My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God

Chapter 619 - Chapter 619: Artifact Spirit, Devil Origin

Chapter 619: Artifact Spirit, Devil Origin


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In the face of the devil’s chatter, the Kunlun Leader was very annoyed. He shouted in a deep voice, “You flatter yourselves too much, but you don’t dare to let me return to the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. Doesn’t that mean you fear the Immortal Dao and the Dao Ancestor?”

With that said, the group of devil shadows finally quieted down.

However, the silence only lasted for a moment before the group of devil shadows opened their mouths and scolded him.

“What do you know? How can a devil be afraid of an immortal?”

“We just don’t want you to fall into the mud again. The path of the devil is where you belong!”

“No matter how strong the Dao Ancestor is, he can’t even protect himself. Why should you return to the Immortal Dao?”

“That’s right. Have you forgotten? The Dao Yan wants to attack the Immortal Dao. After so many years, I’m afraid the Immortal Dao has fallen!”

“That’s right. You seem to have grasped a method to connect with the Immortal Dao. But now that you’ve lost this method, have you ever thought that the Immortal Dao might no longer exist?”

The Kunlun Leader’s expression turned ugly. He was indeed worried about this. Ten thousand years ago, they heard from the cultivators passing by that the Dao Yan was about to attack the Immortal Dao. However, he believed that the Dao Ancestor was omnipotent and that the Dao Yan could not threaten the Immortal Dao at all. However, all these years, he had been narrating the threat and horror of the devils in his heart, but he had not received a response from the Dao Ancestor.

With the Dao Ancestor’s bearing, he would never forget him. There was only one other possibility.

That was…

The Kunlun Leader did not dare to think further as his body trembled.

The devil shadows were still bewitching him, tearing open the scars in his heart and describing the possibilities he did not dare to think about.

After a while.

Just as the Kunlun Leader could no longer tolerate it, a strong wind blew, startling the devil shadows into entering his body and disappearing.

Soon, a figure came riding the wind.

This person wore a black Daoist robe and had a weathered appearance. He carried a huge wooden coffin on his back and his entire temperament was very cold.

It was Feng Yu, who had obtained Jiang Changsheng’s magical weapon. With the help of the Primordial Chaos Divine Talisman, Feng Yu had become a top Immortal Emperor and began to roam the boundless world.

Feng Yu came to the Kunlun Leader and asked with a frown, “Have we met before?”

When the Kunlun Leader sensed his aura, his expression relaxed. “We are both immortal cultivators, so it’s not surprising that we have met before.”

“You don’t seem to be in the right state. Do you need help?” Feng Yu stared at the Kunlun Leader and asked. There was a voice in his heart that guided him here.

The Kunlun Leader shook his head and said, “I’m fine. However, I have something to ask you. Did the Dao Yan attack the Immortal Dao?”

He had already experienced the horror of these devils, and he did not want to drag the other party down with him.

Feng Yu had a strange expression on his face as he said, “Of course they did. Moreover, it has been 10,000 years. How could you not know?”

“Tens of thousands of years ago, I was severely injured and never had the chance to return. When I heard about this 10,000 years ago, I was worried.”

The Kunlun Leader’s explanation was watertight. Feng Yu did not ask further and continued, “The Dao Yan has indeed caused a lot of trouble for the Immortal Dao, but the Dao Yan Lord and the two ancestors of the Dao Yan have both died in the hands of the Dao Ancestor. Right now, the Dao Yan is no longer an overlord and is currently being chased by the Mysterious Fate and the Town Hall. Furthermore, the Dao Ancestor is now praised as the strongest in the void, and the identity of immortal cultivators has changed. You have to be more careful when you travel the void in the future. Perhaps someone wants to use your identity to sneak into the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm.”

Hearing this, the Kunlun Leader was pleasantly surprised and breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he heard the devil cry out in his heart that it was impossible, which made him feel extremely comfortable.

“What are you happy about? The Immortal Dao is still here, but the Dao Ancestor still ignores your call. Aren’t you more pathetic?”

