Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1889 - Chapter 1889: The Appearance of the Abode!

Chapter 1889: The Appearance of the Abode!

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“We’re here?”

Lin Fengs eyes narrowed slightly. He saw the mountain in front of him, but he did not sense any abode. However, this was the Origin Gate. There were even people with a deeper understanding of the principle of spacetime than Lin Feng.

It was normal that he could not sense it.

Ruler Starfield took a deep breath and led Lin Feng to the mountain. Then, he seemed to be deploying some mysterious hand seals. He suddenly shouted at the sky, “Open!’


The entire mountain was shaking. Immediately on the heels of that, a golden abode appeared in the sky. It could be sensed even from afar.

“It’s appeared. It’s Ruler Yunku’s abode!”

Ruler Starfield was very excited. After waiting for so many days, this day had finally arrived.

“Let’s go in. Otherwise, if someone discovers such a huge commotion, we’ll have to be mindful not to let anyone get there first.”

Lin Feng nodded. Once Ruler Yunku’s abode appeared, it would cause a huge commotion. If there happened to be people around, it would be easily discovered. They had to enter as soon as possible, and it would be best if they could gain something.

Hence, the two of them immediately transformed into a stream of light and flew into the abode.


Five streams of light suddenly flew over from the mountain of Ruler Starfield, and transformed into figures.

The person in the lead was Ruler Xia!

“This is it! The person we’ve paid a huge price to deduce about is here.

According to the intelligence, this should be the cultivation place of a

Voidwalker called Ruler Starfield, right?”

“That’s right. This is the cultivation place of Ruler Starfield. According to our previous investigations, this Ruler Starfield is actually just a very ordinary Void Overlord. Perhaps he’s famous in the void, but in the Origin Gate, he’s nothing much. He’s barely comparable to an ordinary Origin Beast. With the five of us joining forces, we can easily suppress him.”

“However, according to our deductions, that mysterious cultivator should not be Ruler Starfield, but another Voidwalker in the residence of Ruler Starfield. We have to be careful.’

“Hmph, we practically went all out this time and bought the spacetime confinement stone. This is a spacetime confinement treasure refined by a peak expert. Even a treasure that can warp through the void in the Origin Gate will be instantly imprisoned. No matter what abilities this person has, he can’t escape! ”

“Still, we have to be careful. We absolutely can’t let him escape. Hmm, let’s set up an array around the entire mountain first. Better to get the wrong target than to let the right target off.”

Immediately, as Ruler Xia gave the order, the five Voidwalkers immediately set up an array and surrounded the entire mountain.


The mountain shook slightly, and a huge array was successfully set up.

“What’s going on?”

“The mountain seems to be surrounded. Is this an array?” “What? How can there be an array surrounding the mountain?”

“Quick, report it to the Ruler.”

“The Ruler and His Majesty the Chaos Ruler have left. Their whereabouts are unknown.”

“Activate the defensive array…”

The entire mountain shook. There were also some ordinary cultivators on the mountain. They were all ordinary cultivators under Ruler Starfield, such as maidservants.

They were panicking. Facing the attack of powerful enemies, they had already lost their composure.

In the Origin Gate, it was almost impossible to do anything without a peak Origin supreme treasure. Hence, they could only stay on the mountain. However, now that powerful enemies were attacking, they had no ability to resist at all.

They could only send a message to Ruler Starfield at once, hoping that Ruler Starfield could rush back.

Ruler Xia and the other Voidwalkers took in the panicked scene on the mountain. Ruler Xia frowned and said, “Something’s wffong. Why isn’t there any reaction at all?”

“That’s right. We didn’t sense any powerful Voidwalkers either. Are the two

Voidwalkers not in the mountain?”

“We’ll know after we capture someone and ask them.”

Hence, one of the Voidwalkers captured a maidservant on the mountain and asked her in detail.

Faced with the five powerful Voidwalkers, the maidservant had long lost her composure. In her panic, she answered almost every question, not daring to conceal anything.

“Ruler Starfield and the Chaos Ruler?”

“He just entered the Origin Gate, and even Ruler Starfield is very courteous to him?”

“That’s right. Looks like that mysterious Chaos Ruler is the person we’re looking for.”

“They’ve already left. I wonder where they went?”

The five of them had already inquired about the situation.

They captured some more guards for questioning, but they all gave the same explanation.

From the looks of it, the person they were looking for should be the Chaos

Ruler. However, what surprised Ruler Xia and the others was that the Chaos Ruler was actually a “newcomer” who had just entered the Origin Gate,

This was really unbelievable.

A sharp glint flashed across Ruler Xia’s eyes. “The Chaos Ruler has concealed himself very deeply. Perhaps even Ruler Starfield doesn’t know the true ability of the Chaos Ruler. Hmm, no one here knows where they went. Can we only wait here and do nothing?”

Even Ruler Xia was out of ideas now..

The Origin Gate was simply too huge. Moreover, it was impossible for them to deduce any information just by relying on themselves. They were very well-prepared this time, and had also found someone to deduce it, but they had also paid a huge price for it. All their years of accumulation had been reduced to nothing overnight.

Hence, they were not planning to return empty-handed this time.

“Let’s go to the mountain and search for clues first.”

Ruler Xia waved his hand. After confirming that there was no longer any danger in the mountain, he plundered the entire mountain without restraint. As for the defensive array in the mountain, it was not of much use before them at all.

However, after searching for a while, the five of them already wore dark expressions.

Ruler Starfield was very “impoverished”, at least in the eyes of the five

Voidwalkers. No wonder he could only build his abode in such a remote place.

He had been in the Origin Gate for more than ten epochs, yet he was still so “impoverished”. This also indirectly proved that Ruler Starfield was indeed not very strong.

Otherwise, he would definitely not be so “impoverished”.


Just as the five of them were about to fly into a rage out of humiliation, the sky suddenly shook violently. One could even see waves of golden light emitted at the distant sky, illuminating the sky into a golden hue.

The five of them were shocked.

“What… what is this?”

“Has a peak Origin supreme treasure appeared?”

“No, it doesn’t seem like it. It looks like a certain abode.’

“Abode? Wait, let me think. Wasn’t it rumored that Ruler Yunku’s abode once existed in this area?”

“Ruler Yunku’s abode? That’s right, I found some information about Ruler Yunku in Ruler Starfield’s room. Could it be…

At this moment, the five of them seemed to have guessed the truth. Even their breathing quickened, and their gazes were incomparably insane.

Without any hesitation, Ruler Xia charged out of the mountain immediately and flew towards the phantom of the abode in the distance..

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