Paragon Of Sin

Chapter 1541 1534: Mission

Chapter 1541 Chapter 1534: Mission

Yue Songli's eyes briefly widened as realization dawned on her. All eyes were affixed to her figure, causing her to be the center of attention. She didn't have the faintest consideration that Wei Wuyin would bring her before a group of young and old cultivators, so she spoke out her frustration informally, chastising him for being slow. It was a deep-seated yet light-hearted and inconsequential grudge she had, considering Wei Wuyin made her wait years. If not for his beautifully pleasant words and promises before, her feelings would be still tangled in depression and frustration.

Embarrassment bubbled within her stomach as she blushed. Her cheeks reddened as she shyly looked away.


Several individuals lost their composure and inhaled in shock. This was especially so for the unassuming, large-breasted young woman who was not a real woman. Yue Songli's reputation as one of the former Number ONE Beauties of her generation was often overlooked, and few had seen her in person or at all.

After all, she went missing for hundreds of years and faded into obscurity, presumed dead, and after returning, her mother had kept her protected and shielded her from those with ill-intent, such as from Trueborn and those of her generation that were pining for her still.

She wasn't reinstated into any rankings either, so she didn't compete against the other female or male talents of the world. They only knew the gist of her story due to how shocking it was for a top-ranking beauty to have vanished and reappeared as an Ascended being. Rampant curiosity fueled by rumors perpetuated throughout homes, but they all faded away after learning that the Neo-Dawn Ascendant Emperor, the World-Saint Neo-Dawn of the Neo-Dawn Empire, and the strongest mortal cultivator with a literal army of Earthly Saints was named as Yue Songli's sworn and only partner in this life, and she refused all other suitors.

It was hard to compete.

However, seeing her now, the title of Number ONE Beauty was fully deserved. Quite a few felt their hearts skip a beat, both men and women and when she blushed and shifted her body in a shy, embarrassed movement, their hearts restarted with thunderous booms.

Wei Wuyin felt a sense of pride at the reaction. However, from various mental fluctuations, he felt a sense of shock turning into raw, ferocious competitive will. Da Shan was one of the culprits. What a valiant woman, unwilling to concede on any accounts. He could already tell that the next time they shared a bed, he should be ready to be ridden with the force of a whirlwind. The thought squeezed anticipation into his mind.

Nyla Shur was similarly a culprit, and she even bared her fangs silently as if facing a great enemy. Meanwhile, Qin Rui was stunned into mental silence. When her mind restarted, the swirl of urgency was running violently through her heart. It could be assumed she was feeling great pressure at all the color-draining, heaven-shaking, starfield-toppling beauties by Wei Wuyin's side.

Wu Baozhai's eyes focused on Yue Songli's beautiful face but her heart was not shaken in the slightest. This was the will and confidence of a Grand Princess forged by her personal belief. In her heart, Wei Wuyin wasn't so narrow-minded to look only at one's beauty. After all, beauty fades eventually-personality doesn't. Although Wei Wuyin was said to have many lovers, how many wives or concubines did he have?

Only one!

Xue Yifei!

That title was a sign of truly being Wei Wuyin's woman. Everyone else was nothing but temporary body-pleasers, irrelevant to cultivators with absurdly long lifespans.

Wei Wuyin didn't know whether to laugh or cry after sensing these thoughts. Perhaps he should be happy?

"This is Yue Songli," he introduced as he gestured her over. Yue Songli glared at him before moving beside him. She wasn't exactly good in sudden social situations, often being fairly reserved even before, and this made her more precious in the eyes of others despite her explosively enviable physical features.

Wei Wuyin gave her a comforting look in reply. She would eventually have to entertain guests of extraordinary cultivation and reputations, so shattering her social anxiety bit by bit and breaking her out of her shell was necessary to fully enjoy it.

As he turned to face the group of several dozen, about to make his address, a mental fluctuation directed his way and focused peculiarly on his hand. He looked toward Yue Songli and his eyes flashed with seven-colored light for the briefest of moments. Yue Songli's thoughts rang clearly in his mind, "If he held my hand here before everyone...I'd...I'd-"

Wei Wuyin reined his newfound mental powers in. It was extremely intrusive to so clearly read the intimate thoughts of his partner. He thought so before with Mei Mei and he thought so again with Yue Songli. While sensing her emotions was something any cultivator could do with skill, a spell, or by studying facial expressions or body language, actually reading her thoughts, memories, and imagination was not. Wei Wuyin tried to keep his principles consistent if possible, and once he made a decision, he would try to apply it whenever convenient.

"Come here," Wei Wuyin gestured, causing Yue Songli to start. She looked at the others. Then, she looked back at Wei Wuyin and saw an outstretched hand. She gulped softly and her heart raced. Before she could hesitate or react, an invisible force brought her forward. When she reached Wei Wuyin closer, her hands willingly moved, not by any force, but by her own desire!

And her soft hand slipped into the hold of a masculine, strong, and warm hand. Her blush intensified to the zenith degree.

