Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 1000 - 1000 Clarity

1000 Clarity

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“Then do you admit that there’s a conspiracy?” Chen Yao asked.

Tan Rou said, “I’ve never admitted to that, but I can confirm that our company will never hire you. We will also never cooperate with the companies that hired you.”

These words were already serious. The threshold of TR was very high. Since those people could pass the initial test of TR, it meant that they were capable. Naturally, they would not choose to go to a small company.

In the Capital City, there were very few companies that could work with TR. If those big companies refuse to hire them because they are afraid of losing their cooperation with TR, then these people would lose many opportunities to work with big companies.

When Tan Rou saw that it was almost time, she whispered to Hang Wei, “Post a clarification statement now. Just post the video of them forming a gang in the waiting room last time. Then, make sure everyone knows about this.”

Hang Wei didn’t quite understand why Tan Rou wanted to increase his popularity. “Boss, this is just a small matter. If we increase the popularity of the clarification video, won’t we be making a mountain out of a molehill?”

For the first time, Tan Rou felt a little tired of communicating with Hang Wei. “Our third-generation intelligent robot and new product, the high-intelligence household moisturizer, will be released soon too. It just so happens that there’s some popularity at this time, so we can’t waste it. We could even save money on marketing.”

Hang Wei suddenly understood why Tan Rou wanted to drag this out for a while before solving this problem. The longer she dragged it out, the more people would see it and discuss it. Then, they would post clarification statements and then boost their popularity. Not only would they achieve the effect of clarification, but they would also save on advertising fees. The benefits were too many.

“Boss, I’ll do it now.” Hang Wei hurried back to deal with it.

Tan Rou continued to stay there and confront the reporters. She had to boost their popularity a little more. Hang Wei needed time to produce the advertisement and statement. She needed to buy some time for Hang Wei.

Soon, the clarification video of TR was released. Not only did it expose Chen Yao’s deeds during the interview, but it also posted the last page of TE’s recruitment contract.

“All, so this is the truth?” Some reporters had already seen the clarification post online. “Then it’s their own fault. It has nothing to do with TR!”

Chen Yao also quickly picked up her phone to look at the news. A new trending topic had been pushed up. It was the clarification video of TR Company.

Once the video was released, Chen Yao and the rest’s lies were exposed. They were already shocked by Tan Rou’s words, and now they were even more nervous.

The reporters were furious. The weather was very hot, and in the end, they got fake news. How could they accept this? Therefore, they all pointed their fingers at Chen Yao. If Chen Yao hadn’t exposed the shady business, they wouldn’t have come to find trouble with the TL company.

“You’re a mean person. We’re all going to die because of you this time!” One of the reporters was sweating profusely from the heat, and his consciousness was starting to blur.

“It wasn’t easy for me to get a big piece of news. I didn’t expect it to be fake news. I… I…” His eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Tan Rou calmly called the hospital and the police station to get the doctor to carry the fainted person away. As for why the police were called, it was natural to arrest the person who spread the rumor and caused trouble.

When they heard that Tan Rou had called the police, a few of them ran as fast as rabbits. However, Chen Yao did not leave. She thought that Tan Rou was her classmate and would not be so cruel to her.

“F*ck, we’ve waited for so long but nothing came out. We even offended the TR company. Doesn’t that mean we can’t interview the TR company anymore?” a reporter said unwillingly.

“It’s all that stupid woman’s fault. I want to beat her up now!” another reporter said.

As they spoke, their anger rose. So, more than ten reporters surrounded Chen Yao. They turned off their cameras and dragged Chen Yao to the flower bed at the side.

Tan Rou didn’t care what they were going to do, so she went back first. Later, she learned from the front desk that Chen Yao had been beaten up by those angry reporters, and her face was swollen.

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