The devil said in exasperation. Unfortunately, the Kunlun Leader no longer cared.

The Kunlun Leader looked at Feng Yu with a gentle gaze. He said in a soft voice, “Thank you, fellow Daoist, for solving my worries. Continue on your way. I still have to continue recuperating here.”

Feng Yu suddenly thought of something and narrowed his eyes. “You are the Kunlun Leader?”

The Kunlun Leader was an ancient name that had almost been forgotten.

More than a million years ago, without the Nine Absolute Beginning Saints, the Kunlun Leader was the second most powerful person in the Immortal Dao, second only to the Dao Ancestor. However, he was later surpassed by the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor and the others and had never been able to attain the Zenith Heaven Realm. His deeds were also used by the Immortal Emperor to prove how difficult it was to reach the Zenith Heaven Realm.

It had been many years since the Kunlun Leader left the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm. Some even said that he had fallen outside the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm, so Feng Yu did not expect to meet the Kunlun Leader here.

“That’s right,” the Kunlun Leader said frankly. The strange expression in the other party’s eyes did not make him uncomfortable. He had long accepted his decrease in status.

At that moment, Feng Yu suddenly attacked and slapped him. His surging magic power crushed thousands of meteorites around him into dust and quickly drowned him.

The Kunlun Leader was injured to begin with and coupled with the fact that he was not on guard, he did not manage to react in time.


The Kunlun Leader was shocked. Had the younger generation of the Immortal Dao adapted to the boundless world so well?

Feng Yu said expressionlessly, “Senior, it seems like you have been wrapped up by the thing in your body. Then let me save you from your suffering!”

With a grab of his right palm, the terrifying devil qi immediately dissipated from the Kunlun Leader’s body and rapidly spread.

“Who are you? How did you detect me?!”

The devil let out a cry of shock and anger. Rolling devil qi covered the void, wanting to surround Feng Yu.

Feng Yu sneered and said, “There’s also something in my body, and it says it wants to devour you!”


The devil cried out in alarm. Before it could react, Feng Yu pulled out the wooden coffin behind him and quickly opened it. A terrifying suction force exploded and devoured the endless devil qi around it.

The Kunlun Leader could not accept the reality of the situation.

Even though he had yet to reach the Zenith Heaven Realm, he had always believed that he was a top Immortal Emperor below the Zenith Heaven Realm. In the face of a devil that even he could not do anything to, this junior who did not have a deep impression of him had preyed on a devil?

Could it be that after he left, the Immortal Dao had changed?

Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm, 33rd Heaven, Purple Cloud Palace.

Jiang Changsheng opened his eyes and the entire hall instantly became bright. He calculated with his fingers that he had only been in seclusion for 50,000 years.

It was too short.

Jiang Changsheng felt unhappy that his beautiful dream had been disturbed. He looked into the depths of the void and calculated the strongest experts in various distances.

Excluding himself, the strongest expert in the known range only had a strength value of 7 million Heavenly Dao incense points.

The Undying Lord Realm seemed to be the highest realm in this void domain. The strength value of this realm ranged from 1 million Heavenly Dao incense points to 10 million Heavenly Dao incense points, while the Saint Realm ranged from 100,000 to 1 million Heavenly Dao incense points.

The aura that disturbed Jiang Changsheng’s cultivation approached the Nirvana Area. He looked over and saw two powerful existences fighting.

One of the auras was very close to Fate Lord Heguang’s aura. She was a white-haired woman.

He calculated with his fingers and deduced that this woman was the source of the fate and karma of the Mysterious Fate. Presumably, she was the Mysterious Fate Master.

The other person was most likely the Town Hall Master. His aura was very similar to the cultivators of the Town Hall, but Jiang Changsheng had never come into contact with them, so he could not deduce their karma and luck.

“Why are they fighting? Aren’t the Mysterious Fate and the Town Hall working together to kill the Dao Yan?”

