Paragon Of Sin

Chapter 1611 1604: Mortal Vs Mystic (5)

Chapter 1611 Chapter 1604: Mortal Vs Mystic (5)

Turbulent ripples incessantly swept across the Dark Void for hundreds of thousands of miles, laced with an aura of unfathomability and a pungent bloody scent. Not only had Overlord Tigerheart taken a Blood Calamity Pellet to ignite his refined blood, but the Mystic Overlord had ignited his Mystic Soul directly!

In terms of Ignition Methods, there were many, each that could excavate various depths of strength and potential in exchange for controlled or uncontrolled backlashes. While blood ignition was widely renowned for drastically improving physical energy and activating latent, untapped strength, the strongest ignition was none other than the Mystic Soul!

Normally, cultivators would ignite their Mystic Cores first, exhausting their cultivation base without damaging their cultivated foundations. This method would drastically enhance their Mystic Power's quality, elevating their strength to unprecedented heights. However, igniting the Mystic Soul came with damaging one's cultivation foundation, but the result was a significant boost in all aspects of one's cultivation- physical, mental, essence, and spiritual!

The increase was incomparable to simply igniting one's blood or core. Similarly, the consequences and backlash were far, far greater.

Not even Wei Wuyin had expected that Overlord Tigerheart, an Ascended Saint, would resort to drastic actions after their initial exchange. After all, they only had a brief probing exchange and a single round of close combat. Of course, that was exclusively from Wei Wuyin's perspective.

From Overlord Tigerheart's perspective, the scene that he experienced was horrifying to the point of nearly claiming his soul outright. After executing three top-tier Ascension Arts at full strength, exhausting nearly half of his mystic power, Wei Wuyin's response was calm, calculated, and extremely precise.

Moreover, all of his debilitating effects such as restraining space, distorting and inducing temporal dissonance, creating shackles of mana, and unleashing his Spiritual Strength at its pinnacle were all met without any response. Wei Wuyin's True Void Dragon Bloodline alone negated the restraints and confounding properties of space and time, only further dispersed by his exceptional comprehension of space and deception-resistant Temporal Eye. Meanwhile, he had four Zenith Origin Astral Souls whose Spiritual Aspects have been driven to the apex and BEYOND the Mortal Dao.

Not to mention, all efforts of shaking his mind and soul were met by the impassable Little Defiant guarding his Mind's Eye and unshakeable Eden within his Sea of Consciousness. There was no way to shake those roots or bypass such gargantuan defenses. This didn't even consider his own Sea of Consciousness and his soul that was being guarded by six Minor Laws!

All of his efforts created an effect resembling a tiny pebble thrown into a vast ocean that extended across the horizon in all directions without end!

The sight of his greatest effort producing no effect had driven Overlord Tigerheart into an immediate and decisive response-Mystic Soul Ignition!!!

'I CAN'T HOLD BACK!' The Dao Protector of Alchemic Saint White Sky resolved himself to go all out! He couldn't quite determine this exceedingly, excessively, and otherworldly handsome man's cultivation base, so he made the most sensible choice in his belief and assumed he was an Enlightened Sage.

'Domain of Mysticism...' Wei Wuyin's breath slowly escaped as Void Flames burnt the void. His eyes focused.

A Domain of Mysticism was akin to a Worldly Domain and an Astral Idol for cultivators at the Mystic Ascendant Realm, capable of demonstrating the effects of a Worldly Domain upon the Mystic Dao, and greatly increasing an Ascended being's strength when evoked.

Countless formations or arrays emulate the powers of a Domain of Mysticism as a foundation, the evolved Mystic Dao form of a Worldly Domain and Astral Idol. It evoked a ruler-like power of a Worldly Domain onto all things within the Mystic Dao and the amplification effects of an Astral Idol, but achieving it was millions of times harder than either. In the Azure-Prime Galactic Region, this power segregated talents from demonic monsters, and demonic monsters from heaven-defying, destined-for-greatness heroes and fairies of the cultivation world.

A Domain of Mysticism could only be achieved by a 'flawless' foundation of the Mortal Dao that perfectly flows into the Mystic Dao in every manner possible, requiring a World-Bound Star Domain, Astral Idol, and an exceptional Astral Physique turned Mystic Physique. There were a million and one ways to emulate its power, but a true Domain of Mysticism was an ungodly power that could exert a type of absolute advantage over all those within the Mystic Dao.

They were true Mystic Overlords!

The Domain of Mysticism unleashed by Overlord Tigerheart was not a true Domain of Mysticism. He was forcefully igniting his Mystic Soul to emulate its effects!

