Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 2176 - Chapter 2176: Chapter 2176-insufferable

Chapter 2176: Chapter 2176-insufferable

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As expected, the following individual battles became even more of a show for Ren qianxing. He swept through all the opponents, and no one was able to withstand a single move from him.

Without any exception, he got first place.

Li Ke, on the other hand, was in eighth place.

Although the other two members of the monarch race didn’t do well, with Ren qianxing’s ranking, the monarch race was still in first place and would obtain the rights to the East barren.

The entire monarch race laughed so hard that their teeth fell off.

As for those from the divine ox Palace and the Savage Dragon Palace, their faces were gloomy.

And this battle had pushed Ren qianxing’s reputation to the peak.

Many people even described Ren qianxing as an unprecedented prodigy in the divine wilderness. What Lu Ming? he wasn’t even fit to carry Ren qianxing’s shoes.

Zhuang Xiaoshan and the others gritted their teeth.

Ren qianxing stood on the battle stage with his hands behind his back, enjoying the envious gazes of many.

He had a proud smile on his face. He was enjoying it very much, and his whole person was floating. He had a feeling of invincibility since ancient times.

After a long time, he gathered his thoughts and cupped his fists to sakra,” master, disciple has a favor to ask of you today. I hope you can help me!

haha, Qian Xing, you’ve won first place today. If you have any conditions, feel free to state them. Treat it as a reward from your master!

Sakra Azia laughed.

thank you, master. 1 would like to ask you to betroth Hua Rou, the daughter of Hua Chi, to me!

Ren qianxing replied.

“Hua Chi!”

Lu Ming’s eyes flashed.

Ren qianxing actually wanted to marry the daughter of Hua Chi.

It had been more than ten years since he left the divine wilderness. Before he left, Hua Chi already had a few children.

Lu Ming had some impression of Hua Chi. He remembered that he had a daughter named Hua Rou.

Could it be that Hua Rou and Ren qianxing were in love?

Lu Ming frowned. He was about to take action but he held himself back at this moment. He wanted to see what was going on.

1 see. It’s simple. 1’11 call Hua Chi and the others, as well as the people from the Dragon Alliance, to prepare to move to the East continent with me!

Sakra nodded and then asked someone to pass the news.

Not long after, a group of people flew over.

“Hua Chi, Xie Luan, senior Jiuyang, big brother Yan …”

Lu Ming saw a familiar face in the crowd.

Hua Chi, Xie Luan, Xia Jiuyang, Yan kuangtu, and the others were all high-level members of the Dragon League.

Of course, Hua Chi’s daughter, Hua Rou, was also there.

Hua Chi’s expression was slightly ugly. He had a bad premonition.

The moment he saw that Ren qianxing had already broken through to the Saint plane and was even ranked first, his heart sank.

“Hua Chi, today, Qian Xing told me that he is interested in your daughter Hua Rou. This seat will bestow your daughter Hua Rou to Qian Xing. Today, we will have a grand wedding. This can be considered as Double Happiness. What do you think?”

Sakra asked with a smile.

“No, I won’t agree!”

A clear voice rang out. It was Hua Rou.

Hua Chi’s expression was also ugly. Lord martial sovereign, my daughter, Hua Rou, is still young. She doesn’t want to get married yet. I hope Lord martial sovereign can retract your order!

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Ren qianxing’s expression was extremely gloomy as he stared at Hua Chi and Hua Rou,”I, Ren qianxing, am the number one talent since ancient times. Don’t tell me that I’m not worthy of Hua Rou? don’t be ignorant of your own good fortune!”

number one in talent since ancient times. He’s really shameless!

Hua Rou threw caution to the wind and directly berated him.

Sakra’s face also darkened, and he said,” 1 didn’t call you here to ask for your opinions. I’m just informing you that no one can refuse my request. You should prepare for the wedding!

Hua Chi, Hua Ron’s face was pale.