Only then did the male individuals who were in a stupor clear themselves of their thoughts. It was as if this single action declared Yue Songli was Wei Wuyin's, announcing it to the entire world Specifically, the unassuming female's lustful eyes vanished with an absurd swiftness. All untoward thoughts toward Yue Songli dissipated from her heart instantly.

In fact, cold sweat was already on her back and palms. Just having the thought felt as if he had entered a life-and-death crisis, only escaping after discarding everything! This terrifying woman who could easily cause wars between starfields was not someone she could even imagine being with.

That single action was like a bath of cold water-it woke everyone right up. As for the women, this didn't generate any hateful feelings. For example, Qing Qiumu felt that for a man as reliable, strong, and warm as Wei Wuyin, he deserved the world and more. She could only wish that one day...

...she might be...

Na Xinyi's eyes narrowed, but after constantly reminding herself that she was already Wei Wuyin's 'wife', only requiring a single thought to do so, she wasn't jealous. After all, she wasn't the slightest bit inferior when it came to looks, and her body in ways, especially given her yin physique, wouldn't lose out at all.

Wei Wuyin didn't have time to bother with everyone's reaction, however.

"Listen. The Neo-Dawn Stellar Region is currently in a state of reassignment and establishment, and will likely undergo quite a few stabilization changes in the next few years or decades. To stymie any conflicting distractions, a period of peace will be forcefully evoked until the empire reaches a stable state. This will mean, as some of you can guess, competition will be limited and opportunities might not be readily available.

"This doesn't mean that your cultivation will be hindered directly or you won't be able to maximize your cultivation efforts. It won't for long. But given the circumstances, I decided to give each of you the opportunity to complete a mission on my behalf."

Wei Wuyin's first word was like an Imperial Edict and every ounce of attention was drawn to the sound of his majestic voice, allowing everyone to drift away from any inconsequential thoughts. Then, his next words left their hearts racing.

"A mission? On your behalf?"

Na Xinyi was taken aback. They all were.

"For some of you, this will be a part of the reward for the Chosen King Competition, and I'll provide additional support as a way to compensate for the shared nature of this mission."

A wave of unexpected comfort and relief suffused Na Xinyi, Wu Baozhai, and a few others' hearts. But they subconsciously wondered: "What mission?" Unfortunately, Wei Wuyin's hold on their attention left them unable to speak.

"The mission will be," Wei Wuyin gestured with his free hand by pointing at the far off starry sky, "to establish yourself in the World Beyond the Neo-Dawn Stellar Region. Your mission will be simple: thrive. Thrive and rise above your peers. Showcase the talents of the Neo-Dawn Stellar Region to those beyond our world. To those who are from that world, your mission is simply to assist.

"Either of you may do so in any way you please. Competing with juniors, defeating or slaying Chosen, fighting for extraordinary fortune, establishing yourself as a top-tier Creationist, obtaining the favor of a great and powerful existence, dominating a region, and claiming it as your own, or any number of ways. You can think of it and decide for yourselves. This will be your opportunity. As long as you gain great renown, whether good or bad, your mission will be half-completed."

Half-completed? No, wait-go beyond the Neo-Dawn Stellar Region?! Establish oneself?!

Many of their eyes sparkled with rising ambition and anticipation. The others had calmer eyes, their thoughts already wildly rampant.

"Act freely, but most importantly, don't overestimate the hardiness of your life. If your actions bring upon a calamity that claims your life, then you'll be dead. It'll all be over. Don't expect me to save you or be able to. Do you understand?"

Na Xinyi took a step forward, her grey eyes shining like bright steel, "So you're giving us the opportunity to cultivate with those of greater talents, strengths, and established backgrounds, and we're meant to fight for everything ourselves? Earn everything ourselves?"

"That's right," Wei Wuyin replied with a nod. "To those willing, I'll assist you initially. Provide you some limited protection, and you will then be off on your own. You can do what you wish."

Wu Baozhai spoke up this time, "Can we bring others with us?"

"Yes," Wei Wuyin answered swiftly. "Only you all will be given the mission, but anyone you bring will act as a boost to your renown and assist in the mission should they make themselves a known figure. Their greatness will be attributed to you. Take anyone you can. You can even join up together with those here."

Na Xinyi and Wu Baozhai's eyes brightened. The former could take her sect members while the latter could do the same. Meanwhile, those like Gao(Long) Tingyu could bring the Aberrant Demons.

"But the initial support will only be for you. If you bring others, you can choose to share or find ways to cultivate them yourself. They will be your responsibility. Including their life and deaths." After saying this, the rest went silent. This was a great opportunity! Venture out into the outside world and gain fame!

As for the why? None of them felt the need to ask, and they all felt that the surface reason was enough. To showcase the talent and strength of those of the Neo-Dawn Starfield!

"It's your choice if you wish to expose your identity as a Neo-Dawn Empire citizen or not initially. You can act in any way, even under a pseudonym to move in the shadows."

"How long?" Yao Zhen asked. The former Grand Imperial Sage of the Myriad Monarch Sect was curious about this detail.

