My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God

Chapter 678 - Chapter 678 Tribulation of the Immortal Dao, Ascension

Chapter 678 Tribulation of the Immortal Dao, Ascension

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Moreover, one of them was a Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortal. This earth-shattering battle forced various sects and clans to come out and protect their blessed lands.

Even though the Demon Sovereign was a major realm higher, he could not easily defeat the Demon Supreme. Every Zenith Heaven Immortal was watching the battle.

At first, the Zenith Heaven Immortal felt that the Demon Supreme was really ruthless. He did not show any mercy and did not give them any face at all. This made them fearful.

What Zenith Heaven Immortals was most afraid of was losing face. After all, they stood at the peak of the Immortal Dao. They could enjoy what everyone wanted. Other than pursuing a higher realm, what they pursued was the admiration of the public.

How embarrassing would it be if news of a defeated Zenith Heaven Immortal were to spread out?

However, as the battle continued, they admired the Demon Supreme’s performance. Even though he was suppressed and in an extremely sorry state, he did not lower his head. His determination to face death without fear of death shocked the Zenith Heaven Immortals.

A Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortal was stronger than a Zenith Heaven Immortal. However, within the scope of the Heavenly Dao, Zenith Heaven Immortals were an undying existence. The Demon Sovereign could only defeat the Demon Supreme, but he could not kill him. As for the Demon Supreme, he vowed not to stop, causing the Demon Sovereign to be unable to step down.

It was difficult for the two demons to end the battle, but the damage caused to the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm was constantly increasing, making the Heavenly Court unable to sit still.

Heavenly Lord Chen Li descended to the lower realm and wanted to dissuade them from fighting. However, the Demon Sovereign and the Demon Supreme were too enraged to listen and even injured Chen Li by accident.

At this moment, the Celestial Emperor was furious. He came with 100,000 legitimate gods. The weakest among them was an Immortal Emperor. The 100,000 legitimate gods stood proudly above the clouds as they condensed a statue of luck.

The Heavenly Court did not have a Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortal, but as a top-notch Zenith Heaven Immortal, the Celestial Emperor condensed a huge formation with the luck of the Heavenly Court. The luck of 100,000 legitimate gods was connected, triggering the Heavenly Dao and attracting the heavenly might.

The heavenly might was boundless and powerful, forcing the Demon Supreme and the Demon Sovereign to stop.

The Demon Sovereign, who was surrounded by a demonic aura, looked up. The entire sky of the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm was shrouded by thunderclouds. The vast heavenly might made him feel pressured.

He was in the Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Realm, but he actually felt pressure.

At this moment, his impression of the Heavenly Court changed.

Previously, because the Heavenly Court did not have a Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortal, he did not have any respect for the Heavenly Court. In the entire Immortal Dao, only four existences could make him feel fear.

In such a situation, it was enough to see why his ambitions had swelled to this extent.

“Demon Sovereign, if you don’t stop now, be prepared to face the consequences!”

The Celestial Emperor stood proudly among the Immortal Gods. The luck statue on his body was the most majestic. At a glance, he seemed to have reached the Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Realm.

The Demon Sovereign raised his head and looked at the Celestial Emperor. Speaking of which, other than the Dao Ancestor’s sermon, this was the first time he had met the Celestial Emperor.

Both of them were rulers, but he could only unite the Demon Race. As for the Celestial Emperor, he ruled the entire immortal Dao!

His talent far exceeded that of the Celestial Emperor, and his cultivation was also higher. However, he was inferior to the Celestial Emperor, and he believed that the reason for all this was because of his origins.

The Celestial Emperor was the Dao Ancestor’s biological son!

He was also his only son!

He was not afraid of the Heavenly Court’s formation.

But the Dao Ancestor…

He had just heard the Dao Ancestor’s sermon and knew that the gap between him and the Dao Ancestor was insurmountable.

Even though he was not afraid of the heavenly might, he understood that as long as he resisted and broke through the heavenly might, the Dao Ancestor would definitely take action and this matter would be completely out of control.