Jiang Changsheng was secretly curious. Over the years, the Dao Yan had been in an extremely miserable state and suffered crazy retaliation from the other two transcendent orthodoxies. However, the void was vast and even Jiang Changsheng could not see through every place. Therefore, the Dao Yan, who was hiding everywhere, had yet to be destroyed and their orthodoxy was still there.

Before the Dao Yan was completely eliminated, the rulers of the two great transcendent orthodoxies had already started fighting?

Wait a minute!

Could it be…

When Jiang Changsheng thought of the vitality of the Great Dao, he could not help but narrow his eyes.

The Dao Yan Lord wanted to perish together with him, but he eventually died in the Heaven and Earth Destruction, causing Jiang Changsheng to be unable to search his memories, let alone find the vitality of the Great Dao.

He did not even know what the vitality of the Great Dao looked like.

His gaze swept across the void around the two masters, but he did not notice anything unusual. Instead, he noticed that the Nirvana Area at the edge was still collapsing. It was estimated that in less than a hundred thousand years, all the Nirvana Area around this part would disappear.

The strength value of the Mysterious Fate Master and the Town Hall Master were about the same. The two of them were evenly matched, and it was hard to determine who was better. Jiang Changsheng cultivated while watching the battle.

About twenty years had passed.

The Town Hall Master suddenly turned around and fled. The Mysterious Fate Master did the same and left in the opposite direction. The two of them disappeared in the blink of an eye, as if they had discussed it beforehand.

Before Jiang Changsheng could be puzzled, a huge face appeared in the darkness of the Nirvana Area. He could barely see its facial features, but he could not see its true appearance. Even so, the pressure brought about by this face was extremely terrifying. Even Jiang Changsheng felt apprehensive.

It was not only a visual oppression, but also an intangible ominous aura.

Could it be that this guy was the culprit behind the collapse of the Nirvana Area?

Just as Jiang Changsheng was thinking, he suddenly felt a gaze that shocked him so much that he quickly retracted his gaze.

No wonder the Mysterious Fate Master and the Town Hall Master had escaped. It turned out that they had sensed the aura of that mysterious existence.

Jiang Changsheng did not feel any discomfort after he retracted his gaze, which meant that the other party did not track him down, which made him heave a sigh of relief.

He did not think too much about it. In any case, it was not good to offend that mysterious existence for the time being. He might as well work hard in his cultivation and strive to break through as soon as possible. This was also the path he had been taking. If he could not afford to offend someone, he would pretend to be dead and ignore that person. He would take action when he had enough control.

Jiang Changsheng looked at the other end of the void.

Feng Yu!

Thousands of years after the war with the Dao Yan, the Primordial Chaos Divine Talisman had developed intelligence and was equivalent to an artifact spirit. The artifact spirit could communicate telepathically with Jiang Changsheng, and it still regarded him as its master. He had also asked the artifact spirit to conceal its existence and continue to assist Feng Yu.

The Primordial Chaos Divine Talisman had devoured the inner demon of the Kunlun Leader with the help of Feng Yu. Of course, this was also Jiang Changsheng’s guidance to the artifact spirit. After all, he felt that the Kunlun Leader was about to collapse.

In fact, he had already heard the thoughts of the Kunlun Leader. However, he had calculated that if the Kunlun Leader could break through this calamity himself, he would be able to obtain the opportunity to reach the Zenith Heaven Realm. Unfortunately, the Kunlun Leader failed.

The artifact spirit of the Primordial Chaos Divine Talisman had already devoured the devil in the Kunlun Leader’s body.

After devouring the devil, the artifact spirit obtained all the memories of the devil.

This devil came from the other side of the boundless world, far away from this domain. The devil origin created countless devil thoughts that scattered in various domains and spread the influence of the devils. The devils and demons in the Endless Void all originated from these scattered devil thoughts.

According to the devil’s memories, an unparalleled devil had been born in the devil origin. Right now, that devil’s consciousness was bewitching the fateful people of various orthodoxies and making them devil apprentices to assist the devil in engulfing the boundless worlds.

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