu Jia’s mind was in a mess.

Never in her dreams would she have thought that her husband’s attitude towards her would change so drastically because he was trying to get a divorce.

Was it really, as Zhou Kexin said?

Could it be that her husband had a mistress outside?

Because her figure was out of shape, he was unwilling to sleep with her again and was prepared to help the mistress ascend the throne by kicking her wife out.

Immediately, Xu Jia suppressed her grief and told Chen Yu all the guesses she had in her heart.

She begged Chen Yu to give her a clear explanation.

Why did her husband do this?

Was there someone outside?

Was he not willing to live with her anymore?

“Your husband didn’t cheat on you, and it’s also not because he doesn’t want to live with you. The reason why he used such an unreasonable method to make you give up on him and then propose a divorce was because of his wife’s arrangements.”

“What did you say? His wife’s arrangements?”

Zhou Kexin and the Xu family were dumbfounded.

Zhou Kexin couldn’t believe her ears.

Wasn’t Xu Jia’s husband’s wife Xu Jia?

Zhou Kexin was puzzled. She asked again, “Dr. Chen, you’re being too vague here.”

“Jiajia’s husband bullies her every day with the goal of divorcing her. How could it be arranged by Jiajia?”

“The wife I’m talking about is someone else,” Chen Yu said with a bitter smile. “Moreover, Miss Xu is very familiar with this person.”

“Who is she?”

Xu Jia hurriedly asked.

“Your cousin.”

Zhou Kexin was dumbfounded. “So, the scumbag really cheated on her, and his partner is Jiajia’s cousin?”

“The reason he wants to divorce Jiajia is because her cousin is causing trouble?”

“This matter can’t be explained in a few sentences. Fine, I’ll tell you from the beginning.”

Chen Yu gestured for Zhou Kexin to get him a glass of water.

In order to hear the details as soon as possible, Zhou Kexin jogged to the water dispenser and swiftly filled a glass of water.

Chen Yu continued after drinking some water, “You said that you and your husband got married through an introduction.”

“The person who introduced you is your cousin, right?”

Xu Jia nodded. “My cousin is my only relative in Hangzhou City. Last year, she said that my parents asked her to introduce a man to me.”

“I met my husband through his introduction.”

“I can now tell you clearly that your husband’s real wife is your cousin,” Chen Yu said with a strange expression.”

“The two of them have been married for many years, but your cousin is infertile.”

“As your relative, your cousin knows your character very well.”

“You are someone who’s easily influenced by others.”

“You graduated from a famous university and are very healthy. The children you give birth to must be smart too in the future.”

“In view of this, she decided to divorce her husband and quietly introduce him to you.”

“When you get pregnant and give birth, she’ll think of a way to force you to divorce her husband, who is your current husband.”

“At the same time, she will try her best to persuade you to give up custody of the child..”

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