"No deadline. After you've reached sufficient renown, I'll give you the next half of your mission."

"That mission will be important. In fact," Wei Wuyin pondered as if he should say this, but eventually, he relented as if by helplessness and he strongly stated: "should you all fail your initial mission, unable to establish yourselves, the entire galaxy will be destroyed, including our home. You must succeed. Or else...not even the Ascended Sovereigns will be able to stop what's coming. Even if their cultivation base was at the middle-stages of the Resonant Soul Realm. Not even I will. I can only hope that my efforts over the last few decades..."

The gloomy glint in his eyes effused a soul-wrecking pain as if their mission was of the utmost importance for the prosperity of all known life. It was as if they saw the destruction of all life. It felt as real as their pounding hearts.


Everyone's expressions went grave as they felt the gravity of the situation lay on their shoulders. Those from the World Beyond were absolutely shaken to their core. What was coming?!

Instantly, they realized they had to do their best. They had to.

They had to!

After Wei Wuyin left them with a few more words, he gestured for Wu Yu, Tian Muyang, and Han Yuhei to complete the rest of the detailing. He conjured Void Portals one by one as they left. After they gather those they wish to bring, his Alchemic Knights will then use a crystallization of his Void Power to send them out into random locations of the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone. They will begin their mission from there.

Only Wei Wuyin, Yue Songli, Su Mei, Qing Qiumu, Xiao Bai, Na Xinyi, Wu Baozhai, Da Shan, Nyla Shur, Hong Ru, Xiao Bing, Lin Ziyan, Gao Tingyu, Tuo Bihan, and Wu Yu remained.

At this juncture, seeing Wei Wuyin's gloomy expression, Lin Ziyan walked forward and asked quiveringly, "What's going to happen...if we fail?"

When her words were asked, everyone's ears perked as if afraid of missing a single word. They were all somber! Yue Songli's hand tightened around Wei Wuyin's. However, the shadow of a smile surfaced on Su Mei's face.

Wei Wuyin's aura of six laws subtly influenced the world, shielding them from any spectators. His eyes lifted to see each one of these beautiful women and he revealed a bright smile that sent each woman into a stupor. "Nothing. Haha," with a carefree laugh, Wei Wuyin looked at the starry sky.

"What? said..." Lin Ziyan was confused, but Wei Wuyin's words caused those with extremely keen senses to immediately realize the implication.

"Think of it as your first safeguard; it should distract a little and prevent anyone from overtly hindering you, especially the Ascended Sovereigns. After all, the validity of my claim has to be disproven. Moreover, they might even assist from the shadows as a contingency to the unknown."

Su Mei's shadow of a smile threatened to turn into a grin. Wei Wuyin was as devious as always.

Wu Baozhai was stunned initially, but her eyes glistened with realization. She was unaware of the intricate plots and circumstances needed to pull this off, such as the Ascended Sovereigns being unable to enter the Neo-Dawn Stellar Region or interact with the Endless Void Mirror to investigate these claims, but she got the gist of the idea. Instill fear and paranoia to create a layer of protection.

If A happens, B could happen.

If A doesn't happen, B will definitely not happen.

It seemed simple, but if the cause was low-effort and the effect was only positive, it was extremely effective in manipulating others.

For this specific situation: If those from the Neo-Dawn Stellar Region rise to prominence, then the world could be saved.

If those from the Neo-Dawn Stellar Region don't rise to prominence, then the world can not be saved.

"Brilliant," Wu Baozhai commented.

"Entering a foreign world in secret is too difficult given the existence of Heavenly Seers and all the eyes on the Endless Void Mirror. I can't hide your arrival from those rulers. I just have to hope they don't interfere too much. I do need you to do something, but that's not very important right now. Just act as you wish until you're satisfied." Wei Wuyin could only use this trick to set up a layer of protection. It wasn't too solid, but given the strangeness of his Bloodline of Sinner and Blessed anti-divination features, it should muddy the waters a little.

Just his Blessed status and his warning words, given his understanding of how Blessed often accompanied calamities of various types, and the fact this was very well known among Heavenly Seers, should be enough to create a pause in those peak powers. Moreover, the All-Ending Stellar Calamity was looming in the unknown.

It didn't need to last forever. Just for now.

"So what's next?" Da Shan asked while holding Nyla Shur.

"I'll be preparing you all for the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone," Wei Wuyin waved his free hand and summoned over a dozen Saint Rings. The sight caused all of their eyes to grow feverish. The last time Wei Wuyin gave them rings, all of them could still remember that unforgettable day!

Yue Songli's eyes observed the rings curiously.

As all eyes lingered on the rings, Wei Wuyin received a hidden transmission.

"Second and third batch marked. Ready for transport."

Wei Wuyin couldn't stifle his satisfied smile.

There was little else to prepare. He didn't intend to take everyone, but it was best if not everyone knew that he was leaving for further beyond the Azure-Prime Galactic Region. Only a few will be coming along.

The Blessed Yri Empire and the vast starry skies awaited them. The events there were bound to shake galaxies. He intended to make sure of it.

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