Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1746 - Chapter 1746: Myriad Origin Conference!

Chapter 1746: Myriad Origin Conference!

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“I’ll accept the invitation letter!” After a long while, Lin Feng lifted his head and said slowly.

At this point, he had no better solution. He could only accept the invitation letter first and take things one step at a time.

Moreover, just as Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light had said, this was also an opportunity!

“All right, Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign, see you at the conference then. Goodbye!’

Lin Feng had already accepted the invitation letter, so Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light did not linger in the Chaos Dojo anymore. Instead, he quickly bade farewell and left.

Looking at Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light’s departing back, Lin Feng fell silent.

He was still holding the invitation letter in his hand. This was like a death warrant. It was a little hot in Lin Fengs hands, but he had no choice but to accept it.

Lin Feng did not have the strength to resist the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns yet!

“So, the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns have indeed noticed me.”

Lin Feng looked at the invitation letter in his hand and muttered softly.

Being noticed by the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns was not a good thing. Lin Feng had too many secrets, including the principle of spacetime, the Troll, and so on. They were all secrets that even the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns did not have.

Once he was noticed, these secrets of his might be exposed. However, he had already grown to the point where he was not inferior to a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign, and was known as the strongest person below the overlords. It was difficult for him not to be noticed.

“l have to increase my strength as soon as possible.”

Lin Feng felt a sense of urgency. Originally, he had wanted to take his time and pass an epoch slowly. During this period of time, he would accumulate more small chiliocosms, or small chiliocosm origin.

However, Lin Feng realized that if he just relied on this slow accumulation, while surviving the seventh Epochal Cataclysm would not be a problem, the eighth Epochal Cataclysm would probably become a huge problem.

If he worked hard at that time, he might not be able to find enough small chiliocosm origin.

But now, the opportunity had come. At the Myriad Origin Conference, the three Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns would place 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin at the location they’ve set for the Myriad Origin Conference.

It was not just those Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns who coveted it and went insane over it. Lin Feng was the same, even if 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin could not allow Lin Feng to survive the eighth Epochal Cataclysm, after all, if he could survive the eighth Epochal Cataclysm safely. He would have to at least prepare ten times the amount of small chiliocosm origin required by the seventh Epochal Cataclysm.

In other words, Lin Feng needed to prepare at least 200,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin. The other Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns also needed to prepare at least 150,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin.

Hence, be it to Lin Feng or the other Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns, it was an indispensable wealth, even much more important than any supreme treasure.

Nioreover, there were not just Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns at the

Myriad Origin Conference. There were even Eight-cataclysm Chiliocosm

Sovereigns. It probably would not be so easy for Lin Feng to obtain the

100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin.

However, Lin Feng also had an advantage distinct from the other Chiliocosm Sovereigns. It was the principle of spacetime!

This time, for some reason, the three Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns actually arranged for the Myriad Origin Conference to be held in the Beehive Forbidden Zone, known as the number one forbidden zone in the medium chiliocosm.

Lin Feng had actually already explored two of the ten forbidden zones of the medium chiliocosm. He had even indirectly destroyed a forbidden zone.

None of these forbidden zones were simple. For example, the Troll Forbidden Zone had a mysterious air. If not for Lin Fengs principle of spacetime, he would probably be in danger as well.

The top forbidden zone was even more terrifying. It was called the Beehive!

The name sounded ordinary, but in reality, it was truly the most dangerous forbidden zone. Even the Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns might never be able to come out after entering.

As the name suggested, the entire forbidden zone was like a beehive. It was complicated inside, and there were some spacetime wormholes that warped to places unknown.

The reason Lin Feng felt that he would have some advantages in the Myriad Origin Conference was that it was set in the Beehive Forbidden Zone. This was a place that was related to “spacetime”.

The spacetime wormholes inside were actually formed from the power of spacetime.

It even produced a special object called the Stones of Eternity.

It was rumored that there was some spacetime power contained in the Stones of Eternity. After obtaining the Stones of Eternity, one could take the opportunity to comprehend the principle of spacetime. In the past, when the Beehive Forbidden Zone was still very popular, countless Chiliocosm Sovereigns had entered it.

However, very few of the Chiliocosm Sovereigns who entered came out. This was why it had the notorious reputation of being the number one forbidden zone in the medium chiliocosm. Very few Chiliocosm Sovereigns ventured into the Beehive Forbidden Zone anymore.

“Treasures that contain spacetime power? Looks like the three Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns have deeper motives for setting the venue of the

Myriad Origin Conference in the Beehive.”

Lin Feng was trying to figure out the goals of the three Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns.

Perhaps just like the Troll Forbidden Zone, the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns deliberately allowed many lesser Chiliocosm Sovereigns into it to understand the true secrets of the forbidden zone. In the end, the people who ultimately benefited were the three great Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns!

However, Lin Feng was actually also very interested in this miraculous forbidden zone. He had long wanted to venture into the Beehive Forbidden Zone. It was only because of the Beehive’s notoriety as the top forbidden zone that he did not do so for a long time.

He had a vague feeling that this Beehive Forbidden Zone might really be deeply related to his principle of spacetime. Entering it might allow him to obtain unexpected gains.

The venue of the Myriad Origin Conference this time was in the Beehive Forbidden Zone. Lin Feng did not need to make a special trip there in the future.

Hence, if Lin Feng made use of the Beehive Forbidden Zone, it was not impossible for him to stand out among the many Chiliocosm Sovereigns above Seven-cataclysm, and obtain 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin.

He would only know the outcome after trying!

Hence, Lin Feng looked at the exact time of the invitation letter. There was still a hundred years before the Myriad Origin Conference. He could take his time to prepare. At the very least, he had to collect some information about the Myriad Origin Conference first.

The medium chiliocosm seemed to have calmed down for once.

Be it those overlord-level Chiliocosm Sovereigns above the Seven-cataclysm, or some hegemon-level Chiliocosm Sovereigns, all of them seemed to have gone silent at the same time. No explosive events seemed to occur in the medium chiliocosm anymore.

Even the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign, who was in the limelight, seemed to have become much more “low-key”.

Some hegemon-level Chiliocosm Sovereigns discretely sensed that something was amiss. It was as if those Chiliocosm Sovereigns above the Seven-cataclysm were secretly preparing for something.

Not just one or two, but almost all the Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns were making preparations in secret.

This could not help but make some hegemon-level Chiliocosm Sovereigns guess if something major was happening.

Only those Chiliocosm Sovereigns above the Seven-cataclysm knew that the Myriad Origin Conference was approaching. This was their only hope. Even those Chiliocosm Sovereigns plagued by cataclysmic power had calmed down at this moment, and stopped going berserk.

They were all secretly holding their breaths, preparing to amaze the world with a single feat by coming in first at the Myriad Origin Conference. Then, they would obtain 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin, and survive

the eighth Epochal Cataclysm.

For this, they were willing to do anything, even risk their lives!

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