Even though this day would come sooner or later, it was not time yet.

In an instant, many thoughts flashed through the Demon Sovereign’s mind. His gaze shifted away from the Celestial Emperor and landed on the Demon Supreme.

The Demon Supreme was covered in blood, but his eyes had recovered their clarity.

The two demons looked at each other and immediately understood each other’s meaning.

None of them wanted to confront the Heavenly Court!

Looking at the two Zenith Heaven Immortals restraining their auras, the Celestial Emperor snorted and turned around with a flick of his sleeves, disappearing into the sky.

As the thunderclouds dissipated, the figures of the legitimate gods of the Heavenly Court disappeared one after another, and peace began to return to heaven and earth.

At this point, the battle was over.

The two demons landed on the ruins and looked at each other.

At that moment, the Demon Supreme gained even more confidence. Even if he was a realm lower than his opponent, he could still fight him.

The Demon Sovereign was very vexed. Even though he had the upper hand in this battle, he was very dissatisfied. He felt that he had embarrassed the Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Realm.

What would the Three Saints of the Immortal Dao think of him?


Jiang Yi coldly snorted. He stayed on the eaves of his house and witnessed the battle at the end of the horizon. He disdained the Demon Sovereign’s performance.

Ever since Bai Qi came to him, he had regarded the Demon Sovereign as his imaginary enemy.

Unfortunately, the Demon Sovereign disappointed him.

“What do you mean by that? Husband, could it be that you can see that battle?”

A voice sounded, and he saw Jin Miaoyi standing in the courtyard, looking at him with a smile.

Jiang Yi turned around and smiled. “Battle? How powerful is that pressure? How can I dare to use my spiritual will to spy on it? I was saying that the battle ended too quickly. The illusion on the horizon should have been the appearance of the Immortal Gods of the Heavenly Court. The moment the Heavenly Court appeared, that terrifying pressure disappeared. Isn’t that just so-so? You even said that Zenith Heaven cultivators were fighting. How can Zenith Heaven cultivators be afraid of the Heavenly Court?”

Jin Miaoyi shook her head and laughed. “Husband, you underestimate the Heavenly Court.”

“Does the Heavenly Court have a Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortal?”

“What if there is? You just don’t know.”

“That’s true.”

Jiang Yi pretended to think and sighed.

Jin Miaoyi said worriedly, “Conflicts in the Demon Race, erupting into a fight between Zenith Heaven cultivators. This has never happened before in the Immortal Dao. Will the Immortal Dao usher in a calamity in the future? I heard that every orthodoxy will experience endless calamities to break the inherent order and establish a new order in chaos. Countless living beings will die as a result.”

Jiang Yi comforted her. “If there’s really a calamity, we can just move to the void. Why do you have to worry?”

Jin Miaoyi shook her head and said, “It’s not that easy to avoid calamities. There will always be karma tying you down.”

Jiang Yi suddenly felt that it made sense. In any case, he could not escape this calamity because he wanted to lead it.

At the same time, all sides were discussing this matter. Just as the Demon Sovereign had guessed, Zenith Heaven Immortals had lost a lot of respect for Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortals.

This was also the first time they had seen a Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortal attack. Previously, it was measured by the strength of the Dao Ancestor.

Thinking about it now, the powerful one might not be Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortals, but the Dao Ancestor.

In the Purple Cloud Palace.

Jiang Changsheng did not offer any comments. He merely nodded at Mu Lingluo and continued with his seclusion.

However, Mu Lingluo felt that she had to do something, so she stood up and left.

In the future, this battle would often be mentioned by people in the future. It was believed that this battle would be the turning point of the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. From then on, Zenith Heaven Immortals were no longer high above and had also begun to fight between themselves.

In the fifth millennium after the battle, the Demon Supreme finally came under the command of the Demon Sovereign. The Demon Sovereign completed the unification of the Demon Race in the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm and began to enter the Spirit Realm and the surrounding worlds to expand the power of the Demon Race.

As for the Taiyi Immortal Realm, even though he had a way to get his hands on it, he looked down on it.

