My Entire Family's Gone Haywire!

Chapter 2743 - Chapter 2743: Meeting

Chapter 2743: Meeting

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Gu Xin knew about this and explained, ” “When I first met fatty Wang, he always said that he admired Lord Gu the most. Lord GU only started studying at 30 years old, while he’s only in his early 20s. Later, he heard that when he was young, he was forced to study by his father. His grandmother and mother loved him and protected him. His father had no choice but to let him at least take the elementary scholar exam. When he was older, he would find him a job or something. He said that this was his father’s bottom line. No matter how much his grandmother and mother argued, his father would be ruthless and say that he must be an elementary scholar.”

“After that, his grandmother and mother had no choice but to coax him to study and promised him that as long as he passed the elementary scholar exam, he would not have to suffer in the future. Therefore, fatty Wang passed the Xiucai exam in the year of his marriage. After they got married and had children, Lord Wang saw that his grandson was smart and well-behaved, so he placed his hopes on him. Fatty Wang said that Lord Wang thinks his wife is more reliable than his grandmother and mother, so it’s better to pin his hopes on his son than on him.”

“At that time, fatty Wang even proudly told us that his father had always had such good taste. Al!”

Grandpa Gu shook his head and sighed. “If that’s the case, what ah Yuan said is really possible. This child would probably be able to calm down and study hard after settling the matters at home. Even though he barely made it to the elementary scholar examination, to be able to make it at that age meant that he still had hope in his studies. He’s not that old now, much younger than second brother.”

Lu Zheng looked at Grandpa Gu silently.

Perhaps only the Gu family would think that second uncle Gu was still the same second uncle Gu from before. No matter how much he had changed, his relatives would be able to find excuses for him.

Anyway, he knew that second uncle Gu was definitely not the Gu shouxin of the past.

As for who it was and where it came from, Lu Zheng had been very curious at two O ‘clock in the past. But after getting along for so long, and with second uncle Gu treating Xinxin like his own daughter, Lu Zheng was no longer curious.

On the contrary, she liked this second uncle Gu.

While they were talking about fatty Wang, Bai Yi had also brought third aunt du to the Wang family’s courtyard outside the city.

The rain stopped. Seeing that third aunt du was a little anxious, Bai Yi did not drive the carriage. Instead, he rode a horse. He put on a cloak for third aunt du and quickly sent her over.

When they arrived at the courtyard, third aunt DU’s hair was not messy. The cloak that white clothes had given her wrapped her up well.

“Little brother, I’m looking for Shu Yan, miss Shu. Please inform her. Just say that I am Jiangnan’s du family’s third aunt du. ” Third aunt du went forward and directly reported her name to the gatekeeper.

the gatekeeper saw that the two of them were not bad people, so he asked them to wait first while he went in to ask.

after a while, shu yan ran out in a hurry. her forehead was still wrapped in a cloth. she could change her medicine by herself in the past two days.

“the third lady, it’s really the third lady!” Shu Yan was overjoyed to see third aunt du standing at the door.

Her face was filled with the joy of a young girl, which was not in line with her age at all.

“Yanyan, it’s me,” after third aunt du confirmed the person, her heart was also excited. this was really a happy event for her. ten years later, she could still see her childhood friend who she thought had long passed away.. how could it not be a happy event?

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