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She Is From The Countryside

She Is From The Countryside


Zi Xuan

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She Is From The Countryside

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A 19-year-old young lady came to the Jiang family, a prominent family in Sea City. Rumors had it that she rescued the Jiang family's madame many years ago in the countryside. After she enrolled at Sea City University, the madame took her to the Jiang family's residence before school started, claiming to familiarize the lady with Sea City's environment.

It was said that that the young lady was an orphan who grew up in the countryside. However, she carried herself in a manner that befitted a rich young lady from a prestigious family, more so than the real rich young ladies.

It was said that the young lady had not seen the world and was not presentable. However, she maintained her composure in front of the bigshots from all walks of life. She maintained a proper smile that made people look askance.

It was said that the young lady was brought home by Old Madame Jiang to be Young Master Jiang's wife.

It was said that the young lady came from too humble a background and was not fit to marry into the Jiang family.

It was said that the young lady fell in love with the young master of the Jiang family at first sight, but the young master of the Jiang family did not care about her at all.

First meeting.

She sat by the lotus pond in the Jiang family mansion as she read a book.

Even though she was in a simple outfit of a white T-shirt matched with black pants, he saw the charm of a beautiful lady.

She exuded the aura of a young lady.

First meeting.

Her book fell. He called after her.

She turned around after hearing him.

At that moment, she suddenly understood what "a man as beautiful as jade" meant.

He was a bright gentleman who was as gentle and beautiful as jade; she was an elegant young lady, reserved and upright.

If someone asked her what her greatest gain in coming to Sea City was, she would answer without hesitation, "Meeting him."

If someone asked him what his greatest gain in staying in Sea City was, he would answer without hesitation, "Meeting her."