It took the Demon Sovereign 20,000 years to subdue the demon forces in the myriad realms around the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm, making the Demon Race the most powerful race. Even the Human Race could not compare because the Human Race was not unified.

30,000 years later.

Another Zenith Heaven Immortal was born among the demons, which greatly increased the morale of the Demon Race. More and more Zenith Heaven Sects began to enter the demon race to accept disciples because some demons were ridiculously talented.

The Human Race could no longer sit still. There were more and more conflicts between demons and human cultivators, and the ambitious hearts of the demons could no longer be hidden.

The situation in the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm became increasingly tense.

At a meeting of immortals, the Saint Mother of Fortune, who was closest to the Heavenly Dao, sighed. The calamity was about to arrive, and it was the first calamity of the Immortal Dao that was about to arrive.

Cultivation calamity!

Those two words spread throughout the major sects in a very short period of time. There were even almighty experts who deduced the calamity, but they could not obtain anything. Those with high cultivation even encountered a backlash.

When the Demon Sovereign learned of this, he became even more arrogant. His heart was higher than the sky!

“If there is a calamity, then let me break this order that makes all beings feel vexed!”

This was the Demon Sovereign’s speech when he founded the 72 Demon Saints. It spread throughout the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm.

The Immortal Dao was about to usher in a calamity, but it did not keep the other orthodoxies away. Instead, more orthodoxies came and prepared to place their bets.

This was especially true for Zhou Gua. As a transcendent orthodoxy, they were well aware of the importance of tribulations within an orthodoxy.

It seemed like a purge, but in fact, it was a huge transformation!

Orthodoxies evolved over and over again until they transcended and became overlords.

Under the huge number of deaths, more powerful existences would be born, and these powerful existences would lead the future generations to create a new peak.

When the dark clouds of the calamity shrouded the Immortal Dao, there was also a group of immortal cultivators who were determined to save the world and stop the arrival of the calamity.

Not all experts looked forward to the calamity, and it was the same for the weak.

All Zenith Heaven Immortals understood that the calamity required a real opportunity.

This opportunity was not a conflict between the races, but a conflict between the Demon Race and the Human Race. The mighty figures of both races were restraining themselves, not wanting the people around them to become sacrificial lambs.

For the Human Race, there was another predicament.

That was, there was no Human Sovereign among the humans!

The humans of the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm had many dynasties, but they did not have an absolute overlord!

However, at that moment, a dynasty in the human world ascended and alarmed the entire Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. Even the Demon Race was afraid of it.

Heavenly Jing had ascended from the Taiyi Immortal Realm!

The blue sky was cloudless for millions of miles.

Streaks of golden light descended from the sky. More and more of them formed a dense golden rain that sprinkled on the vast earth and landed between the mountains. It was a spectacular sight.

An extremely resplendent golden light descended. It was much more dazzling and massive than the other golden lights.

The golden light landed on the mountain peak and condensed into a human form.

It was a man in dragon robes. He had an imposing appearance and his luck condensed into nine golden dragons that surrounded him. His crown was domineering and his slightly young and handsome face revealed an arrogance that looked down on the world.

Emperor of Heavenly Jing, Jiang Hongchen, was known as the Dragon Emperor in the human world because he was born with two true dragons that crossed over and acknowledged him as their master.

Jiang Hongchen raised his head, opened his arms, and muttered to himself, “Is this the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm? I’m here!”

Sensing the surging spiritual qi in the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm, he revealed an infatuated expression.

“But you came at a bad time.”

A chuckle sounded. Jiang Hongchen glanced over and his expression changed slightly. He immediately bowed to the person who spoke to him.

He saw Bai Qi standing by the cliff not far away, looking at him with a smile.

After Jiang Hongchen bowed, he proudly said, “I have stepped to the peak of the Immortal Emperor Realm at the age of two thousand and will definitely become a Zenith Heaven Immortal, and after that, a Zenith Heaven Divine Idol Immortal. Saint Mother, watch carefully. If that demon wants to cause a calamity, he is courting death!”

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