It was not a prerequisite to attain the Domain of Mysticism to ascend across the Mystic Ascendant Realm nor was it automatically acquired at any point in the Mystic Ascendant Realm. Cultivators could reach the Resonant Soul Realm without ever attaining a Domain of Mysticism! Despite the commonly circulated feat that Mystic Overlords had mastered the Ways of Mysticism, the Ways Of Mysticism was not the Domain of Mysticism, and this only applied to Mystic Intent and Mystic Heart Intent.

If a Domain of Mysticism was to be translated to its equivalent beneath the heavens, then it was a power of a Minor Authority within a set range. It was grasping the Law of Mysticism in its unique way.

It was absurdly difficult to achieve!

It had to be known that Su Nianzu, Jia Yang, and the rest, including Tian Taizong, were peak elite Mystic Ascendants, especially those who oversaw the Endless Voyage Realm. Those selected were picked out of hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of Worldly Saints across the Onestar Galaxy. They were among the elite of the elite of World Emperors within the Azure Prime Galactic Region, and Tian Taizong was an excessively disgusting demonic talent of his generation that surpassed them all.

If not for the circumstances of his birth, attaining the Ascended Saint, Sage, or even reaching the Resonant Soul Realm was incredibly likely!

"Don't enter his domain!" The Heavenly War Spirit warned. After Wei Wuyin has dealt with Overlord Tigerheart with unrivaled efficiency with four blows, her anxiety lessened considerably, and her awe heightened to an unprecedented level.

'Calm down. The Domain of Mysticism he's unleashing is false, barely sufficient to rival a Rune King's. At most, he can only gain the amplification effects.' Wei Wuyin's Celestial Eyes grasped this detail with precision. While genuine Domains of Mysticism of World Emperors could extend thousands or so meters without any additional support, a Rune King could only envelop their bodies, acting more like an Astral Idol than a Worldly Domain.

Shaken by Wei Wuyin's assessment, the Heavenly War Spirit verified that it wasn't wrong! This Domain of Mysticism was barely stronger than a Rune King's! Her anxiety lessened once again.


Overlord Tigerheart roared with the thunderous force that shook the void! Waves upon waves of explosive and overlapping force surged outwards! He was coming!

And his aura was at an unnatural pinnacle!

Wei Wuyin's heart, mind, and soul remained calm. Within the blink of an Ascended's eye, the world once again folded upon Wei Wuyin with a restraining effect, including devastating quantities of aggressive chaos mana, solidly reinforced space, and blinding light that seared into the eyes and spiritual sense.

However, Wei Wuyin's various powers, including his True Void Dragon physique, Zenith Origin State Astral Spirit's Mana Dominance, and his Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity pushed to its full strength nullified these restraints and effects with a single, hardy breath.

A gargantuan gravitational pressure descended upon Wei Wuyin. Overlord Tigerheart's body was no different than the accumulated mass of a gargantuan-sized planet, and he barreled forward with unprecedented speed and might. His enlarged body seemed to have gained two additional sizes, and his tiger eyes were dyed a ravenous red. He exuded Primal madness and the ferocity of a beast!


Overlord Tigerheart arrived in a thunderous flash. He swung his thick arm and sharp right claw! The claw swiped across the Dark Void, sundering time, space, light, and mana indiscriminately!

Tapping into his True Void Dragon Bloodline, Wei Wuyin executed a simple ability!


Within an instant, billions of Wei Wuyin's scattered across millions of miles across the Dark Void. They each exuded a replica of his aura. There was no distinction at all! It was as if he existed in every location all at once throughout space and time!

Overlord Tigerheart was shaken, but he decided to not overthink, and strike at the Wei Wuyin who was his original target! A single swipe tore a rift through fixed space and revealed the multicolored chaotic space beneath. Thousands upon thousands of Wei Wuyin's were swallowed by the attack.

Overlord Tigerheart felt as if his attack had connected! He felt as if lives were snuffed out by his attack! This sent ripples of excitement throughout his blazing heart and burning blood.

His excitement and happiness were short-lived as an image of Wei Wuyin appeared before him with a serene gaze. He launched a swift jab into Overlord Tigerheart's jaw, causing spittle and teeth to fly.


Overlord Tigerheart's reaction was incredibly fast, and he responded with a swipe of his claw with greater power than before. The 'Wei Wuyin' before him was swallowed as well! Moreover, numerous other Wei Wuyin had been obliterated too!


A crushing, violent kick smacked against his spine unleashing a disturbing sound. His red tiger eyes bulged as he was sent flying thousands of miles and pain enveloped his body. The strength within that kick felt as if it could shatter his body! What type of inhuman strength was this?!

