My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 619: The Citys Dominant

Chapter 619: The Citys Dominant

Dusk fell swiftly.

After a brief rest in a shop, Ling Mo urged to hit the road again.

Mu Chen appeared calm on the surface, but his heart was already in turmoil.

As he followed out of the door, his mind was a complete mess, just like the development of the situation.

But at that moment, a light and floating voice suddenly reached his ears.

“Wait for the signal.”

Mu Chen’s heart tightened, and he instantly snapped back to reality.

The figure that had just brushed past him… was Xia Zhi. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝓮𝔀ℯ𝓫𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓶

Could it be that their actions were also set to unfold tonight?

Mu Chen was momentarily caught off guard. He quickly turned his head to look at Xu Shuhan.

“Stay within five meters of me later,” Shana was saying.

Xu Shuhan nodded: “I know, it’s been like this the past few days.”

“But sometimes you end up following Senior Sister,” Shana added.

“Yes, but isn’t it all the same?” Xu Shuhan said, puzzled.

Shana was taken aback, then smiled somewhat meaningfully: “Trust me, it’s safer to follow me.”

“In that case…” Xu Shuhan tugged at the corner of her mouth.

She didn’t quite believe Shana’s words; from what she had seen in battles, Senior Sister seemed more approachable…

Perhaps sensing Mu Chen’s gaze, Xu Shuhan stole a glance at Shana before turning to look at Mu Chen.

Their eyes met for a moment, and Xu Shuhan paused before nodding.

“They really plan to move tonight…” Mu Chen furrowed his brows slightly.

The night indeed provided excellent cover for escape, but the risks were also considerably high.

Were they really going all out?

But on second thought, if not tonight, they would have no chance.

Ling Mo was currently tolerating their delays because he still wanted to cooperate with the Niepan Branch in a relatively peaceful manner.

Once his patience ran out, the situation would irreversibly progress in a direction beyond their control.

By then, they would be nothing but pawns between the two forces.

And what can a pawn do?

So, it has to be tonight…

Stepping through the gate, Mu Chen suddenly felt his heartbeat accelerate.

Nervousness? Excitement? Or perhaps a mix of both.

It had been a long time since he’d experienced this sensation.

It brought back memories of when the disaster first erupted, when, like most people, he neither wanted to die nor felt capable of doing anything about it.

The utter destruction of everything he had known and the blank despair when everything turned to ash were more painful than the constant death happening around him.

But with each additional second he lived, he felt that sensation.

It filled him with a sense of purpose, igniting a desire to survive.

This instinct is deeply rooted in most humans; even if they live every day like a rat in the gutter, many will still fight desperately to continue.

It was painful, yet fulfilling.

But when did survival start to become such a complicated affair?

Mu Chen’s gaze suddenly turned wistful…

Perhaps back then, it was simply about staying alive, but now it was about not living so miserably and pathetically.

Desire really is endless…

“Let’s go,” Ling Mo’s voice came from ahead.

Mu Chen snapped back to reality: “Oh…”

Watching Ling Mo’s retreating figure, he couldn’t help but wonder, what was this guy struggling for, exactly?

Dongming City at night was a completely different scene compared to daytime.

During the day, Dongming City was fraught with danger, but come nightfall, it resembled a monstrous carnival.

Shadowy figures, the floating red dots in the air, growls, chewing sounds, the air filled with the scent of fresh blood…

“Shh, keep it down.”

Mu Chen, who was leading, hid behind a lamppost and turned back to make a pressing down gesture with his hand.

He had barely completed the gesture when Ling Mo’s voice came from the side: “Why do I get the feeling that the zombies here are more active than in other places? I mean at night.”

“Shh!!” Mu Chen was immediately alarmed.

“Don’t worry, the closest one is twenty meters away in a straight line, and there’s a wall between us,” Ling Mo said calmly. “But if you ‘shh’ any louder, it might just come over to check if you’re peeing.”

“Your mental power also has a built-in range finder?” Mu Chen asked doubtfully.

“I’ve trained it. What do you think I was doing in Team F?” Ling Mo nodded. “It’s not that hard. You just need to find a suitable place to practice…”

“Stop, stop, stop…” Mu Chen cut him off, looking annoyed, and countered, “Where are they more active?”

“Of course, they are.” Ling Mo nodded. “The zombies in other places become sharper and more aggressive at night, but their basic behavior patterns don’t change. Here, though…” Ling Mo pointed ahead to the fresh bloodstains in the middle of the road and the scattered bones and debris, “See that?”

“I… see it.” Senior Sister stared intently at the pool of blood, nodding.

“Keep it together…” Ling Mo coughed and pulled Senior Sister behind him before continuing, “At night, this place turns into a banquet. High-level zombies go hunting, and the weaker ones get cleared out.”

Mu Chen’s expression darkened: “You’re too sensitive…”

He had barely finished speaking when another muffled sound came from the distance.

Ling Mo gave Mu Chen a small smile: “You think so?”

That sound was the same strange roar that Ling Mo had heard during the day.

But now it seemed clearer, and it was getting closer…

If Mu Chen and the others paid close attention, they would notice that the three girls were all looking in the same direction.

“We need to move fast!” Mu Chen’s complexion changed as he spoke.

“It’s too late,” Ling Mo shook his head.

Mu Chen was taken aback for a moment, then followed Ling Mo’s gaze to the other end of the street.

“Thump, thump, thump!”

The thudding sounds were continuous and growing closer and closer.

The ground seemed to tremble slightly, and Mu Chen looked up to see the street lamps swaying overhead.

He turned sharply to Ling Mo, then back to the pool of blood.

Was Ling Mo talking to him just to buy time?

“The tables really have turned…” Mu Chen gritted his teeth.

His mind was focused on action and detours, but he had forgotten about Ling Mo’s schemes, allowing him to gain the upper hand.

“Ling Mo, I don’t know why you’re so interested in zombies, but I want to tell you, we’re in trouble,” said Mu Chen quickly.

“When you should’ve told me, you didn’t,” Ling Mo replied calmly, but his focused gaze made it clear that he was gathering his mental power.

Mu Chen was at a loss for words and closed his mouth in frustration.

“This is no ordinary zombie…” Xu Shuhan said as she slowly backed away.


With a muffled sound, a shadowy figure appeared at the corner on the other end of the street.


The figure violently threw back its upper body, stretching its neck to let out a fierce roar.

Ling Mo swallowed hard, his mouth going dry, “What kind of monster is this?”

“Dongming’s dominant,” Mu Chen said darkly.

Ling Mo had never seen such a zombie…

Even with the increasing number of mutated zombies, he had never encountered this kind.

It was a male zombie, bare-chested and barefoot, wearing only tattered pants.

But its limbs were more powerful and muscular than any zombie Ling Mo had ever seen, and its bulging muscles looked exceptionally solid.

Those indifferent, blood-red eyes were fixed on them, and from the slightly open thick lips, fresh blood was still dripping.

But none of these characteristics were as striking as its height.

This was a giant zombie, about three meters tall…


Another muffled sound followed, this time from behind.

Mu Chen immediately turned around, his already dark expression turning pitch black: “There’s another one… They move as a pair.”

Ling Mo also turned around, his expression turning sour.

At the other end of the street, another giant female zombie had appeared.

Just as muscular, with the same look in its eyes… they were surrounded.


The two zombies, one in front and one behind, let out roars simultaneously.

Their eyes instantly became excited, and almost at the same time, they began to move their legs.

“Inside the building!” Ling Mo shouted quickly.

As the two zombies charged towards them, Ling Mo and his group turned and rushed towards a tall building on the side of the street.

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