On the other hand, Ren qianxing had a smug look on his face.

Lord Martial Emperor, marriage is a major event. It’s about mutual love. I’m afraid it’s not good to force a marriage like this!

Xie Luan stepped forward and cupped his fists.

that’s right. Lord Martial Emperor, please retract your order!

Then, Xia Jiuyang, Yan kuangtu, and the others also stepped out and spoke.

“Who Do You Think You Are? Since my master has already spoken, there’s no reason to take it back. Do you want to disobey?”

Ren qianxing berated.

All around, everyone just looked on, and no one said a word.

Xie Luan, Xia Jiuyang, Yan kuangtu, Hua Chi, and the others all had unsightly expressions.

Unfortunately, the sovereign race was too strong. If they resisted, they would probably be crushed to death by sakra with a single palm. There was no hope at all.

“No, I won’t marry. I won’t marry even if I die!”

Hua Rou cried out in an extremely stubborn manner.

you have to get married even if you don’t want to. If you die, your family will be buried with you. Have you thought it through? ”

Ren qianxing transmitted his voice over to Hua Rou, his tone ice cold.

Hua Rou’s delicate body trembled. A look of despair flashed across her face as tears began to flow down her face.

“Fatty, Xiao Shan, Xiao Rou, it’s your turn!”

At this moment, Lu Ming told the fatty and the rest.

haha, it’s finally time to go on stage. I can’t hold it in anymore!

The fat man laughed and rushed out with his battle-axe.

Zhuang Xiaoshan, Zhuang xiaorou, and fatty also rushed out.

“Ren qianxing, Who Do You Think You Are? How can you match up to a national beauty like Hua Rou? why don’t you take a look at your reflection in your urine?”

A loud roar reverberated throughout the entire area.

Ren qianxing’s face instantly turned dark as he howled,”Who’s there? get out here!”

“Your grandfather!”

Fatty carried the battle-axe and walked out.

Zhuang Xiaoshan and Zhuang xiaorou were beside him.

Hua Chi, Hua Rou, Xie Luan, and the others also saw fatty and Zhuang Xiaoshan.

“Fatty, Xiao Shan, Xiao Rou, why are you here? this has nothing to do with you. Hurry up and leave!”

Hua Chi shouted.

Today’s matter was a little complicated. He didn’t want to drag fatty and the others into this.

haha, it’s fine. We’re here today to give this sissy a good beating. We’ll leave after we’re done!

Fatty hefted his battle axe as he cast a disdainful glance at Ren qianxing.

“You guys … You’re looking for death!”

Ren qianxing gritted his teeth as he spat out those words in an incomparably sinister manner.

“Looking for death? You don’t have the right. Also, you don’t have the right to marry niece Hua Rou!”

Fatty lazily replied.

“Hahaha, what a joke. I’m not qualified, I’m not qualified. Who in the world is qualified? My talent has been unparalleled since ancient times, who can compare to me?”

Ren qianxing laughed uproariously.

what a joke. He’s just a piece of trash, yet he dares to say that his talent is unparalleled?”

The fatty was disdainful.

“What did you just say?”

Ren qianxing’s face was incomparably gloomy, as his eyes were filled with sinister killing intent.

Ever since he entered sakra’s sect, his cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds, and he was pursued by countless people. Many people called his talent unparalleled since ancient times. Now, fatty actually called him trash. Immediately, he had already sentenced fatty to death in his heart.

It was unforgivable to call him trash.

“Are you deaf? I said you’re trash, unless you can defeat me. Only then will you be worthy of Hua Rou, do you understand?”

Fatty said indifferently.

These words made many people speechless.

This fatty wanted to challenge Ren qianxing?

“Who is this fatty? why is he so arrogant?”

1 recognize him. He seems to be Lu Ming’s friend from back then. He’s not even fifty years old. He’s considered to be in the younger generation!

“Lu Ming’s friend? I’ve never heard of it!”

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