Just as he stopped himself, he realized he was surrounded by numerous 'Wei Wuyins' staring at him with an observant and focused gaze. He felt as if they were all real! He went on the defensive as he attempted to revert the damage on his spine with his time power.

"BLARGH!" He vomited a large quantity of blood, and veins began to bulge violently on his face as his lifeforce was expended to a significant degree. He lost three thousand years within a single go! He was aghast to an extreme. While the damage to his spine was reversed, the damage to his lifeforce and internal organs after that attempt left him more damaged than before!

'Time Law aura?!'

He was capable of immediately deducing a potential cause, but he shook his head. There wasn't any sign of time law aura used at any stage. This meant it was something else! His quick thinking was a sign of his exceptional intelligence.

'The power within that kick has Void Energy!' Within less than a microsecond, he found the cause as his body had faint traces of void energy intermixed within, interfering with temporal reversion!


A 'Wei Wuyin' appeared to his left. Overlord Tigerheart had been expecting this and immediately struck out with an attack, once again sundering the void. At this point, large swathes of the Void-Blank Space had been eradicated by his tremendous power.

Unfortunately, his target wasn't hit.


Overlord Tigerheart's eyes widened once again as he felt his left leg was kicked at its back joint, bringing his posture downward to a half-kneel, and then a series of swift, lightning attacks with tremendous strength pierced into his ribs and struck at his heart. Blood gushed out of his mouth instantly as he swiped out once again!

As he turned around, to his left, a figure was sent a whipping kick into his face. As the shoe and leg impacted his enlarged face, he felt himself spinning with shocking momentum as he was blasted through the Dark Void once again.

Wei Wuyin stood amongst the billions of Void Images in the world. Whenever he calculated a proper moment, he would Void Shift to a Void Image and deliver a devastating attack before shifting elsewhere. Just like that, within a matter of three seconds, Wei Wuyin had struck from inconceivable angles and ungodly timings a total of 1,043 times.

Eventually, he dispelled his Void Image: Rain Within Storm, a variant art of his Void Image ability.

Overlord Tigerheart had tried everything imaginable, even wide-ranged Attacks, but attacking all the Void Images across millions of miles without being able to gather sufficient power was impossible for a Mystic Overlord, even if they had been juiced up many-fold. If he had enough time...perhaps.

But would Wei Wuyin give him that?

By now, Overlord Tigerheart's Ignited Mystic Soul had run out of power and his burning blood had settled. He was unconscious, floating in the dead of space with a battered, broken body.

Wei Wuyin gazed at his far-off figure with a thoughtful look. 'Power without technique might be deficient, but power with technique, no matter how simple, is quite devastating and effective.' As he internally remarked, he couldn't help but realize how obscene his physical strength was. Unlike Overlord Tigerheart, every strike of his was concentrated into a single point and condensed to an extreme. While Little Defiant's empowerment contributed significantly to his strength, the raw strength of his draconic transformation alone was quite excessive.

Unbeknownst to Wei Wuyin, after showcasing his power, the fruit of every risk and gain of his lifetime, and every heaven-defying alchemical product for the last few decades, one of the great daos was deeply frustrated while the other was exceedingly happy!

But the great dao that was happy was not the Mortal Dao!

And the great dao that was frustrated was not the Mystic Dao!

Despite being unaware, Wei Wuyin could feel the faint fluctuations of these great daos thanks to his respective blessings. He didn't think too deeply about it. For now, it was best to eliminate Overlord Tigerheart.

With an outstretched finger, Wei Wuyin generated a wisp of Omega Saber Light that hung on his fingertip. With a step, he shifted through the void, evading the disrupted fixed space, and directly appeared before the unconscious Overlord Tigerheart whose body was shriveled and on the verge of shattering with numerous hairline fractures on his skin.

Adding a Mystic Overlord to the War Flag will be quite great. It was a little unfortunate that Overlord Tigerheart's talent or skill was high class amongst Mystic Overlords. This was likely due to his foundation having some disunity. Wei Wuyin guessed that he was a Spiritual Cultivator who had shifted later on into a Martial Cultivator after finding some great opportunity.

That choice had caused him to lose a lot of potential spiritual strength and a foundation of bodily strength. While he was a Mystic Overlord, the deficit was enough to make him a low-rung among Mystic Overlords, if there was anything of the sort.

If Overlord Tigerheart knew Wei Wuyin's thoughts, it was unknown whether he would laugh or cry. After all, Alchemic Saint White Sky specialized in physical-type alchemical products!

Just as Wei Wuyin was about to sever Overlord Tigerheart's life and claim his soul, a voice filled with panic echoed from within him!



Erdiul's Note: Wonder what the two great daos are, if not mortal and mystic? Any guesses?

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